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US Obesity Keeps Rising – Not Stopped by Ridiculous Calorie-Counting Efforts


Eat less, run more. Watch your energy balance. That’s what Americans have been told for decades, yet obesity keeps rising.

NYT: Obesity Rises Despite All Efforts to Fight It, U.S. Health Officials Say

Newly published data shows that in 2013 and 2014 fully 38 percent of American adults were obese, a staggering number and a new record. The numbers have been rising steadily since the early 80s when around 15 percent were obese.

It’s clear that what we are doing is not working in the US, nor anywhere else. We’re attacking this from the wrong angle. We need to stop the ridiculous fixation on energy balance (a Coca-Cola sponsored concept).

What we eat determines how much we want to eat. This is a question of food quality – and then the quantity can take care of itself, via our natural hunger and satiety signals.

It’s a question of the hormonal regulation of weight, not calorie counting. Obesity is not a physics or mathematics problem, it’s biology.

Until society gets the fundamental questions right we’ll never arrive at the solution.

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Sugar Clinics Helping Mexico Control Diabetes Epidemic – Or Do They?

Does high-carb snacks help control diabetes type 2?

Check out this fascinating 8-minute news segment about Mexico’s ravaging diabetes epidemic, and a chain of specialized “sugar clinics” that is said to help Mexicans control it.

PBS Newshour: Mexico’s sugar clinics help patients gain control over diabetes

Witness the problem

While there are many good things said in the news piece there are also some absolutely jarring details. Things that spotlight how backwards we think about this disease, and the reason the epidemic is out of control and getting worse every year.

Witness for example the background during the interview. I thought the founder was standing in a convenience store, talking about the problem of easily available junk food and snacks. But no, he’s standing IN HIS DIABETES CLINIC!

Yes, they sell lots of crackers, snacks and “sugar-free” candy. And the narrator proudly proclaims you can pick up your prescription, special soft diabetes shoes… and a snack, showing high-carb crackers.

So there you have it. Get your blood sugar lowering drugs, and your blood sugar raising snacks, in the same place. No wonder things are not improving.

And for some reason several of the doctors and the founder seem to have weight issues themselves. Perhaps there are good reasons for it, but I can’t help suspect they are simply drinking their own Kool-Aid.

Note also the usual disparaging remarks about benign meat and fat, and the hyping of exercise as a treatment. Not mentioning that a diabetic would have to run all day just to burn a few of the snacks she picked up at the diabetes clinic.

There’s a long way to go in Mexico.

Diabetes type 2 is a reversible, often curable disease. Learn more about it below.

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Graph of the Year

Obesity and Soft Drinks

Quite the coincidence. Or is it?

Perhaps all the Coca-Cola-funded health experts (names and pictures here) or health organizations can tell us.

Graph via the World Obesity Federation for the recent World Obesity Day.


“Global Obesity Rise Puts UN Goals on Diet-Related Diseases ‘Beyond Reach’

The fight against the global obesity epidemic is a spectacular failure. At the UN summit in 2011 they set the embarrassingly modest goal for 2025 of “not increasing” obesity any more beyond the record-high 2010 levels.

It’s now clear this fight is heading towards disaster. Based on the current trend the 2010 level of 11.5% global adult obesity has already hit 13% and is going to hit 17% by 2025 – or almost 1 billion people.

The Guardian: Global obesity rise puts UN goals on diet-related diseases ‘beyond reach’

So what can we do? It’s clear that the Coca-Cola-funded focus on physical activity and fixation on calories is simply not working. Instead of focusing on the quantity of food we need to put the main focus on the quality of our food.

Drinking soda and regularly eating Western food full of refined carbs leads to obesity. Adding some exercise is not going to stop that any more than it can stop people from getting lung cancer from smoking.

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Just One Can of Soda Daily “Can Increase Heart Attack Risk By A Third”

Soda drinker?

Soda drinker?

Drinking soda likely increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease significantly. This according to a just published review of the available science, from Harvard School of Public Health.

The Telegraph: One can of fizzy drink daily ‘can increase heart attack risk by a third’

Of course the effect of soda drinking on heart disease is still mainly based on statistical data, so there’s a lot of uncertainty to the size of the effect. But anything that leads to obesity and diabetes likely increases the risk of heart disease too, so it makes perfect sense.


Most Americans Eat More Than 15 Hours Per Day

A new study used a smartphone app to track the eating of normal non-dieting Americans. The findings are pretty scary.

Most people eat during more than 15 hours per day, fasting less than 9 hours over night. And it’s not uncommon for people to eat more than 15 times per day. In fact, even the 10 percent of people who eat the fewest number of times per day averaged 4.22 eating events per day.

LATimes: Longer fasts might help with weight loss but Americans eat all day long

What happened to eating 3 times per day? In fact, apart from eating highly processed high-carb foods, constant eating may be the most effective way to get fat.

So how do you eat to lose weight? Simple in theory. Eat plenty of satiating low-carb food when you are hungry, and only eat when you are hungry.

This should bring you back to eating 3 times per day, perhaps even less. And you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose excess weight without hunger and with no need for extra exercise.


“Young Europeans May Die at Earlier Age Than Their Grandparents, Says WHO”

Rising obesity levels in Europe could shorten the life expectancy of a generation:

The Guardian: Young Europeans may die at earlier age than their grandparents, says WHO

Looking at the nice graphic above I can’t help but notice that my country Sweden is now one of the thinnest countries in Europe. This after more than five years when LCHF diets have been the most popular weight loss method around. The latest numbers – from earlier this year – even hint that the obesity epidemic could already be broken in Sweden:

Obesity is “Exploding” in Europe, Except in This Country


The American Obesity Epidemic Reaches a New Record

The Obesity Epidemic

The CDC just released new statistics over the American obesity epidemic, up to 2014. The result? It keeps getting worse.

Five states moved to a higher category compared to 2013, none moved in the other direction. Compared to the 80’s it’s a brand new world – and not in a good way.

The simplistic “eat less, move more” message is still not working. Nor is sudden unexplained gluttony or laziness the cause of the epidemic.

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My Big Fat Diet

Obesity and type 2 diabetes are rampant epidemics among the aboriginal communities of Canada. And it all started as they began eating a modern Western diet, full of refined carbohydrates.

This disaster is usually blamed on sedentary lifestyles and “eating too much”. An energy imbalance, as Coca Cola’s staff of propagandists would have you believe.

However, what would happen if an entire town of First Nation people went back to eating the way they used to? A high-fat low-carb diet based on real food? With no exercise or calorie counting program whatsoever?

This is what the Canadian doctor Jay Wortman and a documentary team decided to find out, in the delightful and enlightening movie My Big Fat Diet.

Guess what happened…

Full Movie

Check out the trailer above. The full movie – one of my all-time low-carb favorites – is available on the Diet Doctor membership site (free trial one month) with many other movies, video courses, presentations, interviews, etc.

Watch My Big Fat Diet

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Obesity Rate at New Record High in the U.S.

The number of obese U.S. adults rose to a new record high of 27.7% in 2014, according to Gallup. They rely on self-reported weight, which means that the reality is probably even worse.

Americans have quite a challenge to turn this around. Having just spent some time in the U.S. myself it’s clear that the food environment is simply awful. Plenty of bad (and high-carb) choices available anywhere at any time, while it’s much more of a challenge to find good options.

Add in the massive misinformation about the “dangers” of eating natural fat and the misguided fixation on calories and staying thin is truly a challenge.

Gallup: U.S. Obesity Rate Inches Up to 27.7% in 2014

As a contrast, in Sweden, where LCHF diets have been massively popular during the last seven years, the obesity rate has stopped increasing and may even be going down. Hopefully we can spread some of that magic around the world.

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