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A Sneak Peek at “Carb-Loaded”


Now you can watch a 3-minute trailer for the movie Carb-Loaded. It’s about the low-fat, sweet and floury causes of the obesity epidemic:

A sneak peek at “Carb-Loaded

Note also that there are subtitles in English and a few other languages. To chose a language, click on “CC” in the lower, right corner.

One of the interviews contains an explanation that I think sounds odd – how the body releases cholesterol to repair injuries to arteries. That is a metaphor that I’m not quite buying.

That small injuries to arteries and inflammation are central to heart disease is, however, probably true. As mentioned in the video, the result is like an abrasion on the inside of the arteries, that never heals completely.

Many things may contribute to injuries and resulting inflammation in the arteries, for example high blood sugar, high blood pressure, toxic substances from smoking and rancid small dense LDL cholesterol particles (which is primarily a result of too many bad carbohydrates in your diet).

What do you think about the video? Continue Reading →


Reversing Diabetes After a Visit to the Emergency Room

Before and after

Before and after

I received a fascinating story from Anthony in Australia about what happened when he ended up in the emergency room, where it was discovered that he had high blood pressure. This led him to search for better health on his own, not following the usual diet recommendations he was given. Here’s his story: Continue Reading →


Triathlon on LCHF


Can you exercise without a lot of carbohydrates? You certainly can.

But can you also handle tough exercise for a triathlon on LCHF? Staffan Leandersson decided to try: Continue Reading →


“Even If the Scale Isn’t Changing, the Body Is”

Before and after

Before and after

Women approaching middle age may have a difficult time losing weight – sometimes even on LCHF.

Bitte Björkman shares her story here: Continue Reading →


“Not a Pill in Sight and Happy”

Before and after

Before and after

Can you eat yourself free from the common digestive disease ulcerative colitis? Recently another reader – Bella – told her story about how she set herself free from her digestive disease.

Many people felt the story resonated with them, and one of them is Hanna. Here’s her story about how she went from “fat, pill-popping and not enjoying life” – picture to the left – to leaner, healthier and happier. Just like Bella: Continue Reading →


“Butter and Cheese Saved My Son”


Another happy ending about a dietary intervention as a treatment for epilepsy:

MailOnline: ‘Butter and cheese saved my son’: Boy, 6, who used to have 300 fits a DAY has his life transformed by a high fat diet

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“You Have Diabetes and You Are Going to Have It for the Rest of Your Life”

Drugs or food

Drugs or food

Do you have to settle for being sick and taking more and more medications if you get type 2 diabetes?

Yet another person, who didn’t settle for this is Torbjörn Kadebro. Here’s his story about the dietary change he made on his own – and what happened at his checkup with his diabetes nurse: Continue Reading →


“The Verdict Was Medication for At Least 10 Years”

The image does not represent the writer

The image does not represent the email sender

Is medication the only alternative for epilepsy? No. A strict low-carb diet is an accepted and effective treatment for children with epilepsy, who cannot be treated in any other way.

But why only try a dietary change when nothing else works?

I got an email from Emma, 20, who suffered an epileptic seizure in her teenage years. Here’s her story about what happened when she chose a different alternative on her own: Continue Reading →


The Food Industry’s Own Studies Reveal the Risks with Sugar

A small, but tempting image

A small, but tempting image

Do you deserve to treat yourself to bad health today?

A new review of high-quality scientific studies shows yet again that sugar isn’t only bad for weight. Sugar is NOT just empty calories.

Sugar also has pronounced negative effects on health markers, such as blood pressure and blood lipids.

The New Zealand Herald: Sugar directly linked to heart disease – report

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Don’t Forget Your Checkups on LCHF!


Do you need to go in for your checkups if you, as a diabetic, eat LCHF and have improved your blood sugar dramatically?

I received an e-mail from a physician about this: Continue Reading →