Boy George Loses Weight Without Sugar or Bread

Boy George

Here’s Culture Club singer-songwriter Boy George before and after giving up sugar and bread (among other things). Well done:

Eonline: Boy George’s Weight Loss: See His Dramatic Transformation

There are many different diets for losing weight. But all the really successful ones seem to have a two things in common. Less refined sugar and less processed food full of easily digested starch. Coincidence? I think not.

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  1. Looks like Freer is paleo/juicing (without saying it). Freer is the consultancy that Boy George used according to the EOnline post.
  2. sten b
    Maybe LCHF is going like an undercurrent/ wildfire among celebs now. Before this Bob Geldoff's recent declaration, preceded by Alec Baldwins substantial weightloss and interview. I think Baldwin was triggered as one of the 3 million viewers of "Sugar the bitter truth". Butter may soon become very expensive again...
  3. Jean (UK)
    Boy George looks great! Let's hope he realises that LCHF is for life and stays that way.

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