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“With the Help of LCHF, I Am Winning My Battles”


Before and after

Cassie Davey had tried all diets and failed. She was “every weight-loss program’s dream customer”, as she kept regaining the lost weight and coming back.

Then she decided to try LCHF, and quickly realized why she’d been failing before.

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“Now I’ve Got the Rest of My Fantastic New Sugar-Free Life to Live!”

Before and after.

Before and after

My Westerdahl, also known as the LCHF engineer (link in Swedish), has been fighting her sugar addiction since childhood. LCHF is an essential ingredient in the recipe for her success, but My says it’s not enough.

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“My Happiness and Meaning of Life Have Returned”

John suffered from an addiction and had lost his company, he was overweight, in debt and he did not even have contact with his children anymore.

Then the turning point came, and it started with food.

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Finally, 100 Sugar-Free Days!


Eden had been struggling for years. For a few weeks she would eat well, but then her cravings would make her eat all kinds of sugary foods again. She could not lose weight, she was prediabetic and she felt too tired to work.

Finally she found the tools needed to break free. She’s now been living sugar free for 100 days, something that used to be impossible for her. Here’s how she did it and how it transformed her life. Continue Reading →


Dealing with Emotional Eating

Ask Bitten Jonsson

Do you ever eat more when you’re feeling down or stressed? Do you even start eating, keep going and not stop eating until you literally can’t eat anymore?

If so, what can you do? This and other questions (can toothpaste be too sweet and trigger cravings?) are answered by our food addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

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“Ever Since I Was a Child, I Have Tried to Lose Weight”

Before and after

Before and after

Patrik had been struggling with his weight his entire life and nothing had worked. Then he found out why… Continue Reading →


Tip: Are You Addicted to Sugar?


Many people adopt an LCHF lifestyle without realizing that they’re addicted to sugar. But how do you know if you’re addicted or not? And what can you do to break free?

Fighting a sugar addiction is just as difficult as fighting against an addiction to smoking. The big difference is that you can’t live without food. Trying to handle a sugar addiction without the proper knowledge or insight can be really, really difficult.

If you want to know for certain if you’re addicted to sugar, or any other kind of food, you can start by watching the first video with our expert on sugar and food addiction, Bitten Jonsson. The first part is free for everyone.

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Losing Willpower at Night and Eating

Ask Bitten Jonsson

Do you have a hard time controlling cravings for food – in particular sweet or processed foods? Do you experience lack of control over your eating?

Our addiction expert Bitten Jonsson, RN, knows a lot about how to get back into control. Here are three member questions answered by her. For example, what do you do if you lose all willpower at night and end up eating things you shouldn’t?

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Tip: Artificial Sweeteners Are Not Your Friends


Many people find the low-carb lifestyle because they have to, because they suffer from diabetes, obesity or something related to these things.

It’s extremely common in this group to also have a habit of eating sweet, sugary foods – and this can be hard to give up. It’s natural then to turn to artificial sweeteners instead.

The problem is that these sweeteners are not necessarily much better than added sugar: they maintain sugar cravings and may prevent weight loss. Possibly they may have even worse risks, like causing cancer.

Skipping them altogether – if you can – is the best option, especially if you are or have been addicted to sugar. It’s really only a habit – once the sweeteners are gone, you’ll rapidly lose your need for them.


How to Lose Weight by Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners

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