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The Diet Doctor Purpose: How Would You Like to Contribute?

How would you like to contribute to the Diet Doctor cause? We asked our members and got more than 2,000 replies. Here are the results:


The Diet Doctor purpose

As you can see, nearly all members apparently know what the Diet Doctor cause is. This is awesome as the cause is massively important to us – the reason we go to work in the morning.

Diet Doctor isn’t a “normal” company. We don’t exist to make as much money as possible, we don’t believe in that. We have no investors, nobody who needs their money back with interest, so we can take an extremely long-term view. We’re a purpose-driven company like SpaceX and Tesla, meaning we exist to make a difference.

The difference we want to make, our purpose, is this:

Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

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Diet Doctor Is Now The Largest Low-Carb Site in the World

Traffic ranks for popular low-carb sites

Traffic ranks for popular low-carb sites (lower number = larger site)

Diet Doctor keeps growing fast, and today we hit a milestone. We’re now the largest low-carb site in the world.

For many years used to be the largest low-carb site in the world. This was unfortunate, as the Atkins corporation’s business model is basically selling “low-carb” chocolate bars and other junk products. They have likely caused as much damage to the low-carb movement as any opponent ever could.

I believe there’s a need for a trustworthy low-carb site, one with no ads, products or sponsorships. A site that makes low carb simple, and empowers people to revolutionize their health. That’s what we aim to provide. Thanks for all the support!

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What One Word Best Describes

What one word best describes We asked our members and got more than 800 replies. Here are the results:


Please note! When we ask member questions we normally use multiple choice questions. However, this question was free text only. Of the “Other” words people used the most common were “Simple”, “Health”, “Challenging”, and “Enlightening” (about 2% of the answers each). Close to 0% were negative.

Diet Doctor’s Values

It seems to us that members believe Diet Doctor provides relevant, trustworthy and inspiring information, and that we help people improve their lives. That’s awesome!

One of the reasons this feels good is that the words used by our members are similar to our company values. At Diet Doctor we have four of these: Continue Reading →


Amanda Signs For Diet Doctor!


We’re delighted to announce that Amanda Åkesson, a very bright and ambitious student at Stockholm School of Economics, is the latest coworker to join Team Diet Doctor!

Amanda’s first roles at the company will be important writing tasks, and starting to take care of our finances. We’re confident she’ll grow into a central part of our core team. She’s a low-carber and very passionate about our purpose: Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

With Amanda on our team we’ll be able to get even more done every day. Thanks to our members for making this possible!

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What Four Low-Carb Experts Should We Interview Next?

Who do you want us to interview next? We asked our members and got more than 1,200 replies.

The four winners are…


1. Dr. Jason Fung


Our members simply can’t get enough of the outstanding Dr. Jason Fung and it’s not hard to understand why. His presentations and video courses on the membership site are excellent and his new book, The Obesity Code, is great.

Jason is a nice guy too. He loves learning and is massively passionate about making a change in the world. In short, we love him and we’ll try to get him to come back to Sweden and do lots more videos with us! Continue Reading →


How Can We Make the Membership Insanely Great?

What would make our membership insanely great? What would make people love it enough to want to stay for years? We asked our members and got more than 2,000 replies:


Members want education and inspiration

Four in ten will stay members for years if they feel the membership videos educate and inspire them.

Some thoughts on how to make the videos even better: Continue Reading →


Do You Want a FREE Low-Carb Coach?


We’re doing an experiment where three lucky members will get a free low-carb coach for two months, starting on Monday, the 30th of May. Awesome or what?

Apply Now To Get Your Free Coach!

To get your free and awesome low-carb coach, do the following:

1) Explain why you want to eat low carb in one short paragraph
2) Explain why you want a low-carb coach in one short paragraph
3) Briefly describe your top three struggles on low carb
4) To show you’re a member please send the email from the same adress that you signed up with (the one you use to log in to your membership).

Send your answers by Saturday this week at 10:00 AM your time. To maximize your chances, make the application short and to the point!

Not already a member?

No problem, just sign up for a free 30-day trial and you’re good to go!

Good luck! 🙂


What Do You Want Us to Write About Next?

What do you want us to write about next? We asked our members and got more than 1,500 replies:


What to Eat and Weight Loss

As you can see, more than four in ten members want us to write about “What to eat” and “How to overcome a weight-loss plateau”.

We’re in the process of making super-simple and beautiful “What To Eat” guides. So far we’ve published four:

We’ll create more guides like these in the coming months, for example “Low-Carb Snacks”, “Low-Carb Cheeses”, and “Low-Carb Meats”.
For breaking a weight-loss plateau check out this guide: Continue Reading →