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What’s Inside the Bags?


What kind of lunch is offered at the world’s biggest scientific meeting about diabetes research? This one.

These are the lunch bags all participants at the meeting are offered. The question is what’s inside the bags. What do you think?


A Secret Conference


Unfortunately, I can’t offer you any pictures from the gigantic exhibition hall in Vienna, where all the pharmaceutical companies are. It is “strictly forbidden” to take pictures…


At the Diabetes Meeting in Vienna


Here’s one of the 6 lecture halls, in session simultaneously, at the diabetes conference in Vienna…it’s big! Perhaps a little bigger than when I attended the same EASD meeting in Stockholm four years ago.

I spent the first day listening to selected lectures, walking through the exhibitions of vendors (photography prohibited) and a long and nice lunch conversation with Dr Anders Tengblad. This at a lunch restaurant where they served fine food at a nice price. About 0.5 percent of the participants were there. Tomorrow, I’ll have a closer look at the lunch bags that are handed out to all participants.

More reports coming up when I get time to sort impressions a bit more.


Everything Is Bigger in the US


Here is my morning view from the top floor of my hotel in Philadelphia. The sunrise behind us is mirrored in a skyscraper.

The obesity conference started yesterday and I’ve just finished my two talks. I think they went well.

I’ve also done a couple of interviews – so far with Jeff Volek and Eugene Fine. I’ve put together a very promising studio in my hotel room. If picture and sound don’t turn out well with all this equipment (Canon 5DMkIII, 60D, XA10, Sennheiser microphones and special lighting equipment) I’ve done something wrong. Unfortunately, this may happen when you’re playing camera man, sound technician and interviewer at the same time.

Have a look at the conference program and suggest who you think I should interview and what topics to cover. Please leave your suggestion in the comments below.

On a different note, everything really is bigger in the US. Not just the view, but also the people. It’s obvious that they’re struggling with even worse food and are facing an even worse uphill battle.

I started my first days at the hotel gym. There were (as there usually are in the US) ten times more people using stepper machines and exercise bikes than people lifting weights. When you eat what is common food in this country you have to exercise fat burning for hours to keep thin. It is literally an uphill battle.  Continue Reading →


Coming Up Next Week: Obesity Conference in Philadelphia!


Next week I’ll be in Philadelphia for the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) Spring Conference (obesity doctors).

It’ll be my fifth year attending the conference, and the interest in a low-carb diet as a treatment for obesity is clearly growing every year. Having pro-low-carb Dr. Eric Westman as new president for the ASBP doesn’t hurt either.

This year will be the first time that I’ll be presenting myself. I’ll do two talks, 45 minutes each. One is about insulin and weight regulation, the other about the reasons behind the extraordinary popularity of low-carb diets in Sweden.

If you want to travel on short notice to Philadelphia on March 12-16th, 2014, you are welcome to join us!

ASBP Spring Obesity Conference 2014

Obviously there’ll be reports here from the conference.

Continue Reading →


Today at the European Nutrition Conference in Leipzig


Photo: Miguel Angel Garrido

A reader sent me this picture, taken during a coffee break at the large European nutrition conference in Leipzig.

The picture above just shows a small part of the table. Here’s all of it: Continue Reading →


Greetings From San Diego

San Diego

The obesity conference in San Diego is over. Highlights included plenty of interesting lectures, dinners with Jimmy Moore (thinner than ever after a year of measuring his ketone levels) and Dr Jeffry Gerber, drinks and NuSI-talk with Gary Taubes (exciting news coming up) and discussions with the insanely impressive Dr Peter Attia (who recently recieved a standing ovation at TEDMED – video to be posted). And one more thing… surfing in the Pacific Ocean with ASBP president-elect Dr Eric Westman.

In less than one week it’s time for this year’s low-carb cruise in the Carribean, so it was hardly worth flying home to Sweden before that. To spend the time in between I checked into a small hotel on Pacific Beach, San Diego, where I’m writing this (by the arrow above). Life’s not too bad.


Time to Register for Ancestral Health Symposium 2013

Do you want to attend this years’ biggest conference about Paleo diets and health? Ancestral Health Symposium 2013 will be held in Atlanta, GA from August 15th through August 17th. Tickets usually run out quickly (last year it took just two days) so register right away if you want to be there. I did:

AHS13 Information and Registration

I was one of the presenters 2011 and 2012, but this year I decided not to apply. Instead I’m going to enjoy listening to as many interesting presentations as possible (program).

Do you want to be there?


Do You Want to Join This Year’s Low-Carb Cruise in the Caribbean?


In May it will be time for the annual Low-Carb Cruise in the Caribbean. It will be the sixth such cruise and my fourth. There’ll be a few hundred true enthusiasts along with many other travelers on a big cruise ship.

This year the ship will sail from Galveston, Texas, heading to an island off the coast of Honduras, then on to Belize and finally on to Cozumel, Mexico. At these destinations you can join various excursions (I hope to find the time for some coral reef diving this year). The cruise is a week long and during three full days onboard the ship you can, if you want, listen to lectures by among others Robb Wolf, Jimmy Moore (thinner than he has been in a long time) and myself. In the evenings we all usually have dinner together and then find some bar to talk over drinks (Jimmy is usually found wherever there’s karaoke).

The trip is equal parts adventure-filled vacation, education and networking. Do you want to come too?

More information and registration here:

Additional information: The price for a one-week cruise (including unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages) is from $679 and up, per person, depending on cabin class. Airfare to Houston, Texas not included.


Evolution in Action

Here’s a picture from my hotel room in Boston. I had one bigger than usual for a specific reason: to set up a decent recording studio. My 100+ pound luggage contained light and sound equipment, three video cameras and a ridiculous number of tripods.

The result? In the corner above I did long interviews about LCHF and Paleo with Mark Sisson, Peter Attia and Gary Taubes – in the best quality I’ve achieved so far. They’ll be on YouTube soon, for free as usual.

The painting on the wall was fitting. The AHS-conference is about what humans are genetically adapted to and how the clash with modern lifestyles affect our health. So the text on the painting, “Evolution in action”, was well suited for the background during the interviews. There wasn’t space enough for the flying pig though.