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Do You Want to Watch the Excellent Obesity Documentary FED UP?

This spring I wrote about this exciting documentary, FED UP. Just from watching the trailer it was clear that this would be something extra. A documentary about the obesity epidemic, of highest quality, that doesn’t just put the blame on a lack of calorie counting and willpower in sick people (something that’s just sickening).

The documentary screened in theaters in the US during the summer and received consistently excellent reviews. It hasn’t shown in Sweden, but a couple of days ago it was released on DVD and finally I had a chance to watch it.

The movie is excellent and goes further than other previous major productions. It completely dismisses the sugar industry’s favorite idea that obesity just depends on calories. Instead, the blame is clearly put on the real culprit: sugar and addictive junk food.

Here’s the movie’s strengths… and its fatal weakness: Continue Reading →


Robert Lustig: The Man Who Believes Sugar is Poison

Robert Lustig

Here’s a great new article about professor Robert Lustig’s continued battle against sugar:

TheGuardian: Robert Lustig: the man who believes sugar is poison

And here’s my video interview with Lustig from a few years ago on YouTube. Continue Reading →


The Movie the Junk Food Industry Fears


Here’s the movie that the junk food industry fears.

This new American documentary about obesity – FED UP – could stir up the debate when it premiers in four weeks. It’s produced and narrated by Katie Couric, one of the best known American news anchors.

The movie seems to hit home when it comes to the causes of obesity. This by interviewing people who really know their stuff, including several of my heroes: Dr. Robert Lustig, Gary Taubes, Michael Pollan, Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Mark Hyman. Bill Clinton is in it as well.

Watch the trailer – it’s excellent. Things are on a roll!

What do you think?

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Panel Discussion on the Fight Against Sugar

Here’s a panel discussion on the fight against sugar featuring, among others, myself and sugar’s enemy number one, ie Professor Robert Lustig.

The discussion took place last month at a health conference in Oslo. The other participants are Dr. Espen Rostrup (a solid rock in the Norwegian diet debate – when he dives in) and Tone Glestad from the Norwegian Center for Sugar Addiction. Together we discussed health problems from sugar consumption, as well as weak and strong points in Lustig’s message.

You can also watch Dr. Lustig’s excellent talk from Oslo “Fight Against Sugar” on YouTube. It’s almost identical to his new YouTube talk from October, “Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0″.


Robert Lustig’s New Talk on Sugar!

Recently a new 90 minute talk with professor Robert Lustig was posted on YouTube (his most watched – “Sugar, the Bitter Truth” from 2009 – has 4 millions views).

You can see the new one above. It’s almost identical to his talk in Oslo that I attended yesterday. Well worth watching, even before Will Smith makes a surprise appearance!

See the talk for more on why sugar is a potential poison.


The Secrets of Sugar – Great New Canadian Documentary

Here’s a great new episode called The Secrets of Sugar, from Canada’s investigative program the fifth estate on CBC.

Watch it for your weekly dose of dr Lustig and new research on the links between sugar, obesity, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Shownotes: CBC: The Secrets of Sugar

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Toxic Sugar: Fantastic Video on the Obesity Epidemic!

Is sugar toxic and the cause of the obesity epidemic? Here’s a great new video called Toxic Sugar. It’s a recent segment from the major Australian science program Catalyst, on ABC.

It’s arguably the best 18-minute introduction ever made on the true causes of the obesity epidemic. The program features the #1 enemy of the sugar industry: professor Robert Lustig. Also appearing: science writer Gary Taubes and obesity expert professor Michael Crowley.

See it and then tell your friends. This needs to be seen by a lot of people.

Here’s a few comments: Continue Reading →


Sugar, Diabetes and E-mails From Lustig

Do you remember the new study showing that more available sugar in countries is closely followed by more cases of diabetes?

As I wrote this kind of observational correlation does not really prove causation. But the story is slightly more complicated. Dr Lustig emailed me yesterday: Continue Reading →


Still Believe ‘A Calorie Is a Calorie’?

Still Believe ‘A Calorie Is a Calorie’? Dr Robert Lustig shares plenty of scientific reasons why that’s simply not correct:

Huffington Post: Still Believe ‘A Calorie Is a Calorie’?


Surprise: More Sugar, More Diabetes


Can sugar cause diabetes? Has the increase in sugar consumption caused the worldwide epidemic of type 2 diabetes? Ask the sugar industry and the answer is a definite NO. Ask a random scientist in the field and the answer is likely to be “probably”, “possibly”, or “maybe”.

Ask dr Robert Lustig and the answer is emphatically yes. And I think he’s absolutely right.

A new study adds more support. Looking at the available sugar during the last decade in 175 countries the relationship is clear: The more sugar available, the more diabetes. Less sugar, less diabetes.

One extra can of soda per day corresponds to an extra 1.1 percent prevalence of diabetes. If correct this would mean a single extra can of soda per day would cause 3,500,000 more people to suffer from diabetes – just in the US. A relationship that rivals the disease-causing effects of smoking.

This relationship is clear even when correcting for other possible causes like obesity. In other words: Here’s more support for the theory that excess sugar does not just make you fat. Sugar can probably make you sick even before you get fat.

To be fair, this study is just about statistical correlations: it does not prove causality. But it’s another smoking gun for the sugar industry to try to explain away.

The evidence of harmful effects of extra sugar in our diets is piling up. And there’s no need to consume it, there’s nothing nutritionally necessary about pure sugar in excessive amounts. Let’s just get rid of our sugar addiction and stop this disaster.


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