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Doctor in the House Episode 2

In the second episode of Doctor in the House Dr. Chatterjee lives with a family where people have back pain, addiction to pain killers and eczema.

These are not the topics we focus on here. But it’s still an interesting show if you’re interested in how to improve health using natural means.

Watch the episode on BBC (UK only) or on YouTube.

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Canada Is Out of Butter

Canada is facing a butter shortage going into the holiday season. This due to a smart consumer shift from margarine to real butter:

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Get the Effect of Bariatric Surgery Without the Side Effects, Without the Surgeon, For Free

Fasting – are you crazy?

F****** – are you crazy?

Are you considering bariatric surgery for weight loss or diabetes reversal? It’s a very effective treatment in the short term, but with a huge risk of nasty complications. Mostly things that simply reduce your quality of life, but occasionally people even die from it.

It turns out it’s possible to get the same effect with none of the complications… without rewiring and removing healthy bodily organs… and for free.

Dr. Jason Fung: Bariatrics is Surgically Enforced Fasting

Do you want to try? Start here:

Fasting 1b – Jason Fung4.4 out of 5 stars5 star67%4 star16%3 star10%2 star1%1 star3%205 ratings20505:21

Church of Dietetics Vs. Galileo… Sorry, Professor Timothy Noakes – Hearing Starts Again Today


The case of the church of Dietetics vs. Professor Timothy Noakes restarted again in South Africa today, after being postponed from the original June date.

Professor Tim Noakes – perhaps the world’s foremost advocate for LCHF for obesity and diabetes – was recently reported by the Association for Dietitians in his country. This after a tweet recommending a lower-carb diet for a child. An innocent piece of advice if you ask me.

Now there’s a big trial. Much ado about a tweet, due to fossils of the past feeling threatened by the future and overreacting. But hopefully something good will come out of this mess.

Follow the trial

You can follow the hearing on Twitter using the hashtag #NoakesHPCSA. You can also sign the petition to support him like over 17,000 people.

There are also almost live updates during the day at

More about the background here:

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Doctors Want to Ban Drug Ads on TV. Are They Focused on the Wrong Problem?

The American Medical Association wants to ban TV ads for drugs, correctly fearing they lead to overmedication with expensive new drugs.

But the way bigger problem may be harder for them too see:

Vox: Doctors want to ban drug ads on TV. Are they focused on the wrong problem?

Drug companies spend much more money on advertising to doctors, bending the truth as much as they can get away with (often even lying and getting caught).


Low-Carb Endurance Athletes Burn Fat Twice as Well – And Keep Normal Glycogen Levels

Eating a low-carb diet can turn athletes into spectacular fat burners, far better than previously known, according to a new study*. Compared to high-carb athletes, their fat-burning rates were about twice as high during prolonged exercise.

Interestingly the study also revealed that the low-carb athletes had normal muscle glycogen levels. This was an unexpected finding to Jeff Volek, lead researcher of the study. It could be due to an elegant system for maintaining glycogen levels in muscles even when carbs are limited.

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A Worldwide Nutrition Revolution: What Is Next?

timnoakes4.7 out of 5 stars5 star88%4 star2%3 star2%2 star5%1 star0%35 ratings351:06:09

Professor Tim Noakes has made a huge impact in South Africa, helping tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives – losing weight effortlessly and reversing diabetes – on LCHF diets (or Banting, as it’s often called in South Africa).

Professor Noakes has been viciously attacked for this, by people who are still stuck in conventional dogma. How can so many experts be so wrong about nutritional science? How can they believe that all kinds of things are proven, when they are not?

I warmly recommend this insightful presentation by Professor Tim Noakes, from the LCHF Convention in Cape Town. It’s his defense against his critics. It’s his explanation for how these so-called experts can all be wrong, and how he can be right.

There’s a simple answer – the bar for evidence has been set far too low, completely ignoring the classic Bradford-Hill criteria. The bar has been set so low in fact, that you can quite easily “prove” that any food causes anything.

Watch the presentation

You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars from the organizers. Or you can watch this talk on our member pages:

Watch the presentation on the membership pages

Sign up for a free membership trial in a minute and you can see it instantly – as well as many other video courses, movies, interviews, presentations, Q&A with experts, etc.

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The Mid-Victorian Diet: the Healthiest Diet You’ve Never Heard of

The mid-Victorian diet may be the most healthy diet you’ve never heard of. The years between 1850 and 1872 in England may have been a “mini golden age of nutrition”:

Spectator Health: Forget paleo, go mid-Victorian: it’s the healthiest diet

People ate a varied diet, high in nutrients, and there was no famine. Provided people lived through their childhood years – infant mortality was still high – they had almost the same life expectancy as now, around 74 years. And apparently many people lived healthy full lives, with agricultural laborers regularly working into their 70s.

Then something happened and health and life expectancy took a dive, reaching a bottom around the year 1900.

Interestingly this drop in health coincided perfectly with the introduction of vast quantities of cheap refined sugar into the diet.

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How the Sugar Industry Fooled Us 40 Years Ago

Forty years ago the sugar industry fooled us all, in a very bold way. Here’s a clip about it from the movie Sugar Coated. Watch the entire movie online here.

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Boys & Girls Club of America… or of Coca-Cola?

The University of Colorado recently made headlines with their decision to return a 1 million dollar “gift” to Coca-Cola. What hasn’t made headlines though, is that Coca-Cola turned around and gave that same gift to a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of children all over America – the Boys & Girls Club of America.

The Huffingtonpost: Boys & Girls Club of America… or of Coca-Cola?

The organization works to give children a safe place to go after school, helping them with homework and letting them play sports or do other activities. That’s truly great, but they also have a longstanding partnership with Big Soda, going so far back as 1948.

Laurie David, part of the team who made the documentary Fed Up, says:

Wouldn’t it be great if the CEO of BGCA,​ ​Jim Clark, continued the trend and had the guts and integrity to hand this secondhand gift back to Coca-Cola?

…The University of Colorado’s decision to return Coca-Cola’s $1 million dollar grant was big news precisely because it’s so unheard of for an organization of any kind to do such a thing. It’s a heartening development for everyone who’s worked so long and so hard to change the awful American diet, because it’s proved that at least some institutions are capable of being shamed into doing the right thing.

Hopefully more and more organizations will follow in the University of Colorado’s footsteps, making the future of our children safer and brighter.

Considering the epidemic of childhood obesity the BGCA motto on that Coca-Cola truck of “Building the Citizens of Tomorrow” seems to have come true in an unfortunate way.

If you think BGCA should return the gift, here’s their Facebook page.

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