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The Most Powerful Healing Solution Ever

4.4 out of 5 stars5 star68%4 star15%3 star8%2 star2%1 star5%473 ratings80,847 viewsWhat is the most powerful healing solution ever? One that is ancient, and also completely free?

Watch this short 1-minute video to find out.

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Dominic D’Agostino about the Benefits of Ketogenic Diets


Do you want to learn more about a ketogenic diet and its benefits? In this new podcast, Dominic D’Agostino, researcher and one of the world’s top experts on ketosis, discusses the advantages of being keto-adapted.

IHMC: Dominic D’Agostino Discusses the Physiological Benefits of Nutritional Ketosis

Specifically, things such as using a ketogenic protocol for treating disease, how keto can improve athletic performance and his own research are discussed.

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Can Yo-Yo Dieting Break People’s Metabolism?

Ask Dr. Jason Fung

There are tons of questions about intermittent fasting, like these:

  • If you’ve been yo-yo dieting your whole life, and you try fasting without losing much weight, is it hopeless? Is the metabolism broken?
  • Can weight loss lead to sagging skin, and if so what do you do about it?

Dr. Jason Fung is one of the world’s leading experts on fasting for weight loss or diabetes reversal. Here are a his answers to those questions and more:

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A Picture From a UK Diabetes Clinic (Not a Joke)

vending machine

Here’s a picture from a diabetes clinic in Oxford (source).

Eating these “foods” will keep the patients’ blood sugar levels on a roller coaster, causing blood sugar swings that can only be controlled with much insulin. This is potentially dangerous in type 1 diabetes, and in type 2 it leads to a vicious cycle of weight gain, more insulin and a chronic progressive disease.

This is really not that different from a cigarette vending machine in the waiting room of an asthma clinic. It’s a sign of complete ignorance.

Instead, eating a low-carb diet stabilizes patients’ blood sugars and decreases the need for diabetic medications.

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Is Sugar Toxic?

Is Sugar Toxic? – Interview with Prof. Robert Lustig4.8 out of 5 stars5 star90%4 star4%3 star4%2 star0%1 star2%50 ratings5031:44

Is sugar toxic? Professor Robert Lustig is perhaps the number one enemy of Big Sugar. His famous YouTube video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” has been watched more than 6 million times.

In that video Lustig calls sugar toxic. So is it? Of course Dr. Lustig has had quite some pushback on that. Could sugar really be toxic? Isn’t it natural and part of the human diet since like forever?

I sat down with Dr. Lustig recently to let him explain himself in depth, and answer the criticism, beyond the 30-second soundbites in the media. Here’s why added sugar could be toxic to you, and what to do about it.

Watch it

The entire interview is now available (with captions and transcript) on our member site:

Is Sugar Toxic? – Interview with Dr. Robert Lustig

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Women and Fasting

Can women fast? Or is it – as many people still claim – somehow dangerous for them?

Not surprisingly, the use of fasting for weight loss has a long history, since it’s, kind of, like, obvious. I mean, everybody understands that if you do not eat, you are highly likely to lose weight. Duh. Which makes it even more surprising how much people fear missing even a single meal, let alone fast for a prolonged period of time.

They think that fasting (not eating) will make you fat. That’s kind of like saying that splashing water on your head will dry your hair. That’s modern dietetics for you. Kind of a Bizarro world.

There are still many doctors who argue that eating sugar isn’t bad for type 2 diabetics. Kind of makes you wonder how they got into medical school at all. Since it is quite obvious that missing meals leads to weight gain, the old bogeyman, ‘starvation mode’ is often invoked to instill fear.

Tales of people ‘ruining’ their metabolism abound. Food companies, of course have eagerly ‘educated’ medical professionals about the dangers of missing meals and the safety of eating sugar. Nobody makes money when you skip meals. Continue Reading →


Chinese Balanced Diet Guideline: 250-400 g Carbs

With a balanced diet guide from the Chinese Nutrition Society coming in at 250 – 400 gram carbs per day (source) it’s perhaps not surprising that China is now suffering a diabetes explosion.

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A Year of Self-Tracking in Nutritional Ketosis

4.6 out of 5 stars5 star69%4 star25%3 star1%2 star3%1 star0%56 ratings2,429 viewsWhat would happen if you spent a year eating a very low-carb diet, a ketogenic diet, while tracking all kinds of blood tests and other things?

Dr. Jim McCarter did just that and presented his findings at the recent Low Carb Vail conference. You can watch a segment above (transcript).

The full longer presentation is on our member site:

A Year of Self-Tracking in Nutritional Ketosis – Full presentation

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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Therapeutic Fasting – Dr. Jason Fung4.6 out of 5 stars5 star79%4 star9%3 star5%2 star3%1 star1%54 ratings5434:55

It’s the most simple way ever to lose weight and improve many health problems. It costs nothing and it will only save you money. Plus, it’s really a lot easier than most people think. It’s… intermittent fasting.

In this talk Dr. Jason Fung discusses when fasting is the right method for you, how to do it and the most important things to think about. The entire talk is now available (filmed with five cameras and including captions and transcript) on our member site:

Therapeutic Fasting – Presentation by Dr. Jason Fung

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Is It Any Wonder Big Soda Is Going to Fight This One?


Philadelphia becomes the first major US city to take brave action and pass a tax on soda, despite fierce resistance from the beverage industry:

NPR: Philadelphia Becomes 1st Major U.S. City To Pass A Tax On Soda

The tax, which amounts to 1.5 cents per ounce, will hit most beverages with added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Big Soda is, not so surprisingly, fighting this, claiming that the tax is not only discriminatory but also unwelcomed by Americans and illegal. But Mayor Kenney voted for the passing of the law, and says he’s ready to fight for it.

Philadelphia joins Berkeley, the first US city with a soda tax, and countries like Mexico and the UK that have already decided to tax soda. The trend is clear – sugar is the new tobacco.

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