1. Rieland
    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks, now, and because you're an MD, you give the low carb movement authenticity. Thanks for everything you do! I've linked to your speech at the Ancestral Health Symposium on Facebook, and urged my family and friends to watch it.

    (PS I have a request: could you publish a timeline of all of your blog posts on the right so I can find them easier? I'm having a hard time navigating back through all of the posts you've written. Thanks for considering my request! :)

  2. Pattye
    I love your blog and hope that when time permits you might blog daily. I loved the video of your speech at Ancestral Health Symposium and have it saved to my computer. I have that video to many friends now. Thank you again for all of your great work, I believe it will change the health of the world.
  3. Hay, thanks for sharing your post. Does low carb veggies effects well for your diet. Why we cannot eat high carb veggies?
  4. Zepp
    Its about blood sugar and insulin!

    Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance is at epedemic levels.

    And our body dont care what you name that carbs that gonna give you those blood sugar spikes that do damage to your body.

    Its about to have fat as major energy source, and to eat normal levels of protein.. and of course get all other vitamins and minerals.

    Many can eat high carb veggies and other carbs and feel fine and thrive on that!

    But its probably all those sugary food substitutes on top on a high carb consumtion thats the cause to the epedemy?

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  6. Grannie Vee
    I have been on the LCHF diet for a month. I have lost 12 pounds, but in the past 6 days I have not lost anything. Could you perhaps look at my site and see what I am doing wrong? http://nocarbstonofat.blogspot.ca/

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