A food revolution in South Africa

I’m about to leave South Africa after a great week. Apart from just enjoying this fantastic place we (me, Monique Forslund and professor Tim Noakes) did three lectures on LCHF, and one debate, at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and at the University of Cape Town Medical School.

It really feels like professor Noakes has started a LCHF revolution in South Africa that might one day catch up to the one in Scandinavia. A lot of smart people – like doctors, students and health coaches – are starting to fully get it. It feels like it did in Sweden a couple of years ago (we’ve gotten even further now).

I’ll end by quoting a tweet from professor Noakes from after the last event – that went two hours over because of all the questions – at UCT:

Noakes twitter

“Fat power”. I like it.


  1. Hi there Doctor

    So glad you have enjoyed being in our wonderful country and especially here in Cape Town. :-)
    Devastated not to have got seats for the debate and then saw the notices about the UCT lectures too late :-(

    I am 69 years young; is it too late for me to change to HFLC? Where to start? Think I would make a great guinea pig!!! :-) LOL

  2. Zepp
    Its newer to late to eat real healty food.. or to adjust to an healtyer lifstyle!

    And you can begin reading hear;

    "LCHF for Beginners"


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  3. Margaretrc
    Eileen, as Zepp says, it's never too late. My husband was 70 when he switched to LCHF. I was 64. We both feel younger and more energized!
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  4. Morganier
    @Eileen. When you are 69 and using facebook (and even use smiley's) it is not too late! ;)
    Start LCHF and enjoy all the benefits, Greetings from a rainy Holland
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  5. Go for it, Eileen! It's never too late!
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  6. Wonderful news! :)

    (in Norway)
    (married to a South African..) :)

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  7. Herc
    Glad you enjoyed SA. Any chance you guys made a video of the debate as I'm stuck in Johannesburg? Glad the wheels are starting the turn here in SA.
  8. It was so great to meet you in Cape Town Andreas! The past week spent chatting to you, Monique Forslund and Prof Noakes has not only been a complete eye opener, it has changed the way I see sugar and carbs. I'm now on day 5 of LCHF and have more energy already. (And full fat yoghurt tastes divine...like ice-cream, but only better!)
  9. Sol y Sombra
    Were there any videos made? I am sure a lot of people would appreciate them.
  10. Seele
    Hi folks! A small question here: can I try LCHF lifestyle if I have a fatty liver? I take no medications but don't want to make my condition worse. Any advice is greatly appreciated :)
  11. Zepp
    If you have a fatty liver.. then you should eat LCHF, Its the best cure!

    "Curbing carbohydrates is more effective than cutting calories for individuals who want to quickly reduce the amount of fat in their liver, report UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers."


  12. Seele
    Thank you for your reply, Zepp! I wonder if there's any long time studies on this issue. Don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to figure out a diet that could become my lifestyle so I could get out of a binge-eating vicious circle. When you're already obese it's kinda hard to believe that more fat won't make you fatter. I appreciate your help very much :)
  13. Zepp
    There is a lot of studies now a days, but they are limited in time.

    "Science and Low Carb / Paleo"


    And I say what others often say.. how god is that diet you eating now?

    Its not more fat.. its about change carb calories for fat calories.. of course it could be more fat.. but not a lot of fat!

    Its about having fat high as your energy demands, in the begining, no more and no less,, after an adaption fase, let your apetite regulate how much energy you need.

    And what do you know.. they have come up with a lot of studies on ketogenic diet on other things then weightloss.. and they have a lot of problem to get those person to stay at there weight.. they get more satsifyed for less energy becuse the body take some enegy from the adiopote tissuie.

    Its not an other magic diet, its about to stop blood sugar rollcoaster.. if one have problems with that.

  14. @Morganier!

    LOL at your comment! :-) Thanks for your interest.

    An ex-banker, I have an accounting practice from home and all the latest techie bells and whistles!

    Argue the toss with my sons about the pros & cons of Android opposed to iPhone, have a blog (largely dormant at this time), have given talks at my MD's lifestyle seminars, generally pretty good general knowledge on nutrition - or at least so I thought!!!

    So, just maybe not your average 69 year old!!! :-)

    Going to see well-known dietician Rael Koping this afternoon - very excited to meet him and see what he has to prescribe for me. Will keep you all informed on my blog, if interested?!

    Thanks again for your interest.
    From a sunny Cape Town

  15. @Violeta, thanks SO much for the encouragement! Will let you know how I go!
  16. @Zepp

    Thank you kindly for your interest; most encouraging :-)

    Looking forward to my visit to dietician Rael Koping this afternoon.

  17. @Margaretrc

    Thank you for encouragement. :-)

    So good to know I can still turn this ship - or should I say barge!! - around!

  18. @Helen

    You're married to a good man! LOL

    Thanks for encouragement! I really must return to my dormant blog; helps me to write about my 'odyssey"....

  19. Good to hear! Viva the food revolution! I'm afraid it will take a bit longer here (Malta) but we are some enthusiast trying to spread the word! :)
  20. Zepp
    The Tim Noakes video is now up!!


  21. very good thanks admin
  22. Hey - you've been to Cape Town - I am sorry I missed that - I had just started LCHFing and was bumbling around a bit - I was still kidding myself that honey wasn't really sugar - heh heh
    I must check out the video

    And thanks for making this all so clear


  23. طراحی سایت
    very good
  24. Zellie
    Hi, I am a 58yr old Type 2 diabetic. I started the lchf eating plan last Wednesday. I have the Real Meal Revolution book and am using it as my bible. My early morning blood reading has been rather high the last few days - between 8.1 - 9.8?? Why is this happening? About two hrs after breakfast it stabilises at about 5.5 - 6.2. I dont eat fruit every day and certainly not at night so don't understand why this is happening. Another question, the double fat Greek yoghurt - should it be limited? Many thanks
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  25. Zepp
    In the morning one have the Dawn phenomenon.. its your cirkadian cykle the make the blood sugar rise, that you shall wake up full of energy.. its natural.

    But its diabetes type 2 thats not natural and you are insulin resistante.. it make the glucose levels to stay elevated longer then for a healty person.

    And there are only two things to do about it, eat somthing and take the diog for a walk.. signaling that the dawn has gone!

    If you use youghurt/dairys.. always use full fat ones.. but dont live on dairys alone.. use it to your meals!

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