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Nobel Banquet at Diet Doctor’s


We brought the Nobel festivities yesterday to our residence. In this picture Klara has put on her red dress and is looking forward to watching real princesses on TV.

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Scientists Against Sugar

Do we really need scientists to tell us how harmful sugar is? Yes, unfortunately. And here they are:

Researchers highlight strong links between sugar and chronic disease:
UCSF Launches Sugar Science Initiative

“The average American consumes nearly three times the recommended amount of added sugar every day, which is taking a tremendous toll on our nation’s health,” said Laura Schmidt, PhD, a UCSF professor in the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy and the lead investigator on the project. “This is the definitive science that establishes the causative link between sugar and chronic disease across the population.” Continue Reading…

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“Sugar Is Harming Our Children”


Swedish science journalist Dr. Ann Fernholm has been very active in the sugar debate lately:

The extremely sugary products, which the industry is marketing with happy characters should be banned; foods that we’d never even let our pets eat, should not be sold as food for our children.

Here’s her great opinion piece at SVT Opinion translated from Swedish: Continue Reading →


Picnic at Diet Doctor’s House


A picnic on the living room floor the other day – dinner when the family’s three-year old gets to decide.

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New Solid Studies: The Advice on Gluten for Infants Needs to Be Changed!

Babies eating a roll

Future Gluten Intolerants?

This is a question that I frequently get and that many parents of infants struggle with: Is it important for infants to eat gluten, ie bread and hot cereal, early in life?

Even today the official guidelines encourage parents to introduce foods with wheat early to reduce the risk of gluten intolerance. This is what the Swedish guidelines for infants include:

If the infant is given small amounts of gluten while still nursing, the risk that the child will be gluten intolerant is reduced. At no later than six months, and no earlier than four months, you should start giving the infant some gluten-containing foods… For example, you can let the infant have a bite of white bread or crackers or a small spoon of hot cereal or wheat-based formula a couple of times a week… After six months gradually increase the amount. 

This assertive advice is unfortunately based only on uncertain statistics from questionnaire studies, i.e. observational studies. Such statistics prove nothing. The guideline-issuing authorities have a troublesome ability to sound certain without enough supporting evidence.

So is the advice above good or bad? Nobody knew before, but now this has finally been tested seriously.

The other week two critical studies were published in the New England Journal of Medicine – the world’s most respected medical science journal. For the first time studies were designed to test whether the advice works. Continue Reading →


Why Won’t Ice Cream Melt Anymore?


Why won’t the ice cream melt anymore?

An American woman got a surprise when her kid had left an ice cream outside in the sun – and it didn’t melt. A TV channel did their own tests and confirmed the finding. While real ice cream quickly melted, the cheap ice cream from Walmart didn’t melt.

The secret behind this is the ingredients: less real cream and more sugar and more stabilizing agents such as guar gum and cellulose gum.

According to the manufacturer, the non-melting ice cream is “healthy” and meets all requirements from FDA.

Besides, who doesn’t love the taste of warm gum in the summer?

PUT TO THE TEST: Why don’t ice cream sandwiches melt anymore?

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How to Convince Your Child Not To Eat Candy

How do you convince your child not to eat candy? This may be the most effective way ever.

The latter way of expressing it is just as correct, and more concrete and relevant for a child. Brilliant. Perhaps I’ll use it just like that.

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Another Health Cake!


Here’s yet another birthday cake without added sugar or wheat flour, from Johanna B:

Here’s another picture of a melon cake from when my daughter turned 1. Melon with whipped cream surrounding a fruit salad in the middle.

All kids liked it, although some wondered where the cake was, so perhaps I’ll call it a fruit bomb next time. Got inspired by your blog post about the health cake!

All the best!



The Health Cake is Catching On

Kid’s Birthday Party With No Added Sugar


ADHD or Too Much Sugar?


Could unruly kids with ADHD-like problems be hypersensitive to sugar and wheat? Here’s yet another story about what can happen when parents try to exclude such foods:

OK, let’s try this. We’ll skip wheat and sugar. We started at the beginning of the school year. No wheat flour and no sugar (either at school or at home). Three days later we already noticed a significant difference and now, 4 weeks later, we’re not the only ones cheering…

The original story here: ADHD or Too Much Sugar? (Google translated from Swedish)

Many experts have previously dismissed the association between sugar and ADHD. Studies designed to give children small amounts of sugar (up to a pint – half a liter – of soda) have not shown any significant short-term effect. But the effect of long-term use of large amounts of bad carbohydrates is unknown. And there’s a high-quality study that demonstrated a significant improvement from avoiding, among other things, sugar and wheat flour.

There are scientists who believe that ADHD symptoms are similar to withdrawal symptoms from drugs and thus may present because the child is addicted to junk food/sugar. If you remove this food, the problem would soon diminish, which seems to be a common experience among parents and teachers.

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The Reason Kids Get Fat


This is the entry to my grocery store. It’s time for one of many Song Festival Competition nights, selecting Sweden’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and this means going face down in sugar. It’s only once a year!

Or wait, it’s not just once a year we’re binging on bad carbs. It’s every day we can find an excuse, that is, most days.

This is the real cause of children’s obesity. It’s not that they were born with stomachs that needed to be surgically removed, no matter what some think.

And no, children with a weight problem don’t need to eat candy and drink soda. Not even a little. Not at all. No more than a person with pulmonary disease needs to smoke a cigarette. No more than an alcoholic needs a drink.

What children with weight problems need is a home free of temptations, and to eat themselves satisfied on real food. Weight loss without hunger. Parents can provide the children that opportunity. Continue Reading →