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Olympic Hero’s “Transformation” with Low-Carb 12
You Don’t Have to Be Twenty to Get Lean with LCHF 6
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Very Low Carb Performance with Peter Attia 28
How the NBA Star Got Skinny 2
Triathlon on LCHF 24
Across the Pacific Ocean Without Sugar or Other Junk Carbohydrates 23
LCHF on Australia’s Biggest Science Show! 33
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“Everything Changed for Me Once I Did a Lifestyle Change” 14

LCHF on Australia’s Biggest Science Show!


Things are happening! The other day an excellent TV show aired about the benefits of LCHF-like food. This on Australia’s biggest science show, Catalyst.

The show is not only about how LCHF may reduce appetite, produce weight loss without hunger or improve diabetes. It also goes into how this kind of food may help some top athletes to better performance.

Watch the episode for free online:

Catalyst: Low-carb diet: fat or fiction? (30 minutes long)

The show features professor Tim Noakes and professor Steve Phinney. Continue Reading →


How the NBA Star Got Skinny

Before and after

Before and after

There’s a clear trend towards a low-carb paleo diet among NBA basketball stars. The latest example is the biggest star of them all:

WSJ: Why LeBron James Is Suddenly Skinny – The NBA Star’s Other Big Decision This Summer: Cutting Carbohydrates

It will be interesting to see how LeBron James will do when it’s time to play. Continue Reading →


You Don’t Have to Be Twenty to Get Lean with LCHF

Before and after

Before and after

I received an encouraging email the other day, and here’s Kennet’s story, translated from Swedish: Continue Reading →


Across the Pacific Ocean Without Sugar or Other Junk Carbohydrates


I’ve received many emails about this: A Finnish couple is rowing across the Pacific Ocean in protest against sugar and other bad carbohydrates. Their “Fat Chance Row” goes from California to Hawaii, which they’re hoping to reach in August.

You won’t find any pasta-loading on this row – they are eating real food, such as “dried meat, nuts, coconut butter and dried fruit, things that will keep at high temperatures”.

USA Today: Couple test food and each other on row to Hawaii

The expedition’s webpage:

The words “Fat Chance” are from the title of professor Robert Lustig’s book about the dangers of sugar. The expedition is done in collaboration with his recently-launched organization Institute for Responsible Nutrition.

This is where the couple is now:



Reversing Diabetes After a Visit to the Emergency Room

Before and after

Before and after

I received a fascinating story from Anthony in Australia about what happened when he ended up in the emergency room, where it was discovered that he had high blood pressure. This led him to search for better health on his own, not following the usual diet recommendations he was given. Here’s his story: Continue Reading →


Triathlon on LCHF


Can you exercise without a lot of carbohydrates? You certainly can.

But can you also handle tough exercise for a triathlon on LCHF? Staffan Leandersson decided to try: Continue Reading →


How Athletes – and You – Can Get Faster, Better and Stronger

How can athletes break old records and become faster, better and stronger for each decade that passes? We are the same humans we were a hundred years ago… or?

This is a cool new 15-minute TED-talk on the subject. Sports journalist and author David Epstein is a very skilled speaker. And his eye-opening conclusions are relevant far beyond the world of sports, and could apply to any kind of achievement.

We’re simply given better and better enabling conditions to accomplish things that our ancestors could only dream of… if we take advantage of the opportunity.  Continue Reading →


How a Diet Change Can Free People from Epilepsy

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.11.21
Can you cure your epilepsy without medication? Yes, this seems possible for many. At least you can keep the disease in remission long term with a change in lifestyle – without the need for strong drugs or their side effects.

Here’s Michel Lundell’s story:

Continue Reading →


Olympic Hero’s “Transformation” with Low-Carb


Before and after

Matthias Steiner is a hero in both his home countries, Austria and Germany. Now fans of the former olympic weightlifting champion may follow him on a different journey – a weight loss journey.

The 31 year-old has lost 70 lbs (32 kg) and today he weighs about 260 lbs (118 kg). His goal is to reach 220 lbs (110 kg).

In German: Ex-Gewichtheber Matthias Steiner verrät: So habe ich 32 Kilo abgespeckt

He says he eats both meat and vegetables, while keeping the amount of carbohydrates low, and he’s not depriving himself.

Matthias Steiner on Facebook

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“Everything Changed for Me Once I Did a Lifestyle Change”

Before and after

Before and after

I just got another e-mail from Mexico with an impressive success story! Continue Reading →