LCHF-breakfast in the summer


A lot of people wonder what to have for breakfast when eating LCHF (Low Carb High Fat). How about something delicious and satisfying that only takes a minute to prepare?

Here is my usual summer breakfast.

Step 1


The foundation is high-fat “Turkish yoghurt” (10% fat). It can be eaten as it is, but I prefer to add in some heavy whipping cream (40% fat). The extra fat is a nice bonus, the main reason is simply to make the consistency a bit looser, not quite as firm as the turkish yoghurt tends to be.

Yoghurt + cream


After stirring


The magical ingredient


Here is my new breakfast müsli, since a month back or so. It’s a mix of different kinds of nuts and seeds and coconut flakes. The ingredients can be bought separately in the store and mixed like in the picture above:

  • Coconut flakes
  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Almonds
  • Flaxseed
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds

Luxurious finish


Some blueberries finishes it up. Of course, blueberries are not strict LCHF. But in limited amounts it’s not much sugar (a few grams). It’s OK not to add them, but adding blueberries makes it taste even better. It can be worth it if you are not too sugar sensitive.

It’s possible to vary the breakfast with different berries, like raspberries or strawberries.



To finish the breakfast up add some coffee, of course with heavy whipping cream in it. Eating this luxurious, satisfying and nutritious breakfast makes it easy to go without any more food until a late lunch… or maybe even until dinner.

What’s your favorite breakfast?


A dozen more suggestions for your LCHF breakfast

LCHF for beginners

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  1. Tumi
    Hi, I have been on the LCHF diet for a little over a month. I find myself hungry most of the time, and am tired also. typically my day includes:
    Breakfast - 3 eggs (fried or boiled), beef patty/ fish or sausage, block of cheese
    Snack - double cream yoghurt
    Lunch - mixed veggies, meat (chicken/ fish/ beef)
    Supper - veggies, meat

    I also haven't lost any weight since I started and am worried that I'm doing something wrong

    Reply: #102
  2. Zepp
    And where is the fat?

    If one cut out a lot of carbs one need to eat more fat.. otherwise one get tired and hungry.

    Have you read this?

    Reply: #104
  3. Marian
    Zepp could you comment on this please. I have been doing this for breakfast on the odd days as I find that constipation is a side effect of the LCHF diet.After trial and error I came up with this for breakfast and it seems to work for me also keeps me full for about 4.5 hours. Mix together 3 tsps phsyllium husk,I tsp whey powder,1 TBSP MCT oil, 1 tsp Xylitol ,few drops vanilla extract. 2 TBSPS fresh cream I add water as well and stir into a porridge. I follow this with a 250ml glass of water as the phsyllium Husk absorbs water.
    Reply: #105
  4. Tumi
    Hi Zepp

    Thanks for the link. Looking at the link you provided, my meals contained only a little fat and too much protein.

    Hope it helps.

    Reply: #106
  5. Zepp
    If it works for you, it works for you!

    And then.. on this diet its often less garbage that form feces, and to do the big thing every second day is normal.

    You know.. fat dont make that much feces?

    Some take more fibers for bowelmovments and regular stolls, it could be psyllium husk or whole psyllium seeds!

    I prefer whole psyllium seeds, and I take it in a glas of water.

    Other whole seeds is altso good for bowel movments.. like linsseeds or others!

    Fibrius veggies is altso good!

  6. Zepp
    Ad more fats to your meals, make garlic/herb butter that you let melt on your meals.

    Dont be afraid for the fat, ad as much as you need for energy.. later you can lower the amounts, testing how much/litle is sustaineble and make you lose weight whitout hunger.

    And try sprinkle a good olive oil on your fresh veggies.. make a vinigrette.. its easy, and good to have on a bottle in the fridge!

  7. Ash
    I don't understand.... I'm now aware, that foods high in fat are actually healthy, but they still have an enormous amount of calories, so how is one able to lose weight if weight-loss is only triggered by consuming a low calorie diet??
    Replies: #108, #109
  8. Zepp
    I can asure you that there the same energy in a calorie of carbs as in fat!

    If you eat a lot of fat you get awfull full for a very long time!

    And you can try to eat butter by spoon, you cant eat that much befor you vomiting!

    One comon side effect by eating low carb high fat is that one eats very seldome, its comon to eat only twice a day, nothing inbetwen.

    Some cald it intermitent fasting but that comes naturaly by eating LCHF!

  9. erdoke
    It's not calories that make you gain weight, but rather the hormonal response to differnt foods. As a result of hormonal imbalance you start consuming more calories than you expend and subsequently gain weight. There is a good reason why we are able to quickly put on weight in certain circumstances, but in nature it used to be normally offset by periods when food supply was scarce and then some fasting period kicked in. This naturally reinstates the hormonal balance. However, in modern Western life food is abundant, even in forms that historically were only available once in a while or for short periods during the year: fruits, sugars, starchy vegetables, etc. Not to mention all the refined junk put on the shelves of supermarkets. While the stimulus is continuous, the corrective action never happens. This is the problem in a nutshell.
  10. ramya
    can we use stevia? natural sweetner from plants......for flax seed muffin...please be reply
  11. az
    Hi only 2 days into diet and my four year old was on the toilet screaming out and crying from hard stool. Is this due to the body getting used to no grains? Or am I missing something. What can I give him to help with constipation?
    Reply: #112
  12. Zepp
    Try Psyllium seeds.. other whole seeds on his yougurt.. and/or nuts.

    But.. his not ill I presume, he can eat more carbs whit fibers.

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