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“For me LCHF = Freedom and Health”


Before and after

Mary spent 18 years being obese, with illnesses, depression and general unhappiness as consequences of her lifestyle. One day, she just wouldn’t take it anymore. She decided to live a life without being a slave to sugar and reversed her type 2 diabetes. Here is her story:

The Email

I have struggled with weight since the 7th grade – I yo-yo’d between a healthy weight and a little overweight until my mid to late 20’s when I steadily started gaining year after year. I spent 18 years in the obese category, topping out at 260 pounds in early 2014.

Finally on March 3, 2014 something snapped in me and I just decided no more. Continue Reading →


“I’m Planning to Make This a Permanent Lifestyle”

Before and after

Before and after

Carl had lost over a 100 pounds by adopting a low carb diet three times before, but he never made the change permanently. This time, he’s planning to not fall off the wagon and gain all that weight back. Together, he and his diet partner Chris have taken on the LCHF diet:

The Email


Thanks for requesting some more information about my journey to health through following an LCHF lifestyle.

In actuality, this is the 3rd time in my adult life I have lost over a hundred pounds by following a sugar free and low carb routine. I actually find low carbing easy to do and it always works for me. My past mistake has been to fall off the wagon after I reach my goal and to gain it back. Being 56 now, and for health, not vanity reasons, I’m planning to make this a permanent lifestyle. Me and my diet partner Chris have both lost close to 100 pounds at the current time. I started at 277 and my goal is about 155, as I am just 5 foot 9 inches tall. Chris started at about 360 and has a current goal of 200 for the time being. We have been on our new plan for just over 10 months. Having done this type of eating and lifestyle I am well read on the subject and I would be glad to answer questions and to help anyone out there who needs some inspiration.

I have attached a picture of my progress so far, feel free to use on your site if you like .

Thanks for your interest!

Carl Woerner

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Progress: -30 Pounds in Another 3 Months, Total -80 Pounds on LCHF!

Before & after

Before & after

We recently heard back from one of our weight loss story writers, Jason! Last time he wrote, he had lost 50 pounds, impressive enough that some people thought that his after picture was Photoshopped! And now Jason has lost even more – what are people going to say now?

Here’s what Jason has to say about the past months: Continue Reading →


Getting Back in Shape on LCHF

Before and after

Before and after

Getting back in shape is so much easier when the food does not make you hungry and/or miserable. Here’s another email from a regular reader:

Hi Andreas,

I have been a member of your website since the beginning and a big fan of the lchf lifestyle. I have helped many friends and family to lose weight and get healthier. I am obsessed with learning more and more about this and have done extensive research and reading. Thank you for the website and sharing your knowledge.

My husband’s story:
Steve was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011 and had part of his colon removed. He has been cancer free since. After the surgery, Steve, who has always been very athletic, kept exercising almost every day of the week doing cardio, TRX, hitt, fitt, yoga, bike riding, whatever. He did it all. Of course he wanted to eat healthy so every morning he had protein shakes filled with berries, oranges, bananas, kiwi, and fat free flavoured yogurt. He would make a crockpot full of steel cut oats and eat huge bowl fulls of cereal because it was healthy right? Bagel sandwiches, panini sandwiches, skim milk, low fat sour cream…all recommended by me. Ugh.

He spent a lot of time in the bathroom having to go 2 or 3 times a day. That’s changed now.

Steve eats some kind of egg meal every morning with bacon, sausage, cheese or veggies. Sometimes granola with 10% far plain yogurt. He only puts whipping cream in his coffee and usually adds coconut oil. Basically he has cut processed carbs from his diet.

Steve reports that going to the bathroom is a breeze, he is regular and everything is working better in the colon department. His eczema which he has had his whole life is gone. Plus he has lost at least 15 lbs., his clothes fit way better. He used to be hungry all the time but is not any more.

– Mariane Cunningham

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Losing 73 Pounds in 10 Months with LCHF

Before and after

Before and after

Kadi had battled obesity for a long time and tried to “eat less and run more,” but was never able to maintain her weight loss in the long run. When hunger and sugar addiction took over, the weight piled back on – until she found LCHF:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

I want to thank you and share my LCHF-success story.

I am a 38-year old woman from Estonia who has lost 73 lbs (33 kg) with LCHF.

After giving birth to my children I had battled more than 70 lbs of excess weight for more than 10 years, and finally given up. I had tried everything, Continue Reading →


Yet Another Diabetes Reversal


Kathy was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but did not fill the prescriptions for diabetes drugs nor did she take the advice from the diabetes educator.

Here’s what she did instead, with spectacular results: Continue Reading →


“A Better Version of Me” (New Member Video)

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Here’s the truly inspirational story of Lisa Colclasure. How she got into better physical and emotional shape in her 40s than in her 20s, using an LCHF diet (and quite a lot of weight lifting).

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“Thanks to LCHF, I Reversed My Type 2 Diabetes and Life Is Good Again”


Frank panicked when he was found to have a sky-high blood sugar. He decided not to accept the official opinion that type 2 diabetes is a chronic progressive disease, as this is how he lost both his father and his brother, who both suffered severe complications from diabetes.

Here’s how Frank is avoiding the same fate: Continue Reading →


LCHF – Month 9 Results

Here’s a quick report from Danny Jameson (congratulate him here) on the Diet Doctor Facebook page:

A quick look at my LCHF progress using Excel. The weights have been hidden to protect the innocent! :)

The idea is to show…it works. If my loss rate stays linear, I will be 100 pound lighter after one year, and at my goal in 18 months.

So fun!

Congratulations Danny!


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