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Low-Carb Endurance Athletes Burn Fat Twice as Well – And Keep Normal Glycogen Levels

Eating a low-carb diet can turn athletes into spectacular fat burners, far better than previously known, according to a new study*. Compared to high-carb athletes, their fat-burning rates were about twice as high during prolonged exercise.

Interestingly the study also revealed that the low-carb athletes had normal muscle glycogen levels. This was an unexpected finding to Jeff Volek, lead researcher of the study. It could be due to an elegant system for maintaining glycogen levels in muscles even when carbs are limited.

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Footballers and Olympic Athletes Have Bad Teeth – Here’s Why

English football players have “worryingly poor” teeth, according to a new study. Four out of ten have cavities and they often have worse teeth than the general population, despite otherwise being in good physical shape.

The most probable reason is said to be “frequent consumption of sugary or acidic foods”, e.g. sports drinks and other junk food marketed to athletes.

BBC: Footballers have ‘worryingly poor’ teeth

Interestingly, previous research has shown the same thing – “striking” levels of bad teeth – in athletes competing at the London 2012 Olympic Games. An event that was shamelessly and massively sponsored by Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Cadbury’s chocolate.

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New Zealand Wins Rugby World Cup – Without Much Sugar

The New Zealand All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup yesterday, and they’re hailed as the best team of all time:

The Guardian: New Zealand hails ‘phenomenal’ All Blacks after Rugby World Cup victory

So why is this interesting news on a health and nutrition site? Because their strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Nic Gill, is very positive to LCHF and the entire team has reduced their sugar intake. Maybe that’s one of the things that helped make them arguably the best team of all time?

Professor Grant Schofield profiles Dr. Nic Gill

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Patriots QB Tom Brady Calls Coca-Cola ‘Poison for Kids’

Good to see a sports star who is not paid to speak well of junk food: Patriots QB Tom Brady is fired up about nutrition in America, calls Coca-Cola ‘poison for kids’


“A Better Version of Me” (New Member Video)

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Here’s the truly inspirational story of Lisa Colclasure. How she got into better physical and emotional shape in her 40s than in her 20s, using an LCHF diet (and quite a lot of weight lifting).

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Watch the LCHF Movie Run on Fat – With a Discount Or For Free

Carb loading apparently just hit the wall.

What if everything you knew about sports nutrition was wrong? What if there was no need for carbs or sports drinks when you exercise? What if you could – in fact – break records rowing across the Pacific Ocean without it?

Those are the questions behind the LCHF movie Run on Fat, which was released earlier this year. It’s the follow-up to the popular movie Cereal Killers, and it can change how you fuel your exercise sessions forever.

I really enjoyed Run on Fat. You can watch the trailer above and now the entire movie is instantly available on our membership site:

Cereal Killers 2: Run on Fat

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How to Keep Motivated to Exercise

Exercise is not effective for weight loss but it’s great for many other things – health, strength, well-being etc. Did you want to start exercising once and for all in January this year? Have you been able to keep it up?

Keeping up your drive and enthusiasm for exercise can be tough — and there’s nothing easier than relapsing to old habits. But arm yourself with the right strategy and motivation, and anything is possible. Today our expert on exercise gives his best advice.

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“Women Shouldn’t Run – and Everyone Should Avoid Coffee!”

Dr. Michael Fox gives good advice to a female cruiser

Dr. Michael Fox gives good advice to a female cruiser

Should women avoid running? And should you – male or female – stop drinking coffee? Those controversial messages were delivered by Dr. Michael Fox with his lecture on the Caribbean low-carb cruise recently.

We invited our moderators to write guest posts here at the blog. Here’s report number four – about Dr. Fox’s message – by moderator Peter Biörck:

Guest Post by Peter Biörck

Women shouldn’t run!

One of the more refreshing and appreciated presentations on the Caribbean low-carb cruise was by Dr. Michael Fox. He works as a physician in a fertility clinic in Jacksonville, USA.

Since 2004 he has used LCHF for treating women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and who have not been able to conceive. This became a great success! Before they started dietary treatment fewer than 50 % of women got pregnant. With LCHF as part of the concept about 90 % conceive and often within a few menstrual cycles after being advised by the clinic.
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Watch the LCHF Movie Cereal Killers for Free

What if everything you knew about nutrition was wrong? That’s the question behind the LCHF movie Cereal Killers. You can watch the trailer above.

I reviewed the movie when it was released a year ago and liked it a lot. And now it’s easier than ever to see it. Cereal Killers – among other movies – is available for instant streaming on our membership site.

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Watch Cereal Killers

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Low-Carb Performance

Can you exercise without eating lots of carbs? Can a smart low-carb diet even IMPROVE some aspects of your physical performance, lowering your excess weight while increasing your fat-burning and your endurance?

These ideas used to be heresy, but now there are athletes out there proving that it works – in some cases completely destroying their competition. Athletes are now breaking records, doing what was once considered impossible.

Professor Stephen Phinney have been researching and testing these ideas for a long time. I recently sat down with him for this interview. In it, Professor Phinney discusses the basics behind low-carb performance, who can benefit the most from it – and how to do it right.

You can watch the first 12 minutes above.

More knowledge

There’s an 18-minute second part to the interview, where Professor Phinney goes through many more practical tips and answers common questions. This second part is on the membership pages (free one month trial).

Low-Carb Performance – full interview

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