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Oreos as Addictive as Cocaine 22
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“The Sugar Cravings Are Gone Now”

The image does not represent the reader

The image does not represent the email sender

Would the health care system ever advise an alcoholic to drink alcohol at least six times a day and take pills to suppress the cravings?

No, hardly. But when it comes to eating disorders the standard of care often seems to be just that sick.

I got an email from Carolina Falini, who tells her story of how she became free from her sugar addiction and eating disorder when she did the opposite of what the health care system advised her to do:  Continue Reading →


Police Officer Losing Weight and Sugar Addiction with LCHF

Before and after

Before and after

I received an e-mail from police officer Maykel in Florida, who struggled with weight and sugar addiction. Here’s his story about what happened when he found LCHF: Continue Reading →


“The Best 84 Days of My Life”

Then and now

Then and now

Linnéa Sundberg, 23 years old, had always been overweight. She had always had troublesome stress-related digestive issues and was addicted to sugar.

Here’s what happened when she started eating LCHF: Continue Reading →


Free of Sugar Addiction – Third Time’s the Charm!

Before and after

Before and after

It can be difficult to get rid of a sugar addiction. Just like quitting smoking, several attempts may be needed before you succeed.

Here’s Sara’s story: Continue Reading →


ADHD or Too Much Sugar?


Could unruly kids with ADHD-like problems be hypersensitive to sugar and wheat? Here’s yet another story about what can happen when parents try to exclude such foods:

OK, let’s try this. We’ll skip wheat and sugar. We started at the beginning of the school year. No wheat flour and no sugar (either at school or at home). Three days later we already noticed a significant difference and now, 4 weeks later, we’re not the only ones cheering…

The original story here: ADHD or Too Much Sugar? (Google translated from Swedish)

Many experts have previously dismissed the association between sugar and ADHD. Studies designed to give children small amounts of sugar (up to a pint – half a liter – of soda) have not shown any significant short-term effect. But the effect of long-term use of large amounts of bad carbohydrates is unknown. And there’s a high-quality study that demonstrated a significant improvement from avoiding, among other things, sugar and wheat flour.

There are scientists who believe that ADHD symptoms are similar to withdrawal symptoms from drugs and thus may present because the child is addicted to junk food/sugar. If you remove this food, the problem would soon diminish, which seems to be a common experience among parents and teachers.

Do you have any experience with ADHD and a diet change? Continue Reading →


Sugar Addiction and ADHD Kept Under Control with LCHF


How many young people aren’t stuck in a sugar addiction, with all the problems that come with it? Toby was one of them.

Here’s his story about how he got himself a new life: Continue Reading →


New Year’s Tip: The Benefit of Not Smoking


Are you looking to quit smoking now that the new year is here? Then the statistics below – from a new article in The Lancet - may make you go for it.

A Decade

The graphs below illustrate how big the chance is for a 30-year-old to survive until a certain age, depending on wether they smoke or not:


What do the graphs show us? That non-smokers live on average a decade longer than smokers. The chance of reaching your 80th birthday is now good in the western world… unless you’re a smoker. Then you’ll probably die earlier.

Previous smokers who quit, according to the same article, dramatically improve their odds. They will live almost as long as people who never smoked.

Do you want to see your grandchildren grow up? Then dump the cigarettes.

The Taxation Route

The article also includes intriguing figures on what happens in countries applying a hefty penalty tax on cigarettes. Presumably, a similar tax on sugar would yield similar results: Continue Reading →


“Fantastic Results in 5 1/2 Weeks”


Recently I received an e-mail from Marcus. Here’s his story: Continue Reading →


Losing 92 lbs and a Sugar Addiction with LCHF

Before and after LCHF

Before and after LCHF

I recently got an e-mail from Tania Palagas, Australia about what happened when she switched from being a sugar junkie to eating an LCHF diet. Continue Reading →


Nurse Loses 84lbs with LCHF


Before and after

Here is nurse Sofia Schiller’s story of two decades of struggling with her weight. And what happened when she, in spite of all she’d heard about the “fat cult”, dared to try LCHF: Continue Reading →