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Let’s Stop Pretending That Juice is Better Than Soda


Americans are drinking less soda every year. But there’s evidence that they are “still getting hoodwinked by juices and other sugary beverages”.

Fruit juice and “sports drinks” are pretty much the same thing as soda. Sugar and water, not much else.

Vox: Fruit Juice Isn’t Much Better for You than Soda. Let’s Stop Pretending Otherwise.

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U.S. Soda Consumption Falls to 30-Year Low


Soda sales are down, down, down in the US. They dropped for the 11th consecutive year, down to a 30-year low. Good news.

Time: U.S. Soda Consumption Falls to 30-Year Low

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Pepsi’s New ‘Dumbbell’ Design – A Sign of Desperation?


Soft drink companies are clearly desperate to turn around the rapidly falling sales, by somehow getting associated with athletes. This may be one of the funniest attempts yet: witness the Pepsi Light Dumbell.

Does it imply that Pepsi Light is made for athletes, or are they encouraging people to work out to counteract the negative effects of the drink? It’s not clear:

Huffington Post: Pepsi’s New ‘Dumbbell’ Design Is A Major Contradiction

A recent study shows that even quitting artificially sweetened sodas can help women lose weight. So if you’re worried about your shape it’s probably best to avoid Pepsi Light.

Artificial sweeteners and weight loss

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What Does Coca-Cola Do to a Flower?

What happens if you use Coca-Cola to water a flower? Watch the short video above to find out.

What happens if you only drink Coca-Cola instead of water? The result may not be quite as quick as for the flower, but the end result, decades later, may not be that much better for humans.

Obesity and tooth decay is just the beginning. Diabetes may come next, followed by heart disease, Alzheimer’s and possibly cancer.

I think I’ll choose water instead.

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Reebok Bans Soda – Here’s Why

Sugar is the new tobacco.

Here’s another sign of the troubles of Big Soda. While Coca-Cola and other soda brands are desperately trying to associate themselves to “active, balanced” lifestyles, decent lifestyle brands want nothing to do with them.

Here’s a great example: Reebok is banning soda from their headquarters, and they even made a promotional video about it.

As of this week, Reebok has completely removed all soda, sugary beverages, large candy bars, fried foods, white breads and pasta from its headquarters in Canton, MA. The brand shared that this decision was unanimously supported across the company.

AOL: Reebok bans all soda and sugary drinks from its headquarters

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Coca-Cola Has Spent $1.7 Million Funding Australian Health Groups Over Five Years


Coca-Cola has just revealed it spent at least 1.7 million dollars funding Australian health groups over the last five years. It is likely to be more than that, as some groups seem to be missing from Coca-Cola’s list, including the NSW Institute of Sports.

Sydney Morning Herald: Coca-Cola Has Spent $1.7 Million Funding Australian Health Groups Over Five Years

Here’s a good question, via That Sugar Film. Do we want Coca-Cola money funding sports, health and wellbeing, when it is so bad for our health?

Should youth organizations be funded by Coca-Cola, in the middle of a childhood obesity epidemic?

Would we allow cigarette companies to do the same thing?

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Big Soda Tax Coming Up in Philadelphia


The movement towards taxing and regulating sugary drinks continues. Now Philadelphia could be the second city in the US to introduce a soda tax, after Berkeley. And it’s a big tax: Kenney: Soda tax would fund $400M in projects

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Sugary Drinks Banned From Hospitals in New Zealand


Several hospitals in New Zealand will not serve any sweet and sugary drinks at all. Why? Here’s what they say:

As a hospital we don’t believe we should be selling sickness.

Stuff Health: Ground-Breaking Sugary Drinks Policy at Nelson Marlborough DHB

Scoop: Healthcare by Kevin Bass

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South Africa Will Start Taxing Soda


South Africa will join many other countries like Mexico and introduce a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

Mail & Guardian: Gordhan Announces Sugar Tax

I think most countries will introduce similar taxes soon. It’s the most obvious way to immediately bring down sugar consumption and start turning the global obesity epidemic around.

It’s also a very clear signal that sugar-sweetened soda is similar to other unhealthy taxed substances, like tobacco.


Dietitians of Canada Calls for the Taxation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Soda Companies Targeting Young People in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Says Report

What Coca-Cola Isn’t Telling You About Its “Health” Funding in Australia


What Coca-Cola Isn’t Telling You About Its “Health” Funding in Australia


Coca-Cola is up to no good again. The soda giant is financing a campaign in Australia, where the goal is to focus the discussion about obesity on exercise and away from diet (sugar).

Unfortunately some obesity researchers are only too willing to prostitute themselves by accepting sugar money for their services (i.e. not focusing on sugar). Or as one university professor puts it, he willingly asks for Coca-Cola’s “corporate philanthropy” to fund his obesity research.

That is, that’s what he says when answering a journalist’s questions. Apparently, before that both he and Coca-Cola had kept very quiet about their little arrangement.

Despite promising full transparency more than six months ago, Coca-Cola is still keeping its funding of Australian research and health groups a secret.

The Age: What Coca-Cola Isn’t Telling You About Its Health Funding in Australia

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