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How Obesity Can Protect From Disease


Obesity is not widely considered a protective mechanism. Quite the opposite. It’s usually considered one of the causal factors of the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

I think obesity is a marker of disease, but ultimately it serves to protect the body from the effects of hyperinsulinemia. Let me explain.

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“My Body Is Healing. And I Have Reversed Diabetes”


Magdalena struggled with binge eating, yo-yo dieting and a stressful job which caused her to put on a lot of weight. After a blood test she realized that she had type 2 diabetes.

Conventional low-fat advice didn’t help much, but then she found a Facebook group and LCHF

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New Study: Even a Liberal 130 g/Day Low-Carb Diet Beats Calorie Restriction For Type 2 Diabetes

Even a very “liberal” low-carb diet with 130 grams of carbs per day still beats a calorie restricted diet for controlling blood glucose in type 2 diabetes. This according to a new study.

Clinical Nutrition Journal: A Randomized Controlled Trial of 130 G/Day Low-Carbohydrate Diet in Type 2 Diabetes with Poor Glycemic Control

The low-carb diet in the study, where the carb count didn’t even get close to a strict low-carb regimen, still lowered both HbA1c and BMI significantly more than calorie restriction did.

So what’s the lesson? Stop giving bad advice. Stop obsessing over calories. That is simply not helpful.

People with type 2 diabetes do better by instead avoiding foods that raise blood sugars, i.e. carbs. Period.

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“Fixing Dad” – Doing the Opposite to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Now on BBC


Can you fix your dad’s diabetes by making him cut out starches, refined flour and sugar? That’s exactly what Ian and Anthony Whitington did to their 62-year old father Geoff with type 2 diabetes.

After seeing him falling into depression, gaining weight and risking amputation, the sons decided to take dramatic action:

DailyMail: These Sons Reversed Their Father’s Diabetes by Making Him Cut Out Pasta and Bread

The official advice given to people diagnosed with Type 2 is that it’s a life sentence… we wanted to prove we could actually ‘fix’ it.
By doing the exact opposite of the guidelines, Geoff got fantastic results. After a few months, he was no longer overweight and was able to come off his diabetes medications.

The entire story is told in the documentary “Fixing Dad”, and it’s now available to watch on BBC online if you’re in the UK:

BBC: Fixing Dad

Do you know somebody that could be inspired by this story?

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Managing Blood Sugar in Type 1 Diabetes by Eating Low Carb

Is a low-carb diet good for managing blood sugar in diabetes type 1? Sure. It’s been shown in studies and many people have experienced it. Including this tech blogger, who just wrote a detailed analysis of his experiences:

Diabetes and Tech: Managing Glycaemic Variability by Eating Low Carb. Does It Work?

High blood glucose variability is a risk factor in diabetes, since it amplifies the risk of diabetes complications such as retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy – as well as the risk of hypos.

Low carb stabilizes blood sugar and keeps it within range more than a “regular” diet, meaning that diabetes risks should be significantly lowered.

Do you agree that a low-carb diet is better for managing type 1 diabetes?

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Professor Noakes: How Incorrect Dietary Management Cause Diabetes to Be a Progressive Disease

This post by Professor Tim Noakes was first published at The Noakes Foundation.

My interest in the dietary management of diabetes stems from watching my father’s rapid downward physical descent in the years after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM); the diagnosis of T2DM in myself; and my reading of the “alternative” literature which convinces me that T2DM does not have to be an inevitably progressive disease.

My conclusion is that unlike my father, it is not my pre-ordained fate to die from the final common pathway in fatal T2DM – disseminated obstructive arterial disease. But to achieve that I will have to ignore what I was taught and which, in turn, I have conveyed to 2 generations of students. Continue Reading →


Diabetic Patient Achieves Normal Blood Glucose – in Three Days!

(Stock photo)

Is it possible to achieve normal blood sugar within just three days, even if you’re a long-term type 2 diabetic? The answer is absolutely, according to this great diabetes story:

Low Carb RN: Long-Term Type 2 Achieves Normal BG in 3 Days

In just three months, the senior man was able to cut his insulin dosages in half – despite having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for 20 years. He also increased his energy and lost belly weight. How? By eating a low-carb diet of course.

How come this is not standard diabetes treatment yet?

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Reversing Diabetes By Ignoring the Guidelines – Full Interview

4.9 out of 5 stars5 star91%4 star5%3 star0%2 star2%1 star0%70 ratings3,633 viewsCan you reverse diabetes by ignoring the guidelines? That’s what Dr. Sarah Hallberg says, and she should know because she has lots of experience helping her patients do that.

This interview has only been available on our member site, but now everyone can watch it above. Enjoy – and feel free to share it.

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“Golden Health is Golden Wealth”

Before and after

Before and after

Matt Montauk found himself overweight and – to his surprise – diabetic. He got motivated to make a drastic change and found Diet Doctor.

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