How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Is it possible to cure type 2 diabetes? Doctor Jay Wortman, MD, knows more about it than most people. He developed type 2 diabetes himself ten years ago. After a simple dietary change he is still completely symptom free, with no medication.

Wortman also did a spectacular study on native Canadians. When they started eating the same food that their ancestors ate their Western diseases disappeared.

Here’s a 25 minute interview I did with dr Wortman during the recent Low-Carb Cruise. Links to things mentioned in the interview:


Dr Wortman’s blog

My Big Fat Diet documentary on YouTube


Low Carb Made Easy How to Lose Weight Low-Carb Recipes Low-Carb Success Stories


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  1. IMO that is semantics. Do you really still have a disease if you are completely symptom free, possibly forever?

    Mary Vernon shares an interesting argument. A type 2 diabetic that starts a LCHF diet and normalizes his/her blood sugar may still be "carb sensitive", just like someone with light skin is sun-sensitive. Having light skin can be a problem if exposed to too much sunlight, but it's not a disease. Being carb sensitive is a similar thing.

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  1. Scott
    I am so glad I have found this site! (actually my brother recommended it to me). I am 39 and was diagnosed T2 about 8ish years ago. I was given advice from a dietitian to eat a "low GI" diet and gave me a booklet with a long list of the glycemic index of many foods. This helped but it wasn't until I saw a Chinese traditional medicine doctor who put me on an alkaline diet that everything fell into place and normalized and I felt great! He told me at the start he could get me off the metformin (500mg daily) I had been on for several months and he was right, my GP took me off it..
    Anyway, I've had depression all my life and "comfort eat" and so I fell back into old habits and basically ignored the diabetes and went crazy with the sugary foods (ice cream addict). Now 7 years later I went for a general checkup after feeling lousy for so long with frequent urination and very recently blurred vision. My blood test results were bad, BS- 23.3, fasting BS-10.8, cholesterol- 6.2, triglycerides- 2.9.
    My GP immediately put me back on metformin at 500mg, another blood test after 2 weeks and I am not responding to the metformin like I did 7 years ago, so now I am on 1g twice a day.

    I am a little overwhelmed with all the information here, where do I begin? is low GI eating old thinking? low carb I understand but high fat? will that help my LDL cholesterol? I have so much to learn...

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  2. Zepp
    Low GI is more for them eating a lot of carbs.. and GI is just a part of GL (Glycemic Load).. GL is LCHF/ATKINS!

    Your LDL mess is becuse of your diabetes/hyperinsulinemia!

    Here you can read more about low carb high fat and diabetes!

    And here a book frome a diabetic to other diabetics!

  3. Scott
    Thanks for the reply and info!
    I am starting to realize I have been misinformed (like most of us I think?) about fat vs sugar and cardiovascular health.
    For many years I have always been more concerned about fat and couldn't care less about sugar! Now I have learned the hard way what a mistake that was :-(
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  4. Zepp
    Its better late then never!

    Do read more and learn.. but you should manage your medication in the meantime.

    With less carbs.. often less medication.. but Metformine never causes low blood sugar!

  5. John
    Here's a link to an interesting book that talks about the disconnect between cholesterol and heart disease also -

    It's been 10 months since I started leaving out the fast-acting carbs. My blood glucose is still in control at an FBG of 95 and blood pressure of 107/65 and pulse of 55. No Metformin, no Lipitor.

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  7. joey
    people who are diabetic should watch what they eat, with good advice from licensed dieticien, a diabetic diet meal plan becomes easier to manage, through this diet plan the diabetic could plan or mix and match the daily meals he or she would take, this is without compromising the carbohydrate intake he or she needs to limit.
    we can use this example:

  8. Andre
    Has anyone ever experimented with increasing carb intake once they have resolved their insulin resistance(IR)?

    If IR is the reason blood glucose goes up and IR is reversible with LCHF over time, then it stands to reason that at some point once IR has resolved, those individuals who's pancreas still secretes a significant amount of insulin should be able to consume carbs without having their blood glucose shout up. I am not suggesting going back to the diet which caused them to become IR in the first place but something a bit less restrictive than a ketogenic diet.

    Seems to me that we should be hearing from some type 2 diabetics who can now consume a more balanced diet and still post good A1c numbers.

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  9. Zepp
    Yes there is, but then it shouldnt gone to long.. becuse one other thing one get of hyperinsulinemia is steatosis in internal organs.. like fatty liver and fatty pancreas.. then it dont excret the right amount anymore!

    But like fatty liver.. one can revers the condition.. by cuting carbs.. and it is the same in pancreas!

    If one dont cut out the carbs and take for example insulin.. it gonna be worse.. going to chirrosis.. ie.. ones nesecery cells in internal organs are replaced with scar tissuie!

    And that tissuie dont excret insulin!

  10. Andre
    Thanks for the reply Zepp. As someone relatively new to T2 and now using a LCHF diet, I hope I caught mine in time to prevent steatosis. As I strive to learn more about the illness, I just find it odd to see so many testimonials from T2s saying they can maintain good control of blood sugar using LCHF but have yet to come across one who says that s/he has returned to a more balanced diet and continues to do well.

    It would be interesting to know if Dr. Wortman ever experimented with increasing carbs in his diet once he had the illness under control. As I understand it, he never took any medication for the illness and apparently diagnosed it fairly early.

    Perhaps we need a thread somewhere on the Net where T2s could rate the level of success they have achieved in curing their illness. As the numbers grew, it would certainly be motivational to people new to the illness such as myself.

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  11. Zepp
    I think you have steatosis.. at least some.. becuse it take 10-30 years to develope diabetes!

    But as you says.. it hopfully dont gone to chirrosis.

    And then.. one get steatosis in the heart altso.. thats not good.. if its going to scar tissue!

    And in the future.. after 1-2 years.. then you know how much you tolerate.

    And I and you know.. one dont need to bulk on sodas, sugar, pasta or bread to thrive!

    I dont have diabetes.. (HBA1C 32).. I got other conditions.. like high blood lipids.. its got lower, not perfect.. but nearly healty!

    The rest is probaly heredatary.. somthing one cant do anything about!

    And its probably the same for you.. you got the heredaty fore being a diabetic.. but now you know how to cope with that.. and thrive anyhow.

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  13. Zepp
    I couldnt stand that long time of nonsen to see what its the cure!

    But I did Goggle about Matt Traverso.. how claims to cure almoste anything.. you only need is too give him some money!

    Things that looks like a scam is often a scam!

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  15. ironshirt
    A Plant based diet is by far the most effective way of treating and managing almost any ailments including and especially diabetes...
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  16. erdoke
    Definitely, as all diets are plant based. I will go even further, all diets are Sun based! Sunlight has been feeding us all.
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  18. Kass
    How accurate is it that hypoglycemics are actually "pre-diabetic"?
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  19. Zepp
    If one is healty one dont get any hypoglycemia!

    A healty person can have low glucose levels, and feel tired, but its seldome reel hypoglycemia.. (lower then 2,5/50)!

    There are other conditions that can cause this to.

    But almoste every is about a damagede glucose handling.

    For prediabetics there is Reactiv hypoglycemia for instance.

    And for 99% is about a bad heredity.. its often ofspring to diabetic parents.

  20. Zepp
    And at least.. for diabetics that read this articel.. two good Youtubes!

    The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

    By Dr Jason Fung.. about the etology of T2 and how to revers it!

    "LCHF to manage Diabetes"

    Frome Dr Troy Stapleton, him self a T1!

  21. Pat
    Diabetes is on a rampage. More and more people are developing diabetes in astronomical proportions (directly related to obesity). Manage your diabetes and reduce the risk of complications.

    Diabetes in a nutshell:

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  23. Stephen
    This topic seems to have brought out the scam artists.
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  24. Zepp
    I wish they sort out the flimsiest ones at least!
  25. Dee
    Why are so many comments removed?
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  26. Either personal attacks or spam.
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