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“Diet Advice That Ignores Hunger” – Gary Taubes Answers His Critics in NYT


If you want to lose weight, should you avoid fat or carbs? Recently a six-day long and artificial study was heralded by some as the final word on the topic (“avoid fat”). Even though much longer, bigger and more lifelike trials usually give the opposite result (“avoid carbs”).

Science journalist Gary Taubes has long championed the low-carb approach and obviously he does not agree that this six-day trial is the final word. Here’s his new opinion piece in The New York Times:

NYT: Diet Advice That Ignores Hunger

I wrote about the study two weeks ago, and basically bring up the same two main things – this study is very short and it ignores hunger. The participants were locked up and had no choice but to starve. In that situation any starvation diet will do.

If you’re not locked up you’d want a diet that reduces hunger so much that you do not even need to count calories (like low carb).

The thing that Taubes does not bring up is the real trick of the study. The low-carb group burned through their limited glycogen stores during the short study (that’s why they lost more weight). Once the glycogen is gone – after a few days – there’s no choice but to start burning even more fat. Quite a convenient time to stop the study, right?

It’s amusing that to finally “prove” that a low-fat diet works best for weight loss you have to…

  1. Lock people up so they can be starved,
  2. stop the trial after just six days, and…
  3. not care that they actually lost less weight.

If that’s your proof then consider me not so impressed.


Did a Low-Fat Diet Result in More Fat Loss?


Four New Video Interviews on Losing Weight and Gaining Health!

wahlsPaulos Hughes


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My Big Fat Diet

Obesity and type 2 diabetes are rampant epidemics among the aboriginal communities of Canada. And it all started as they began eating a modern Western diet, full of refined carbohydrates.

This disaster is usually blamed on sedentary lifestyles and “eating too much”. An energy imbalance, as Coca Cola’s staff of propagandists would have you believe.

However, what would happen if an entire town of First Nation people went back to eating the way they used to? A high-fat low-carb diet based on real food? With no exercise or calorie counting program whatsoever?

This is what the Canadian doctor Jay Wortman and a documentary team decided to find out, in the delightful and enlightening movie My Big Fat Diet.

Guess what happened…

Full Movie

Check out the trailer above. The full movie – one of my all-time low-carb favorites – is available on the Diet Doctor membership site (free trial one month) with many other movies, video courses, presentations, interviews, etc.

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Did a Low-Fat Diet Result in More Fat Loss?


It’s a never-ending debate. Should you avoid carbs or avoid fat to lose weight? The media loves it.

Unfortunately in later years there’s been many many scientific trials showing a clear winner: low carb results in statistically significantly more weight loss. It’s been shown in more than 20 human studies ranging from 3 to 24 months of duration (list of 18 of the studies). A low-fat diet has won a total of 0 (zero) such studies… so the excitement was sort of waning.

But then a small study this week seemed to show the opposite and the media went crazy over it:

BBC: Low-fat diets ‘better than cutting carbs’ for weight loss

The excitement seems a bit misplaced for at least two reasons. To start with, as a sort of side note, the low-fat diet actually resulted in less weight loss (1.3 kilos compared to 1.85 kilos on low carb). So the “better weight loss” part seems at least up for debate.

Confused? Well there’s an explanation. Continue Reading →


How to Lose 240 Pounds Without Hunger

Is it possible to lose 240 pounds without hunger or weight-loss surgery? Here’s the amazing and inspiring story of Lynne Ivey, who did just that.

Above you can watch the first 11 minutes of our interview.

There’s a second 20-minute part of the interview on the membership site (free trial one month) where Lynne Ivey goes into more detail about her weight-loss journey and her best tips for other people.

Full 31 minute interview (membership required)

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“I Proved Them Wrong”


Before and after

All throughout her childhood Melanie was bullied because of her weight. She tried all kinds of extreme diets to no avail and her self esteem was crushed. But then she discovered something that changed everything.

Here’s her story.

The Email

Dear Doctor,

Hello and good day to you. My name is Melanie Ong, and I’m a Chinese residing in the Philippines, 28 years old. During my younger years, I experienced fat shaming and bullying all throughout my journey to growing up because of my size. I hear all the ramblings over and over again amidst my family, relatives and social circle.

Angry, filled with hate and torn apart inside, I decided to take matters into extremes by crash dieting and starvation, yet to no avail. The fat shaming and bullying grew even worse, which I couldn’t stand any more. Continue Reading →


“Coca-Cola Caught Funding Scientists Who Deflect Blame for Obesity Away From Sugary Drinks”

A very bad joke

A very bad joke

Did you hear the story about obesity being caused by a simple energy imbalance and a lack of exercise? And that soft drinks do not cause obesity? Turns out that the few “scientists” who still say this are often on Coca Cola’s payroll.

Obesity is a hormonal disorder. Soft drinks raise insulin, our main fat-storing hormone. You cannot outrun a bad diet.

Better advice

How to Lose Weight


How to Lose 150 Pounds on Low Carb – and Keep it Off For Five Years!

Desi Miller lost 150 pounds on an LCHF diet five years ago, and she’s managed to keep it off.

Here she tells her story and the secrets she’s found to maintaining weight loss – including the emotional side of it.

This interview was done on the recent Low-Carb Cruise. It’s been available on our membership site for a month but I want everyone to be able to see it, so now it’s free for everyone.

Do you know anyone who would benefit from watching it? Feel free to share the link.

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