A rare mutation: The answer to obesity?


Would you believe it if I told you that there are people who are genetically incapable of getting obese? Well, it’s apparently true! Researchers have found that there are people who have a rare genetic mutation called “Essential Fructosuria”, basically never get obese, and it seems they never get type 2 diabetes.

These people lack the primary enzyme needed to metabolize fructose (sugar). Instead they pee it out. Essentially, it seems that if sugar does not affect you, you can’t get obese! The chance of having this mutation is 1 in 130.000! Lucky them, huh?

Several studies show that fructose is associated with weight gain and metabolic syndrome. Scientist Kimber Stanhope points out:

At this point, inhibiting this enzyme is the best pharmaceutical solution to this high sugar diet

Drug manufacturers, such as Pfizer, are trying to create a pill that resembles the effect of Essential Fructosuria. Pfizer’s senior vice president Morrie Birnbaum comments:

We hope that long-term, we will actually prevent insulin resistance and obesity.

Read the full article here:

Bloomberg: A Rare Genetic Aversion to Sweets Could Be Key to Fighting Obesity

Now, obviously the way to make money from this discovery is to try to find a pill that mimics this effect, without causing too terrible side effects. But what if you don’t own a pharmaceutical company that can develop a drug, is there some other way?

Well, it would seem that you could just decide to not eat sugar. Then you don’t need the mutation, and you don’t need any drugs. You might get protection from obesity and type 2 diabetes… and it’s free.

Learn more about a low-carb, low-sugar diet here.


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