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“Everything Changed for Me Once I Did a Lifestyle Change”

Before and after

Before and after

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Bode Miller Makes Olympic Alpine History Using Low Carb


A low-carb diet can be good for athletes too, especially when it’s a good idea to lose excess weight: After losing 20 pounds on low carb diet, skiier Bode Miller soars at Olympics

Today Miller made alpine history:

NBC: Emotional U.S. Legend Bode Miller Makes Olympic Alpine History Again

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From Couch Potato to Powerlifter in 2 Years with LCHF

Styrkelyft1Some pasta sellers still claim it’s impossible to exercise hard on LCHF. Others try for themselves with great success:

Here’s the result after 2 years with LCHF… And my lactose issues have gone away for good as well. Going from a 220-lbs (100 kg) couch potato to making it to the Swedish Championships in powerlifting at 179 lbs (81 kg) took me 18 months.

You can congratulate Mogren on Facebook.

LCHF for Beginners / More success stories


Obesity is Not Caused by a Lack of Exercise

Exercise is not a cure for obesity. We already know that from study after study showing marginal or non-existant weight loss from exercise programs.

Here’s a new telling illustration: Americans exercise the most in a a new survey of 8,000 people in 8 countries. And yet Americans have the biggest problems with obesity.

Huffington Post: Countries That Exercise The Most Include United States, Spain, And France

Obesity is not caused by a lack of exercise. Much more important is the quality of your food, which determines how much you want to eat.

Exercise is almost useless for weight loss. But it has many other benefits: More about exercise.

How to Lose Weight


World-Class Athletes are Changing their Eating Habits. Are You?


LA Lakers Go Low-Carb!

Dwight Howard, one of the players who changed his diet

Dwight Howard, one of the players who changed his diet

More and more athletes discover the advantages of eating good food and avoiding nutrition-poor sugar and bread. The low-carb paleo diet is getting big.

Many people have pointed me to the new article series from CBS Sports on how the basket ball team LA Lakers has changed its philosophy and removed most carbohydrates from the player’s diet:

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Football Champions on a Low-Carb Diet


The Norwegian low-carbohydrate team Strømsgodset have won the league cup for the first time since 1970. Kenn Hallstensen, responsible for the team’s diet, makes sure they eat a restricted amount of carbohydrate (Google translated from Norwegian).

The advantages of a low-carb diet in sports are a lower fat mass (desirable in most sports) and a higher fat-burning capacity coupled with higher endurance (especially useful when matches last longer than 1 hour). Reports state that Strømsgodset steamrolled their opponents during the final 45 minutes.

A very strict low-carbohydrate diet may however reduce explosive strength, which is why a more liberal low-carb diet may often be preferable for optimal performance.

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet: Strømsgodset Played Their Way to Championship Gold After a Dream Game Against FKH (again, Google translated from Norwegian).

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Four Simple Steps to a Healthier and Leaner Life


Many are jumping from diet to diet in pursuit of a thin and healthy body. Over the past eight years, GI (low-glycemic) and then LCHF, have been the most popular methods in Sweden. However, during the past few weeks intermittent fasting in the form of 5:2 (eat just 5-600 calories two days a week) has become hysterically popular.

The reason is likely that all three methods work. Furthermore, they work in a similar way.

The figure above is from a recent and worth-reading post by science writer Ann Fernholm:

You’ll Become Less Sweet with the 5:2 Diet (Google translated from Swedish).

Lifestyle for Weight Regulation and Health

The figure above shows how all versions of a low-carb diet (for example a low glycemic load diet, LCHF, Atkins or Paleo) will lower blood sugar and the fat storing hormone insulin. And so does intermittent fasting, such as 5:2 or 16:8. And so do exercise and adequate amounts of sleep and relaxation (by hormonal influence).

In other words, a low-carb diet, intermittent fasting, good sleep and exercise create a synergistic effect – for optimal weight and good health.

However, diet is by far the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to weight.

The Opposite

What about the opposite of this? A lifestyle that creates the worst conditions for maintaining a good weight and health?

This means living a lifestyle that most people in our modern society live today: Continue Reading →


Even Tour de France Cyclists Avoid Carbs to Stay Lean

Even chefs for Tour de France cyclists know more about weight control than most calorie-obsessed so called experts. And even elite cyclists need to avoid over-indulging in carbs:

Today’s a rest day, so we do a low-carb lunch for them. They’re not going so far, they just want to keep their legs going, so we don’t want to fill them up too much. And we don’t want to go too hard on the carbs so they don’t gain weight.

Then we have a philosophy of using lots of vegetables, proteins, and cold-pressed fats, and then we use a lot of gluten-free alternatives. So we try to encourage the riders to try other things than just pasta and bread. I do gluten-free breads as well.

It’s all to minimize all the little things that can stop you from performing 100 percent, that promote injuries, stomach problems, all those things.

Fueling the Tour: Q&A with Saxo chef Hannah Grant


The effect of extreme carbo-loading