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“This Has to Be the Easiest Weight Loss Ever”


Before and after

Frida had been more or less overweight her whole life, and the nurse’s advice to eat less and run more sounded easy enough, but it didn’t help. After a while she developed an eating disorder in her quest for weight loss.

Here’s her story about what happened when she recently found what worked for her: Continue Reading →


Shocking New Implantable Weight-Loss Device


Do you want an “easy” way to lose weight? A new device has been approved in the US. It’s a kind of pacemaker with electrodes to the upper part of the stomach. It will signal that the stomach is full… and people will lose weight:

CBS News: FDA approves new kind of device to treat obesity

In the company’s studies subjects with the implant lost slightly more than others. Side effects may include…. nausea, vomiting, heartburn and difficulty swallowing.

Admittedly it’s great with less extreme surgical procedures against obesity than cutting away healthy organs (regular bariatric surgery). But you have to wonder if this isn’t just another desperate emergency measure, that doesn’t address the real cause of the obesity epidemic. It’s of course not caused by a lack of electrodes in our stomachs.

mcDAs an almost too good irony the CBC News video clip starts with an ad. The two I’ve seen were for “cholesterol-lowering” wheat-based cereal and over-sized McDonald’s meals.

If I ate like that perhaps I too would need stomach electrodes to maintain my weight. Perhaps one could get a pair with a future Happy Meal?

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“There’s a Better Way!”


Before and after

Weight loss does not have to be a constant struggle. There is a better way, and Clare found it.

Here’s her story: Continue Reading →


“Before and After LCHF”


Before and after

Anne-Charlotte Andersson writes on her Swedish Facebook page:

Before LCHF and after LCHF, thank you, Diet Doctor. No asthma and no allergies, which I’ve suffered from all my life.

Congratulations Anne-Charlotte!

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Before the Obesity Epidemic


What did the Western world look like before the obesity epidemic? Like this.

The picture is from a popular outdoor pool in the 70’s in Sweden. Not a single obese individual is to be seen.

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Elevator Ban in Fight Against the Obesity Epidemic – Seriously!


The desparation is spreading. In Turkey a ban on using the elevator is now introduced to curb the obesity epidemic in the population:

Daily Sabah: Governor takes on elevators in fight against obesity

So far the ban only applies to public buildings in a province in Turkey – and if you want to go beyond the third floor this is apparently ok. There are also exemptions for nursing homes and people who for health reasons can’t climb stairs.

I wonder if you need a doctor’s note to take the elevator and who is going to monitor this? And what about strollers, should they too take the stairs?

The Elevator Act will hardly be a success. Of course it’s good to move, but unfortunately it doesn’t have any major impact on weight. Similar laws will produce a lot of hassle but hardly any positive effect. You also add to the old prejudices against people with weight problems.

The same governor has previously ordered that coffeehouses serve tea with only one sugar cube instead of two. This is a step in the right direction but it fails to adress the truly massive problem.


If you’re going to have an impact on the obesity epidemic through legislation you need to start at the right place.

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“Diabetes Diet” Compared to LCHF – In Reality


Before and after

What works best in reality – the dietitian’s “diabetes diet” (probably low-fat) or LCHF?

Here’s Mia Larsson’s spectacular story that she emailed me after having tried both. What do you think happened?

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“This Is a Lifestyle and I Embrace It for Life!”


Before and after

Marie had struggled with her weight and sugar addiction her entire life. Here’s her story about what happened when she found LCHF and quickly lost 66 pounds (30 kg): Continue Reading →


“I Never Knew Dieting Could Be So Tasty”

Before and presently

Before and presently

Pretty impressive! Here’s an update from Sophie, who shared the beginning of her success story eating LCHF a year ago.

That, it turns out, was just the beginning. Here’s her whole life-altering story: Continue Reading →


“Overall, I Now Have a Completely New Life”

P-O Heidling

P-O Heidling

P-O Heidling from Linköping, Sweden, has had type 1 diabetes since childhood. Despite being a “very good” patient, his blood sugar levels increased with the years. He was tired constantly and many more health problems started to sneak up on him.

He emailed me about what happened when he – despite resistance from health care professionals – started eating LCHF about five years ago.

Here’s his story: Continue Reading →