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Dr. Mosley About the Misguided War on Fat


Listen to this great episode on BBC radio featuring Dr. Mosley. He excellently explains why the war on fat has been completely misguided, why sugar is dangerous and why we got it all wrong.

This link goes straight to the start of the interesting segment:

BBC Radio: The Danger of Sugar

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A Guide to Dietary Fat


Which fats are better for you, and which ones should you avoid? What’s the best cooking oil? And what’s the difference between saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats?

If you want a great answer to all those things, then check out this comprehensive guide:

Nutrition Advance: Dietary Fats: an A-Z Guide to Saturated, Unsaturated and Trans Fats

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Butter Is Back – and Here’s a Butter Boutique

Is this the ultimate sign that butter is back? In Malton, England, Lucy and Stephen Briden-Kenny has opened the store Butterbees that only sells one product – yes you guessed it right, butter!

Gazette & Herald: Be Buttered Up by New Shop

Fresh and locally produced butter should be a staple in every low carber’s fridge. It’s healthy and keeps you satisfied for long periods of time. At Butterbees you can get delicious flavored butters like garlic and rosemary, and sweet honey for special occasions. Doesn’t it sound delicious?

Check out our best butter recipes below.

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Eat MORE Fat to Lose Weight and Be Happier


Eat MORE fat while cutting carbs could make you lose weight and be happier. This according to the cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Here’s a new article by him:

Without sugar, you’ll see improvements in your skin, mood and concentration, a reduction in cravings and — finally — a proper sense of whether you are truly hungry, or whether it’s just sugar talking.

DailyMail: Eating MORE Fat While Cutting Carbs and Quitting Sugar Can Help You Lose Weight

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New Study: There’s No Connection Between Butter and Heart Disease


Is butter back? Surprise, surprise, a new study goes through all earlier science tracking people who eat butter, and the risk of disease.

The study reveals that there is no link between butter and heart disease, and that if anything, eating butter may even reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

I’m certainly not surprised. This is completely in line with other modern studies. The question is when the nutritional guidelines will catch up to reality, and stop scaremongering about harmless old butter.

When do you think?

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“Now Sugar Is the Bad Guy”


Is fat or sugar the enemy when it comes to overcoming heart disease?

Last week, we wrote about an episode at CBC Radio that examined this question. Now it’s time for part 2, featuring experts such as Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz and Dr. David Ludwig.

First, fat was the dietary bad guy. We were warned back in the 1980s to cut back on eggs, meat and full-fat dairy to avoid heart disease. So we started eating more bread, rice and pasta and fat-free snacks. But we got sicker and fatter. Now sugar is the bad guy. Contributor Jill Eisen explores the complex, and sometimes contradictory, science of nutrition — and tries to find clarity amidst the thicket of studies and ambiguous research.

Listen to the program:

CBC Radio: Fat or Sugar, Part 2

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Butter Is Back – Even at McDonald’s


Finally, McDonald’s has caught up to the real world (to a small extent)!

Bloomberg: It Took McDonald’s 6 Months to Swap from Margarine to Butter

Now, you’ll get real butter instead of nasty margarine if you order an Egg McMuffin. It’s another sign of the death of the low-fat diet. But will McDonald’s ever change the entire menu to real food? Most likely, not.

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Fat vs. Sugar – Who’s the Villain in Heart Disease?


Is fat or sugar the enemy when it comes to overcoming heart disease? CBC Radio examines this question in an episode, featuring experts such as Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz and Dr. David Ludwig.

Even Professor Walter Willett at Harvard is coming around, saying this:

Saturated fat, interestingly, is not nearly the terrible villain that many people have made it to be.

The conclusion? Fat is not the villain, insulin is. It is the hormone that, in excess, is the number one predictor of heart disease according to the expert Barry Sears. And we all know what’s causing insulin secretion. Fat or sugar? It’s sugar.

Listen to the program:

CBC Radio: Fat or Sugar, Part 1

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“The Government’s Carb-Heavy Healthy Eating Guide Could Be CAUSING Obesity”

eatwellplate2In March the latest version of the official UK Eatwell Guide was publicized, recommending people to base their meals on bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. Dietary expert Dr. Zoe Harcombe has this to say:

I would call this the “EatBadly” plate rather than the “EatWell” plate.

The Government’s most recent recommendations could lead to both weight gain and type 2 diabetes according to Dr. Harcombe. And she points out that there is no credible evidence supporting the Eatwell Guide.

On a side note almost half of the reference group that assisted in designing the graphic for the Eatwell plate were representatives of the food industry.

MailOnline: The Government’s carb-heavy healthy eating guide could be CAUSING obesity and type 2 diabetes, nutritionist claims

Prima: Healthy eating guidelines come under fire again

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Nina Teicholz’s Best-Seller “The Big Fat Surprise”: How the Low-Fat Diet Was Introduced to America

The Big Fat Surprise

Are you ready for The Big Fat Surprise?

Nina Teicholz’s bestselling book about the mistakes behind the fear of fat reads like a thriller. It was named one of the best books of the year by a number of publications (including the #1 science book by The Economist).

All the inconvenient attention has made Teicholz’s name sound like Voldemort to fragile egos in the nutritional world.

If you have not read it yet we have a treat for you. Teicholz has agreed – for the first time – to share several sections of the book with the readers of Diet Doctor.

Here’s the first of three sections, about how the low-fat diet was introduced to America, and Ancel Keys’ magic year of 1961: Continue Reading →