LCHF-breakfast in the summer

A lot of people wonder what to have for breakfast when eating LCHF (Low Carb High Fat). How about something delicious and satisfying that only takes a minute to prepare?

Here is my usual summer breakfast.

Step 1

The foundation is high-fat “Turkish yoghurt” (10% fat). It can be eaten as it is, but I prefer to add in some heavy whipping cream (40% fat). The extra fat is a nice bonus, the main reason is simply to make the consistency a bit looser, not quite as firm as the turkish yoghurt tends to be.

Yoghurt + cream

After stirring

The magical ingredient

Here is my new breakfast müsli, since a month back or so. It’s a mix of different kinds of nuts and seeds and coconut flakes. The ingredients can be bought separately in the store and mixed like in the picture above:

  • Coconut flakes
  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Almonds
  • Flaxseed
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds

Luxurious finish

Some blueberries finishes it up. Of course, blueberries are not strict LCHF. But in limited amounts it’s not much sugar (a few grams). It’s OK not to add them, but adding blueberries makes it taste even better. It can be worth it if you are not too sugar sensitive.

It’s possible to vary the breakfast with different berries, like raspberries or strawberries.


To finish the breakfast up add some coffee, of course with heavy whipping cream in it. Eating this luxurious, satisfying and nutritious breakfast makes it easy to go without any more food until a late lunch… or maybe even until dinner.

What’s your favorite breakfast?


A dozen more suggestions for your LCHF breakfast

LCHF for beginners

Eating LCHF in America


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  1. Mike Graf
    @Diet Doctor
    How come we say that we should eat paleo foods and not eat grains which humans havent evolved with, but then we say its ok to have coffee? It seems to me that coffee would be a fairly new invention, no?
  2. Mike,
    Sure. But I enjoy using my iPad too, even though it wasn't around in Paleolithic time. It's all about getting rid of the worst and most unhealthy new things in our modern environment, but still appreciating the good new stuff. ;)
  3. greg
    That actually looks good, and I may try it. My usual is 4-8 eggs, scrambled, poached, over-easy, or made into an omelet with ham, cheese, diced onions and diced bell pepper; a healthy serving (½ or 1 pkg) of no-sugar added bacon; and 2-3 cups of caffeine-free coffee (or Earl Gray tea), also with the heavy whipping cream ... or just water.
  4. sophie
    my breakfast tomorrow will be fresh mozzarella with olive oil and tomatoes... cant wait...
  5. @Doc ok that makes sense.. So studies have found coffee to be relatively benign? I've see lots about antioxidants, but also negative things about the caffeine .... Thoughts?
  6. Tracy Björkman
    I've found fat yoghurt at Whole Foods in the States. It's quite similar to the Turkish yoghurt in Sweden.
  7. Elizabeth Hinely
    I just made this as a late lunch and it is absolutely wonderful!! This is something I can take when I travel with my kids for their sports and have to stay at a hotel, where the breakfast can be iffy. Thank you for this blog. I've found it very helpful. I've lost 70 pounds on Atkins, but, was starting to creep back up again. I'm starting to move in the right direction again. Also, I've found the yogurt at Kroger under the brand Greek Gods Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt. It has 75% of it's calories from fat. It tastes divine! :)
  8. I love smoked salmon with cream cheese (I make little rolls), a boiled egg and cucumber slices. Fast to fix breakfast.
  9. Morganier
    Tip for the Dutch: De Aldi heeft stevige dikke heerlijke 10% vet Griekse Yoghurt in emmertjes van een liter en niet duur!
  10. Roz
    Ive been doing this LCHF diet for a few days,i weight myself daily and im putting on weight...i do the bacon and eggs for breaky,salmon salad with avacardo and dressing and egg and greek yoghart,dinner chicken cooked in oil and vegetables with melted cheese over i doing something wrong?.
  11. Zepp
    Seems so.. almoste everybody do lose some water the first days.

    But did you know.. oúr weight differ from day to day by natural reasons!

    Let it go some weeks before you evaluate.

    One often get som fatigue and dissines in the begining.. glucose shortage!

  12. Kristine
    I'm in Australia and I am new to this way of eating but I have lost two kilos in the past three weeks or so. I have done a lot of reading and I am excited that this might be the way for me to finally lose the 40 kilos I need to lose. My question around yogurt is we have an excellent, albeit low fat Greek yogurt with vanilla bean added available in our local supermarkets. The carb load is about 13gm per 100gm serve (sugars are about 7gm). It has no added sugar but it has inulin and "thickeners". I am guessing this is something I should stay away from?? Thanks!
    Reply: #63
  13. Zepp
    Well if strained yougurt need thickeners.. then its a fake product!

    Dont ever eat fake food!

    Dont you have any real strained youghurt?

    And if its 13 grams of carbs.. there must be added sugar.. perticuly if the sugar content is 7 grams.. thats a lot more then the lactose content.

  14. In looking at the carbs involved here...5 carbs alone for one serving of the yogurt, and significant carbs for the nuts and berries, etc...does this really qualify as a low-carb breakfast? It looks to me like that bowl might contain 40 or more grams of carbs. Certainly lower than a sugary breakfast cereal, but for people trying to lose weight, is this really a good low-carb option? Just trying to understand.
    Replies: #65, #67
  15. Zepp
    Noe.. I dont think so.. becuse.. here is 30 grams!

  16. Chuck
    The yogurt looks like minimum of 2 servings in the picture. Maybe more. Each is 5 grams.

    The berries would count for some as well.

    But you may be right about the nuts. It just looked to me like there were quite a few of them on there.

  17. Chuck,
    You're right this is not very strict low carb. However I think the amount of carbs is more like 20-25 grams.
  18. Karlien
    Thank you Doc!
    Glad to see this. Sometimes I need a "sweeter" option for breakfast. I struggle to eat egg, peppers, and so on for a LCHF breakfast every morning. I also have my own homemade seed mix.:) This is my choice!
  19. sveta
    Where can I get Turkish yoghurt? I can't seem to find it in my local supermaret. Is there also an equivalent of it? The closest fatty yoghurt I could find is Fage yoghurt but it has a lot of carbs
  20. Zepp
    Its the same as strained youghurt and have diferent namnes in different parts of the world.

    Now they sell Russian yoghurt in Sweden.. 17% fat.. yumy.. its like soft ice cream!

  21. Sónia Paula
    Hi, I would like to know the muesli recipe.

    Thank you

    Reply: #72
  22. Zepp
    You make your own blend, frome different seeds, nuts and almonds.

    Heres one randome low carb muslie recipie!

  23. Valéria
    hi doc.
    First of all, I wanna thank you for the great blog that is helping me alot.
    I have 2 doubts though
    1- we do not have the heavy cream in my country and the fatest one I found is 28% fat and not pure (kinda processed)
    what do I use for my coffe, and for my pleasure since the cream is agreat source of fat?
    2- I am doing the HFLC diet for a month right now, and I started feeling concerned, cause my hunger is totally gone, and sometimes, I dont feel like eating at all (I know this is one of the porpouses, but I do not feel well and feel weak, even dizzy when it happens, and it is happening on a daily basis) even when I force myself to eat....
    What do I do since sometimes I even add some extra carbs?
    Ah and one more question, doing what some people call the trash day, and having lots of carbs in one day a week for example, with some fruits, can accelerate metabolism and makes me lose
    weight faster?
    Thank you!
  24. Flavia
    I'm 24. I have been on a LCHF for almost two weeks now. I have lost approximately 3 kilos. I am constantly thirsty and have been drinking at least 3 liters daily. I have been having issues for the past 6 months or so with fluid retention, especially in my feet and ankles. This has lessened considerably since starting on the LCHF. What I have found the most perplexing is my blood glucose, fasting is 5- 5.3 mmol. I have never had a fasting glucose higher than 4.5. I have not been eating breakfast because I am not hungry. Since staring I am not hungry, which for me is very strange, even on a low GI diet I still had the highs and lows, with hunger pangs, which could be partly explained by my insulin resistance. Is anyone able to give me an clue to why my fasting blood glucose levels have risen?
    Reply: #75
  25. Zepp
    Yea.. I can give it a try.. you are not anymore suffering from hyperinsulinemia.. it make your blood sugar to come to a level that your body like.. and prefer.. and its in normal range!

    All the others is typical for transitation period.. some of it get fade away in some months!

    I do eat brekfast att 11-12 a clock on my weekends, on working days I eat my first meal/lunch att 12 a clock.. not hungry befor that!

    Its another apetite signaling on a high fat diet.. its not that distinct.. its more like.. soon its time to cook a meal and eat it!

  26. Alison F
    I don't have a lot of weight to lose - maybe 8 or 9 lbs, but I want to lose it nonetheless! In order for the LCHF diet to work do I HAVE to stick to very low carbs or can I get away with a little? For example, say I have a really good day, sticking to scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast, oily fish and salad with an oily dressing for lunch, a piece of cheese and couple of brazil nuts for a snack and creamy coffee with no sugar, and then for dinner sneak a tiny bit of potato/rice/pasta with my meat will I have ruined everything for the day? If I do sneak the occasional tiny amount of carbs yet stick to the high-fat theory will I put on weight instead of losing it?
    Thanks for your help, very interesting site.
    Reply: #78
  27. Maggan A
    Alison F

    It is a matter of trial and error, Only you know what your metaloblism can handle, and it is up to you to find out,

    I know for shure if I eat like you suggest I would not lose one single ounce. It is not "very little" you want to get away with.

    very sorry but even a tiny bit of potato/rice/pasta ruines the day for anyone who wants to loose weigt,
    Not only my experiance :-(

  28. Zepp
    Well to be frank about it.. you have probably no metabolic disturbance.. LCHF does work great for those hove have problems about there glucose metabolism/insulin!

    But.. but.. to be able to eat less.. to lose weight.. one need to have a good fat burning capasity.. and eating LCHF does make your body to use fat as predominant fuel.. it make you to a fat burning machine.. if anything els!

    And hove this comes out. after a transitation period.. well its normal to eat only twice a day.. not even snacks betwen!

    And to the question about liberal or strikt.. its more about how fast you want it to happen!

    You know.. being healty one can always cut out all snacks and sugar and only eat real food at a normal rate and lose weight by that!

    But.. but.. if you goes more to a LCHF diet.. ie, less carbs, more fat.. in the end many figure out that weight isnt all and other healt benefits comes thats better!

    And to be more frank.. its this low carb and sugar laden foods that ruine our healt!

  29. Zepp
    Sorry.. it should be low fat in the last sentence! :(
  30. Malle
    Hi, I am new to LCHF and i like this breakfast idea as a change from the eggs options. what I am wondering is does it absolutely have to be turkish yoghurt+cream? would it be OK if I would opt for full fat natural yoghurt instead? I am lactose intolerant and i find that cream is the worst offender for me.
    great blog btw!
    Reply: #81
  31. Zepp
    Its only an example.. how Doc does!

    Try to find Strained full fat youghurt!

    The moste popular yoghurt in sweden is named Turkish.

    I am altso lactose intollerant and then its good one dont need to take that much befor one is satisfyed!

  32. Terri
    Terrific blog I am learning so much. In Australia I think the equivalent would be Greek yoghurt. Jalna Biodynamic organic full fat yoghurt is good and pot set. But they also make a Greek style yoghurt which is good. It has 7g fat/100g serve. Then I add in the double cream.
  33. Irene
    Thank you for putting this on, I am going to try this as I currently have the Atkins low carb cereal which at a whopping 6.4 Net carbs per 25 gram is a con, I am sure, I couldn't believe how little I could have in my bowl when I weighed it out, do you have any idea of the carbs per gram of the nut mixture alone? I already have the yogurt covered, as here in the UK, we have a Greek yogurt called 'Total' which is only 3.9 grams per 100gram in the full fat version.
  34. Sabrina
    Looks good but am concerned about the coconut flakes. Have read that they contain a small amount of carbohydrates..
    Reply: #85
  35. Zepp
    Thats right.. "small amounts".. is the right name!

    Its other things one should reduce.. first.

    Small amouts of carbs is in meat, fish, eggs, dairys!

  36. Helen
    Help! I live in the United States and I can't find full fat yogurt in Chicago land. does anyone know where I can find some?
  37. Helen
    Ok Doc or Zepp, while at the store I found a full fat yogurt but it had 5 more grams of sugar than the 2% yogurt. Yes it has full fat milk so which is more beneficial?
    Reply: #88
  38. Zepp
    No one knows.. go for the real one.. ditch the others.. the substitutes!

    Go for real strained youghurt.. it should be around 10% fat.. nothing added!

    If you cant find that.. go for egg and bacon.. and then go for real bacon and real organic eggs!

    Bacon should have no more ingrediens then pork, salt and some ascorbic acids!

    And if you cant find event that.. you must go to another shop that selling other things then fake food!

    The thing too know is that one should avoid fake food!

  39. Federica
    Hi Doc!
    How many grams of seeds and nuts are enough (considering I'm on a strict diet)? Would you say that 50 gr (of all the ingredients combined) are ok or too many?
    Thanks :)
  40. Zepp
    50 grams or less a day is a beginners advice.
  41. Elle
    I contacted Yeo Valley (the British brand I prefer) about labelling of yogurt and they said the carbs on their labelling comes from the lactose in the milk before it is made into yogurt. In reality the bacteria that turn the milk into yogurt use the sugar in the milk so the carb content should be lower than that originally stated when it was milk, if that makes sense. Further the longer yogurt is stored the more sugar is gobbled up by the bacteria. Just a thought. So long as it is a full fat live natural yogurt with nothing added it should be fine.
  42. Zepp
    The new most popular youghurt for LCHF eaters in Sweden is Russian youghurt!

    Its 17 % fat and made in Germany.. soo a Swedish company chalangede that and made a local 18% fat youhurt.. isnt it amasing?

  43. Jutta K.Deutschland
    Fast genauso mit Deinem ist mein Frühstück auch !
    Ich liebe es und kann es auch im Winter essen :-)
  44. Shirley
    How important is physical exercise to LCHF? I have limited mobility and though I lost 80 lbs. in about 6 months, I have now been completely stalled for 4 months. During the stall period I've had vein surgery on both legs and not been able to do as much. Now it is wintertime and my main form of exercise (gardening) is not viable living in a cold climate.
    I am 72 years old and still need to lose another 75 to 100 lbs. so I'm rather depressed over this being stalled. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
    Reply: #95
  45. Zepp
    Its not important for LCHF, however it could be important for your healt!

    And then its probably easyer to lose weight if one is healty?

  46. AnaDenko
    Not sure if this was already said, but I always get confused about nuts. I try to eat low-carb (about 20g of carbs per day), but if I eat more than 50g almonds or other nuts, my body gets out of ketoses. And at first, I thought I understood - nuts have carbs, but there are tons of recipes with a lot of nuts. how do you explain this? Does this happen to you too, or is it only my body that reacts like that? Help!
    Reply: #97
  47. Zepp
    Not everyone have to be in ketosis, but many need to lower there glycemic load!

    And nut/almond based breakfast/baking is better/more healty then flour/sugar!

    And then.. about recepies, there are no need for recepies for egg and bacon as breakfast.

    People do eat more plain food that dont need any recepies on ordanary days.

    But.. they could need some recepies for extra treats.. and then those need to be low on carbs.

    Soo.. there are a lot of recepies for that kind of food/treats.

    And everybody do understand that one dont base there food on those treats, those are for special occasions.

  48. Brian
    You can find Full Cream yoghurt at Woolies in SA and also at many Spar outlets. In Durban at our local Spar they have a divine thick Greek style variation. The brand is My Gourmet
  49. Cathy

    I really love the whole foods and no sugar and no refined carbs, I've been doing it since November of 2014 and feel a lot better, I haven't had cravings for junk since I started.

  50. Jayne F
    For my breakfast, around 10am, I use the Turkish yoghurt and add cream, cottage cheese, cucumber and smoked salmon, or kale fried in butter instead of the cucumber. It's so very filling and I can't eat until the late afternoon and it's absolutely delicious! I am curious though that I haven't lost any weight yet. I have fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. Could the stress from the pain be stopping me from losing fat?
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