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Peak Yogurt – Get Your TRIPLE Fat Yogurt Here


Do you want an 18% fat yogurt with no added sugar?

If you live in Sweden, like I do, you’ll just walk into any store and get it. Personally I eat some high-fat yogurt – and bacon & eggs – every weekend morning (I normally skip breakfast on weekdays). It’s a perfect low-carb high-fat start to the day.

In the US it’s apparently really hard to find high-fat yogurt with no added sugar. This is obviously an unacceptable situation. Fortunately a new startup – Peak Yoghurt – is trying to fix it. Check out their Indiegogo funding campaign here:

Peak Yogurt: Organic Triple Cream Yogurt

Fortunately there’s a massive trend towards higher-fat foods today (as evidenced by the recent Credit Suisse report) so Peak Yogurt should do great. Here’s a new story on the team behind it:

Forbes: Is This The Beginning Of The End For Nonfat Yogurt?


I have no financial or other ties to Peak Yogurt – I just like the idea.


“Young Mother Nearly Dies From a Low-Carb Diet”


Can it potentially be life-threatening to breastfeed on a strict low-carb diet?

MailOnline: New mother nearly DIES from a low carb diet: 32-year-old developed life-threatening condition […] while breastfeeding

While this seems to be exceedingly rare – four published cases ever, all of which ended well – it’s apparently possible to develop ketoacidosis while breastfeeding on a strict low-carb diet. The same thing can happen due to starvation.

Don’t do a strict low-carb diet when breastfeeding – and make sure to eat enough in general.


Note that the ending of the MailOnline article is misleading. There’s normally no need to “see a doctor immediately” if the breath starts smelling of acetone on a low-carb diet. That’s a common sign of normal ketosis, which is completely safe under normal circumstances (unless you’re a type 1 diabetic, then it signals that you need more insulin).

When breastfeeding however, it’s probably wise not to eat so strict low-carb that you get that smell. Let the weight loss take some more time and go for a more moderate, non-ketogenic, low-carb diet while breastfeeding (50+ grams of carbs per day). And make sure you eat enough. It’s hardly worth taking any health risk at all for losing weight faster.


I’ve just recently written more extensively about the rare risk of ketoacidosis when breastfeeding on a strict low-carb diet:

Breastfeeding on a Low-Carb Diet – Is It Dangerous?


Weight Control – The Calories vs. Insulin Theory

Andreas-SA14.3 out of 5 stars5 star66%4 star8%3 star16%2 star0%1 star8%12 ratings so far36:26

What really matters for weight loss? Calories in and calories out, or is our body weight carefully regulated by hormones, like the fat-storing hormone insulin?

In this presentation from the 2015 LCHF Conference in Cape Town I describe why the second explanation – about hormones – makes much more sense. And why the first one – about calories – is a simplistic description that completely fails to adress the cause of obesity.

You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars from the organizers. Or you can see the talk on our member pages for free using a one month trial (then $9 per month, cancel at any time).

Weight Control – The Calories vs. Insulin Theory

On the member pages you also get immediate access to video courses, interviews, movies, Q&A with experts, etc.


We’re adding the ability to rate presentations on the membership pages from 1-5 stars. You’ll also be able to see the number of views (on the video page) as well as the length of the video on the overview pages, by hovering the mouse over the video.

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What’s the True Longevity Secrets of the Mediterranean Region?

Check out this fantastic new Kickstarter project from Donal O’Neill, the man behind the LCHF movies Cereal Killers (2013) and Run on Fat (2014).

In this new project he’s teamed up with the brilliant British cardiologist and leading anti-sugar crusader Dr. Aseem Malhotra. They are looking for the true longevity secrets of the Mediterranean region – because it’s surely not margarine or other low-fat products.

You can help get this movie done – scheduled for June 2016 – and get to see it before anyone else. Just support it with a few dollars on Kickstarter – and remember that if the team does not reach their £50,000 goal within 28 days you’ll pay them nothing at all:

The Pioppi Protocol Kickstarter


Also check out the earlier movies by O’Neill to see what he can do, available here for free or with a discount: Continue Reading →


Breastfeeding on a Low-Carb Diet – Is It Dangerous?

Is it dangerous to breastfeed while on a low-carb, high-fat diet?

Recently, the journal of the Swedish Medical Association published a case report (summary in English) of a woman who, six weeks after giving birth, had to be hospitalized for severe ketoacidosis. Luckily, she recovered quickly and her numbers were back to normal the next day.

Ketoacidosis is a dangerous condition, most often seen in type 1 diabetics with acute insulin deficiency. In rare cases, ketoacidosis may occur in non-diabetics after prolonged periods of starvation or inadequate food intake, in which case it typically occurs in combination with stress or other medical conditions.

The woman in this case had been eating low-carb, high fat for a long time before the incident. After giving birth however, she had suffered flu-like symptoms of fever, nausea and a complete loss of appetite. Despite this, she was still able to breastfeed her baby, which of course ramped up her nutritional requirements.

The case study report brings up the woman’s low-carbohydrate diet as one possible contributing factor to the situation. However, as soon as the media found out, they immediately exaggerated this possible contributing factor to the guaranteed sole cause of the condition (which, as we shall see, is unikely):

In the woman’s own words

The woman described in the case report in the journal contacted me of her own accord through common acquaintances. She tells a different story from the one perpetuated by the media: Continue Reading →


Leading Anti-Sugar Crusader Dr. Aseem Malhotra has a New Website and Blog


The leading anti-sugar crusader and cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra (finally) has a website and blog of his own:

I’ve added Dr. Malhotra’s blog to our Blog News page where you can see updates from every great health blog out there (feel free to tell me if any good ones are missing, use comments below).

Also note that Dr. Malhotra is now doing Skype consultations.

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Paleopathology and the Origins of Low Carb

Dr. Michael Eades - Paleopathology

What does the history of early humans and Egyptian mummies have to do with the origins of the low-carb diet? This is all woven together into an entertaining story by one of the true low-carb pioneers, Dr. Michael Eades.

Dr. Eades’ talk at the LCHF convention earlier this year was one of the most talked about. Especially his interest in Egyptian mummies and the finding of obesity and severe heart disease in this population eating… well, just about what any conventional nutritionist have been recommending for decades: plenty of carbs (mostly wheat), very little sugar, very little fat.

You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars, or you can see the talk on our member pages with much else (free trial one month, then $9 per month, cancel at any time).

Paleopathology and the Origins of Low Carb

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