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Is Everyone Better Off Not Eating Grains?

Is everyone better off not eating grains? I’m not sure, but Paleo/Primal guru Mark Sisson believes so, and explains it in this short segment of an earlier interview.

Stopping eating grains for a few weeks can be an interesting experience – perhaps you’ll notice something different? Or perhaps you already have, in that case feel free to leave a comment about it below.

The full 40 minute interview and more than a hundred other interviews, video courses, presentations and movies are instantly available on our member site with a free trial.

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Campaign to Have “Paleo” Mouse Study Retracted


The “Paleo” mouse study last week received a ton of media attention, despite being very misleading. Some people think the study should even be retracted.

Richard Davin Feinman: My letter to the editor about the 9 mice paper

The Paleo Diet: I Smell a Rat, Well Actually Prediabetic New Zealand Obese (NZO) Mice

Loren Cordain: Loren Cordain, Ph.D. Response to Mouse Study

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New Study Claims Paleo Diet Causes Diabetes and Obesity, for People Who Are Mice


Get ready for another absurd health warning in the media. Possibly the silliest one in years. A new study allegedly shows that the Paleo diet can cause obesity and diabetes – in just eight weeks!

This turned into a media frenzy:

The lead author, Associate Prof Sof Andrikopoulos, allegedly says this means people should avoid low-carb and high-fat Paleo diets, especially people who are overweight and sedentary. They might suffer “extreme weight gain”.

He goes on to say that there is “no scientific evidence” that low-carb high-fat diets work, meaning he’s not aware of at least 19 high quality studies (RCTs) in humans showing that low carb diets not only work, but that they work significantly better than other diets.

I mention that these studies on low carb are done in humans, because Andrikopoulos’ study is not. His study is done on mice. A species well known not to be adapted to a high-fat diet.

It is not news that mice can get fat by eating fat. It is also a well-known fact that humans instead tend to lose weight on a low-carb high-fat diet.

It’s been years since I’ve heard any researcher saying such clueless things in the media. The whole affair – especially Andrikopoulos’ statements – is so absurd it left me wondering if it was April 1.


In other news researchers are now claiming that people could die if they eat regular food from the grocery store. People can only eat plankton. They found this out by studying… you guessed it… whales.

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Another Paleo Baby: Sick Only Once in Her Life – But Dietitian Freaks Out


Here’s a child that gets a wonderful start to life. Real Paleo foods and breastfeeding. She’s only been sick once in her life, with a cold.

So what’s to worry about? Plenty, apparently, as a dietitian warns of a lack of grains leading to an “unbalanced” diet. It’s unclear what “unbalanced” means, as it has no scientific definition. But it probably refers to a diet that does not match the dietitian’s religious dietary beliefs.

Scientifically or evolutionarily there’s no need whatsoever for grains in the diet.

Daily Mail: The baby girl who has never eaten a carb: Meet Grace, who has been on the Paleo diet since birth – and her fitness fanatic mum says she has only been sick once in her life

As a sidenote we give our two daughters – 1 and 4 years old – a very similar start in life, with similar foods and some breastfeeding for almost two years. The kids are almost never sick, apart from the occasional cold with very mild symptoms.

I can’t even remember when the oldest daughter had a real fever last time, must be more than a year ago. And the youngest, well I don’t think she’s ever had a high fever.

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How to Maximize Micronutrient Density + 2 Interviews with Dr. Terry Wahls

Maximizing Micronutrient Density – Dr. Terry Wahls4.5 out of 5 stars5 star63%4 star26%3 star6%2 star0%1 star3%30 ratings3025:15

Dr. Terry Wahls got her MS under control using a total diet change, to a micronutrient-rich Paleo diet. Obviously it does not necessarily work for everyone – there are no scientific studies yet – but it’s an intriguing possibility.

On the member site – free trial one month – we now have three videos with Dr. Wahls, including a talk she gave at the Paleo f(x) conference earlier this year. We also have two videos from an interview I made with her, first about her personal story and then about the protocol she uses in treating patients with autoimmune disorders, and the results she sees.


Can You Reverse MS with a Diet Change? – Dr. Terry Wahls4.5 out of 5 stars5 star61%4 star30%3 star7%2 star0%1 star0%13 ratings1314:23The Wahls Protocol – Dr. Terry Wahls4.7 out of 5 stars5 star78%4 star17%3 star4%2 star0%1 star0%23 ratings2320:19


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Famous People on the Paleo Diet


Giving up on sugar, grains and processed junk food is common among the rich and famous. Paleo has been called the diet of the 1%. And of course it’s a very healthy way to live.

Paleohacks: 10 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Paleo

Oh, and here’s a new article on how Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is doing on Paleo:

Politico: Medical report shows that Jeb’s Paleo diet is paying off

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Paleopathology and the Origins of Low Carb

Dr. Michael Eades - Paleopathology

What does the history of early humans and Egyptian mummies have to do with the origins of the low-carb diet? This is all woven together into an entertaining story by one of the true low-carb pioneers, Dr. Michael Eades.

Dr. Eades’ talk at the LCHF convention earlier this year was one of the most talked about. Especially his interest in Egyptian mummies and the finding of obesity and severe heart disease in this population eating… well, just about what any conventional nutritionist have been recommending for decades: plenty of carbs (mostly wheat), very little sugar, very little fat.

You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars, or you can see the talk on our member pages with much else (free trial one month, then $9 per month, cancel at any time).

Paleopathology and the Origins of Low Carb

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What Causes Stomach Problems – Gluten or Carbs?

Many people believe themselves to be gluten intolerant, without a positive result on tests (so called nonceliac gluten sensitivity). These people may instead react to carbohydrates (fructans and galactans) in wheat.

Nutrition Journal: The relation between celiac disease, nonceliac gluten sensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome

Which prompted this tweet from Dr. Ted Naiman:

Many people experience relief from symptoms like bloating and stomach pain on an LCHF diet. This not only removes the gluten but also the offending carbs.


My Big Fat Diet

Obesity and type 2 diabetes are rampant epidemics among the aboriginal communities of Canada. And it all started as they began eating a modern Western diet, full of refined carbohydrates.

This disaster is usually blamed on sedentary lifestyles and “eating too much”. An energy imbalance, as Coca Cola’s staff of propagandists would have you believe.

However, what would happen if an entire town of First Nation people went back to eating the way they used to? A high-fat low-carb diet based on real food? With no exercise or calorie counting program whatsoever?

This is what the Canadian doctor Jay Wortman and a documentary team decided to find out, in the delightful and enlightening movie My Big Fat Diet.

Guess what happened…

Full Movie

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