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Are You Worried About Your Cholesterol on a Low-Carb Diet?

Are you worried about your cholesterol on a low-carb diet? The old idea that fat raises cholesterol, leading directly to heart disease, has been proven simply wrong.

Heart disease is a much more complicated process involving early damage to the lining of the arteries, and inflammation. In many ways a low-carb diet improves the risk factors for heart disease, like blood sugar, blood pressure and several components of the cholesterol profile.

If you want to learn more, here are our top 5 videos of people explaining how it all fits together:

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“With the Help of LCHF, I Am Winning My Battles”


Before and after

Cassie Davey had tried all diets and failed. She was “every weight-loss program’s dream customer”, as she kept regaining the lost weight and coming back.

Then she decided to try LCHF, and quickly realized why she’d been failing before.

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“Now I’ve Got the Rest of My Fantastic New Sugar-Free Life to Live!”

Before and after.

Before and after

My Westerdahl, also known as the LCHF engineer (link in Swedish), has been fighting her sugar addiction since childhood. LCHF is an essential ingredient in the recipe for her success, but My says it’s not enough.

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Bad Cholesterol “Helps You Live Longer”

No fear of cholesterol

The so-called bad cholesterol, LDL, may not be a cause for concern for older people. At least not if it’s high!

According to a new analysis of all earlier studies, people over 60 with high levels of LDL live longer and are not at higher risk of heart disease.

Aseem Malhotra, a top cardiologist, says: “The scientific evidence clearly reveals that we must stop fear-mongering when it comes to cholesterol and heart disease and focus instead on insulin resistance, the most important risk factor as a precursor to many chronic diseases.”

Listen to Dr. Malhotra commenting on this research:

The Times: Bad Cholesterol ‘Helps You Live Longer’

BMJ Open: Lack of an Association or an Inverse Association Between Low-Density- Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Mortality in the Elderly: a Systematic Review

So what does this all mean? It means for people over 60 it’s doubtful if there’s any cause to worry about higher LDL cholesterol. Statistically it may mean that the chance of living a long life is improved.

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UK Government May Acknowledge They Were Wrong on Saturated Fats


The UK government may acknowledge that they’ve been wrong to demonize saturated fats. They’ve ordered a review of the advice and a first report will be published next year. This after several new studies have failed to find any connection between eating saturated fats and heart disease.

A great first step.

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The Engineer Who Knows More Than Your Doctor – Full Interview

4.9 out of 5 stars5 star91%4 star4%3 star1%2 star2%1 star0%83 ratings5,817 viewsCan an engineer know more about how to get healthy than his doctor, in fact more than his three doctors?

When it comes to using nutrition, the answer is yes. Meet Ivor Cummins, who quickly had to become an expert to cure himself.

Ivor Cummins is a well-trained problem solver. When blood tests showed liver problems – the very common issue fatty liver – Cummins set out to find the solution to the problem. He soon found it. Soon he had lost lots of weight and his liver problems were totally gone.

It all begged the question – why did an engineer quickly understand how to cure himself using nutrition, when none of his doctors could help him?

I interviewed Ivor Cummins recently and it’s a truly interesting and insightful story. The full interview has only been available on our member site, but now everyone can watch it above. Enjoy – and feel free to share it.

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“My Happiness and Meaning of Life Have Returned”

John suffered from an addiction and had lost his company, he was overweight, in debt and he did not even have contact with his children anymore.

Then the turning point came, and it started with food.

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Do All People With Heart Disease Have Diabetes?

4.7 out of 5 stars5 star87%4 star4%3 star4%2 star0%1 star4%24 ratings1,420 viewsDo all people with heart disease have diabetes? Diagnosed or not?

Could blood sugar and insulin tests be more helpful than cholesterol tests at predicting risk of heart disease?

That’s what the now retired 94-year-old doctor Joseph R. Kraft believed. He discovered a very strong link between heart disease and diabetes type 2. And it may be that he was right.

Dr. Jeffrey Gerber talked about this in his presentation at Low Carb Vail in February this year. You can watch a segment above (transcript).

The full 33-minute presentation on our member site:

Framingham and the Muddy Waters – Full presentation

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Using Ketone Breath Analysers

4.6 out of 5 stars5 star70%4 star23%3 star1%2 star3%1 star0%55 ratings2,379 viewsMichel Lundell managed to get his epilepsy under control using a ketogenic diet (this is now an accepted and proven treatment).

To make it easier to track his ketone levels – and being an engineer – he then developed the first ketone breath analyser, called the Ketonix.

In this short talk from Low Carb Vail he tells his story, and describes different ways of tracking ketone levels in the body.

You can watch a segment above, about his personal journey. Transcript

The full 21-minute presentation on our member site:
Using Ketone Breath Analysers – Full presentation

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“To See Your Child Shine with Happiness Is Just an Amazing Feeling”


Here’s another sweet story about getting rid of sugar:

Last year January my husband and I were talking about how much weight our son had put on in just the past year. Evaluating what he eats and drinks and how much exercise he gets in.

Extremely occasionally junk food, sweets cookies and so on. No soft drinks or coffee. We always ate veggies, meat, fish, the usual. He loves veggies.

I came across a video called lard makes you lean. After a good giggle I watched it and found more related videos.

Well smack me silly if we don’t realize right there how wrong we have been.

All the fruit, fruit juices, iced tea, provitas, low fat yogurt, pronutro, we’re all WRONG!!!!! 😱

We took on the LCHF NO SUGAR way of life and it changed us all forever. Continue Reading →