Dr William “Wheat Belly” Davis on The Dr Oz Show!

Wheat Belly på Dr Oz

Is food made out of wheat flour addictive? Does it result in weight gain and disease? That’s what Dr William Davis claims in his book Wheat Belly.

After spending a long time at (or close to) the top of the New York Times bestseller list Dr Davis was finally invited to the very popular The Dr Oz Show. Nobody likes whole grains more than Dr Oz, so kudos to him.

Dr Davis gave a great performance. And I mostly agree with him – apart from the claim that wheat affects the brain like heroin and makes us eat 440 calories more per day. That seems more sensation-seeking than scientific.

On the other hand wheat can certainly result in extreme blood sugar elevations, insulin spikes and fat storage. I also love Dr Davis’ analogy between whole grain flour and filtered cigarettes (just because something is less bad doesn’t mean it’s good). I often use that analogy myself. Hearing it on this whole grain-loving show was fantastic.

All in all a victory for low carb in America.

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  1. Definitely not a fan of Dr.Oz, only watch when something good is on. But I have to say that I really liked this episode.

    Although I don't agree with everything Dr. Davis says, his appearance on the show was great to counter all the pro-whole grain crap that Dr. Oz has touted in the past.

  2. Peggy Holloway
    I also was very pleased to have Dr. Davis featured and the way in which he made the case that grains have no place in anyone's diet. That said, I was perplexed with the "440 calories" statistic - how on earth did he come up with such an exact figure? Odd. I also take issue with his failure to emphasize the dangers of using alternative grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables for many of us. And, the foods featured were sadly attempts to make wheat-free versions of Standard American Diet fare rather than single-ingredient whole foods such as meats and non-starchy vegetables that are the true mainstay of a healthy diet.
    Well, it's a start anyway. My son reported that the Whole Foods store where he works (vegan-central) now has "Wheat Belly" and a paleo cookbook so the tide is slowly turning.
  3. Trina
    You all do realize that the producers of the show have a say in what gets featured right? I can tell you it would not have been his idea to feature the millet and stuff. In fact he told someone just today, "And I compromised by even having grains like millet, sorghum, and buckwheat--they are compromises in health to a lesser degree. The IDEAL diet in my view is one that includes NO GRAINS whatsoever." If you want to know where he got the 440 calories, why don't you ask him - he's a pretty responsive/helpful guy. I'm curious if we're saying there is NO scientific information to back up the addictive nature of the gliadin protein?
  4. b-nasty
    I think he did a great job of getting his message out there in a short amount of time, as he usually does on these shows.

    I can understand the concession to allow the various other carb sources (flours/starches) when presenting to a mass audience. Consider the change even removing just wheat entails:

    -No breads
    -No typical pasta dishes
    -No/little junk foods (e.g. cookies, crackers)
    -No processed foods (many of them have a wheat product in them)

    While it may not be a ketogenic level of low-carb, I think you'd be hard pressed to eat over 30% carbs without access to the typical processed garbage. That's a huge start compared to the standard American diet of 50-70% carbs. Once people start to see the effects of dropping just wheat, they'll be more open to optimizing further (reducing carbs more) to achieve low levels of body fat.

  5. I can't stand Dr. Oz. He's so smarmy and will advertise anything as long as it makes him a buck. Remember "raspberry ketones"? Oh, brother! So when someone legit like Dr. Davis gets on the show, it's still tough to take anything seriously.

    The demonstration with the liquids in those containers was ridiculous, and then Dr. Oz called the results of the blood sugar tests "unpredictable", as if some people would be okay with wheat. Why not show the actual numbers?

    Yes, Dr. Davis is a bit on the sensationalist side, but he's the real deal. The only issue I have with his work is, like others have mentioned, he pushes a lot of recipes that mimic baked goods and desserts with non-wheat alternatives. The "real foods" they talk about in step 2 should be the absolute majority of your diet.

  6. Trina
    If you are familiar with Dr. Davis, you would know that his preference is for only real single ingredient foods. He doesn't "push" recipes that mimic baked goods/desserts. If you've ever had a book published, you would know that the publisher gets a lot of say in what goes into the book (much like TV producers do about what gets on their shows). This is why people like Dr. Phinney/Volek self published theirs. From Dr. Davis, " ... about 2 1/2 years ago when my editor ... said, "These recipes (the ones I provided) won't do! People are going to want recipes to replace the foods they're missing." I gave her a VERY hard time about that, arguing that the ideal way to eat was a return to real, single-ingredient foods minus wheat and other grains. But she persisted and essentially insisted that I do at least a little of this. So I did, thus the recipes for such things as the muffins and breads in the Wheat Belly Book. I also provided many of these recipes to my patients in the office. Lo and behold, people were following the diet much more seriously with greater results, as they had the option of occasional "indulgences" that had next to no disadvantages. It meant being able to navigate holidays, children's interests, school lunches, and entertaining, making this a much more practical approach ..."
  7. David Tromholt
    Wow I did not expect Davis to ever be allowed on Dr. Oz. It's a little crazy to see a guy like Oz looking completely shocked that whole grain bread significantly raises insulin, it almost makes me believe that he didn't know..

    It was surprising to see how open Oz was to Davis suggestions, remember when Taubes was on? It was scandalously edited and manipulated.

    The bread industry must be furious with Oz now hah!

  8. Wade Henderson
    Dr. Oz is almost always open to hearing from alternative ideas.
    That he gave open questions to allow Dr. Davis to expand upon, in no way indicates Dr. Oz believes what Davis is saying.
    I would be amazed in Dr. Oz personally or professionally stopped recommending whole wheat products for a diet.

    As one poster above put it "I also was very pleased to have Dr. Davis featured and the way in which he made the case that grains have no place in anyone's diet."

    This is where people go off the rails. "no place in ANYONE'S diet". Not even in folks who have no weight or blood sugar issues? Totally buyng into wheat as "poison" for everyone.

    I do wonder a bit about Dr Davis' diet as it results in his own weight. Dr. Oz seems a bit more trim and without a small double chin like his guest.. If I were him, I'd take that off if for no other reasons than marketing.

  9. Ronk
    The calorie difference is based on a study done w/ an opiate blocking drug(can't remember the name). When given the drug the participants ate an average of 440 less calories per day as opposed to the placebo. I believe this is in Dr. Davis book.
  10. bill
    I was just thinking how old and haggard Dr Oz looked compared to Dr Davis, who looked quite healthy and trim.
  11. Wade Henderson
    Bill, I do agree that Dr. Oz looks a bit haggard.. and Davis has a smoother looking skin, however he is sporting a near double chin. I'm just picking on the weight issue since that is what he was commenting on. I'd hardly call him trim.
    I would say this. Americans have gotten so used to people who have excess weight, looking normal, that when they see a really slender person (not skinny) they think something is wrong with them. (sometimes there is).
    In fact I see it in myself. I wish I could put on a few pounds on my face, but if I try to do so, it goes to my belly in about a 2 to 1 ratio versus the rest of my body. Seems the face gets it last.

    Check out Dr Davis in the video from 4:00 to 4:10 and tell me he doesn't have a double chin.

    If Oz and Davis were to run a mile, I'd put my money on Oz.
    Interestingly, on the Davis inspired "Track your plaque" site, one of his "contributing experts" is
    Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who is a low fat guy and recommends 20% whole grains.
    At least he allows other points of view, but perhaps that site was set up prior to the explosive sales of Wheat Belly.

  12. Justin B
    In Gary Taubes' books, he thanks Stephan Guyenet, and their theories couldn't be more different. Contributing experts are just people that they spoke with about the topic. It doesn't mean that they're in agreement.

    Dr. Davis may be one of those people that can't lose the remaining weight, no matter what he tries. I've seen countless examples of this happening. They're "thin" on the inside, but still carrying excess on the outside. Either that, or maybe, like Dr. Lustig, he has a difficult time following his own advice. I'm not sure. Dr. Oz's thinness is no indication that he's healthier than Dr. Davis. I'd imagine he's been thin for his entire life, and may not even have the genetic makeup required to get fat.

    About recommending not eating wheat to everybody: If what Dr. Davis is saying is true, and it is one of the main causes of blood sugar issues and weight gain, even if you don't have those issues, do you want to keep feeding yourself something that could cause them at any time? Especially when there are healthier alternatives?

    I just hope that Dr Oz has even the slightest bit of a conscience, and can factor in what he learned from Dr. Davis to his teachings.

  13. b-nasty

    By walking down that road you start to put the person above the message. By that logic, Jillian Michaels must be more of an expert on nutrition than Dr.Davis, as she is very slender and fit.

    I believe Dr. Davis also has diabetes from a lifetime of poor eating. I can only guess, but I'd imagine that makes losing the last 40lbs or so to be a lot more difficult than an already slim guy (Oz) staying that way.

  14. Charlie

    ScienceDaily (Dec. 6, 2012) — Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes have identified a novel mechanism by which a type of low-carb, low-calorie diet -- called a "ketogenic diet" -- could delay the effects of aging. This fundamental discovery reveals how such a diet could slow the aging process and may one day allow scientists to better treat or prevent age-related diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and many forms of cancer.

  15. Richard & Kathleen Rose
    We were delighted that Dr.Davis was on the Dr.Oz program. For further info on how wheat can have an opiate effect; look at the brilliant research of Dr. Theron Randolph M.D. He practiced
    medicine for over 50 years in the Chicago area. Search for his book from 1980 titled Alternate Approach to Allergies. This book offers a different approach to the study of chronic illnesses & allergies just as Wheat Belly does. Bet he read the book as he is from Wisconsin. RIGHT ON!!! DR. WILLIAM DAVIS !!!
  16. Erik
    Interesting program. Was also interesting to see Dr. Oz's response to this as opposed to his approach to Gary Taubes.

    If anyone is compelled, I posted an analysis of Wheat Belly from an alternate perspective to get both sides of the story. I would tend to be on Dr. Davis's side, but it is interesting to get the other side and analyse the arguments.

  17. Anne
    As far as the opiate effect of wheat, it is well known in the gluten sensitive/celiac disease community that it is common to have a withdrawal reaction after removing wheat. When I gave up gluten I felt much worse for about 3 days before I started feeling better. I was a wheataholic. I enjoyed waking up in the middle of the night just so I could eat a bagel or other bread.I know that this does not prove that wheat has an opiate effect.

    It is possible that the "low carb flu" people experience may really be from the withdrawal of wheat.

  18. cindy
    I thought it was great to see him on Oz. I liked how he said this isnt a gluten free take on food, because that too is full of junk carbs. I went primal/ almost paleo 4 months ago and the physical improvments have been incredible! I never , ever expected my health to change so much. It will be sad day that i would eat grains again and have headaches and inflammation.
    I'm curious to look at more of your blog.
  19. Wheat Belly is just a repackaged low carb diet.

    My sister mentioned that Dr Davis was on the Dr Oz show the other day promoting his New York Times bestselling book Wheat Belly. Catchy title and graphics with a pile of high-carb bagels on the cover, it’s hard to miss. But before you decide to spend your money you may wish to know the facts surrounding wheat not just the folk lore regarding the Staff of Life.

    In Davis’s book he tries to lay the foundation for wheat being King of the Carbohydrates. What he means to say is that wheat, more than any other grain or starch, is the most fattening of them all. That means that corn, rice, white potatoes, and all of the other non-fibrous starches run a distant second place when lined up face to face with the notorious Mr Wheat.

    How is this claim made? Well one of his foundational comments are that wheat contains 75% amylopectin A (AA) a storage form of starch which is easily broken down by the body’s amylase enzyme into glucose. The other 25% is in the much less bioavailable form amylose. Due to the unique structure of amylopectin A it readily becomes glucose once eaten.

    Other starchy foods have amylopectin but in the less easily broken down forms like amylopectin C (AC) such as what is found in beans. This leaves the complex carb AC to travel further into the deep recesses of the bowels to encounter bacteria which are able to cleave the AC bonds and free up the glucose molecules that make it up. These gut bacteria then feast on glucose which produces several metabolic breakdown products one of which gives you the crippling gas you and your dorm-mates look forward to from a huge plate of cowboy food.

    With AA it all happens quite rapidly and these sugars are able to pass through the gut and into the blood stream super fast, so quickly in fact that your body may as well be eating a few scoops of table sugar which will actually have less of an impact on blood sugar gram-for-gram than wheat.

    Furthermore, he tells us that,

    “The amylopectin A of wheat products, complex or no [sic], might be regarded as a supercarbohydrate, a form of highly digestible carbohydrate that is more efficiently converted to blood sugar than nearly all other carbohydrate foods, simple or complex.”

    Now here’s the best part.

    “This means that not all complex carbohydrates are created equal, with amylopectin A-containing wheat increasing blood sugar more than other complex carbohydrates. The AA…on a gram for gram basis, are..often worse, than even simple carbohydrates such as sucrose [table sugar].”

    This must have been a gotcha moment when he realized that a book could be written on the totally unique and super fattening properties found only in wheat.

    Yes, Dr Davis reminds us,

    “People are usually shocked when I tell them that whole wheat increases blood sugar to a higher level than sucrose.”

    Well, except for the last quote everything he says is just another story. I hate to be the one that has to bring this up but Davis performs a classic bait and switch and why the heck didn’t Oz’s people catch this? In fact, as I state in my book he would have been better off calling it grain belly, corn belly, rice belly or potato belly since any one of these monikers would have represented more truth than he filled you with, like a cream cheese slathered bagel, above.

    Doesn’t this all add up so far in making for a great story? Although I didn’t watch the show I did see some highlights and noticed that Dr Davis was carrying his own personal wheat belly like an attaché case wrapped around his waist, with him. Now if you had a revolutionary discovery that proved to you how and why people get fat wouldn’t you then be thin based on employing those paradigm shattering principles? Or put another way: why are you still fat while you are telling me to buy your book to lose weight?

    With all of the hype surrounding wheat I thought I would post an article that cuts through the typical advertising that often surrounds diet books especially ones that get more attention than they deserve. In the next few paragraphs much of which comes from my book, I will demonstrate to you that the entire premise on wheat being king of the carbohydrates, being more fattening and raising blood sugar the highest of all carbs is patently false. You don’t even have to be smart to figure this one out either-look at me.

    I know you are dying to hear about the bait and switch but first let me say a few things about wheat that I totally agree with Davis on.

    First of all wheat, let’s just say bread whole grain or otherwise, will clearly turn you into a lard-arse in no time flat if you consume this cereal on a regular basis.
    Wheat contains dangerous lectins that contribute to many diseases including heart disease.
    Wheat contains exorphins which are opiate-like molecules but it does not reign supreme here either as Davis contends. Many other grains and plants and even dairy are big sources for exorphins.

    Now back to number one. We all knew this but decided to forget about it when the elites told us that fat made us fat and that you have to feed your metabolic fire with yes, carbohydrates, to burn fat. Remember that line of barley?

    I remember it well because it was the first time since grade school that I ever got fat. It was the fabulous late 80’s. You could catch me listening to Belinda Carlisle with my swinging doctor friends hanging out at City Grill in LA complete with our two pound Motorola cell phones just waiting to get paged so one of us could look important.

    Even hitting the gym twice a day didn’t stop the flute fueled fat factory from adding a frumpy muffin top to my otherwise sleek, youthful body. That was lesson number one which I quickly recovered from. Yes, it turns out that pasta does make you fat sorry fat-free decade.

    Alright we know that bread or pasta makes us fat but does bread make you somehow fatter than say cornbread or cornflakes?

    According to Davis who’s next magic act will be to make the pyramids of Giza disappear, yes. Now here’s the slight of hand. Drum role please? While amylopectin A may have super-carbohydrate properties being readily available for rapid breakdown into glucose it is not wheat. On page 34 the entire fabric of his illusion hovers around but never lands on the deception based on the important concept of the glycemic index. He spends the bottom of page 33 and page 34 comparing the glycemic indices of whole wheat, white bread, durum semolina and table sugar but note he does not mention any other grains or starches.

    Good we need all the numbers he provides anyway for the argument below but what he deliberately left out was the GI’s of the other far worse grains and starches. What? There are worse grains than wheat in raising blood sugar?

    Wait a minute. He just said that wheat was unique in its ability to raise blood sugar. Actually it can’t and he knows that. That is why he tells you that amylopectin A will raise your blood sugar very quickly not wheat. Although to seal the deal he does say AA containing wheat yada, yada, yada and uses them interchangeably later throughout the book. Remember what Goebbels said that if you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough it will become a fact. AA and wheat clearly the two are related but not clinically. For you see wheat is just about right in the center for its GI right with the rest of the grains and that’s all there is to it. That’s the bait and switch.

    Let’s cover some basics so we are all on the same page. From my book:


    Have you heard that mantra lately? Unfortunately, it’s not just about wheat. Recent books like Wheat Belly have come out suggesting that wheat and only wheat is the real problem in causing fat gain. I agree that wheat is nasty stuff as I’m sure you now agree [after listing in detail the other problems with wheat]. Davis suggests that if you only exclude wheat you will lose weight like water on the Wicked Witch-up to 50 pounds in several months. Nonsense, unless as the book exhorts in the fine print, you forego all grain carbs, starches and sugar carbs you won’t lose fat. But then that’s just a repackaged low carb diet the same one I am talking about. [in my book] Duh.

    Harvard medical school has a website[1] listing the glycemic index (GI) and glycemic loads (GL) for 100 foods. In Wheat Belly, Davis talks about how both whole wheat and white bread have higher GI’s than table sugar. “People are usually shocked when I tell them that whole wheat bread increases blood sugar to a higher level than sucrose.”[2] As you can see however, table sugar (sucrose) has a moderate GI because it’s half fructose and fructose does not raise blood sugar. Glucose on the other hand has a GI of 100 by definition. He also prattles on about amylopectin A one of the starches in wheat that can be broken down very quickly by the body’s amylase enzyme leading to higher elevations in blood sugar but as we just examined the GI of wheat, whole or otherwise, is only moderately high and certainly not the highest. So it’s irrelevant what AA does, wheat does not raise blood sugar any higher or faster than many other grains or starches period.


    Looking at the GI’s for whole wheat & white bread they are the same as expected-low seventies- higher than some other grain preparations but not the highest of the grains and staples by a long shot. On page 151 of Wheat Belly: “Chief among the carbohydrates? Wheat of course.”

    Chief ? Which chief are you referring to? Let’s compare wheat to corn flakes, a baked potato and white rice. No comparison corn flakes come in at a hefty GI & GL of (93& 23) the baked potato is chief at (111 & 33) far higher than wheat (71 & 9) and table sugar (GI-59), and the lowly white rice has a wheat whipping average GI of 89 and GL of 43!

    The baked Russet potato in fact is the highest of the 100 listed followed by fruit rollups (GI 99) and corn flakes (GI 93). Recall what the GI means. It means how effectively this material when eaten raises BLOOD SUGAR compared to glucose. The higher the blood sugar is elevated after a meal, THE HIGHER THE GLYCEMIC INDEX and the more insulin is produced. This high insulin level is the source of inflammation and disease as I have been saying. So the GI is useful as is the GL to help us determine which foods raise blood sugar the most.

    The GI…It estimates how much each gram of available carbohydrate (total carbohydrate minus fiber) in a food raises a person's blood glucose level following consumption of the food, relative to consumption of pure glucose. Glucose has a glycemic index of 100, by definition, and other foods have a lower glycemic index.

    Glycemic index is defined for each type of food, independent of the amount of food consumed. Glycemic load accounts for the amount of food consumed and is calculated in terms of glycemic index. .[3]


    If wheat were so horrific in raising blood sugar then its GI would be the highest there is compared to any other non-fibrous carb-but it’s not even close. In fact to be as bad as Davis suggests it really should exceed the standard we compare it to-glucose with a GI greater than 100 not table sugar which is deliberately deceiving. Even white rice far exceeds the GI of wheat at a GI of 89& GL of 43. I honestly don’t see how wheat at a modest low seventies GI can make you fatter than these higher GI foods based on the argument that raising blood sugar and insulin the highest will make you the fattest. Which we know to be true.

    This entire wheat thing is a clever house of cards-a repackaged low carb diet book. The Harvard GI numbers tell us that the baked white potato is way more of a super-carb than bread or AA! So is corn when prepared as flakes and your run-of-the-mill white rice. You would have been better off naming it Potato Belly or Corn Belly. Nothing new here folks-time to go home.

    In the end it’s about all high glycemic carbs, all of them. That’s why I call it a grain belly only because it’s too cumbersome to say a grain and non-fibrous tuber belly.

    While a whole book was written on a deception that wheat is the worst offender in terms of increasing blood sugar we need to instead stay focused and be clear that both the GI and GL tell us that in general all non-fibrous carbs are high glycemic foods. Consider anything with a GI over 50 to be high glycemic. True it will be a milestone in helping you achieve wellness if you can stop eating all wheat (and gluten if you are sensitive) containing foods because wheat is everywhere and bad for you in many other ways but perhaps only slightly worse in a glycemic way than some other grains with the exceptions noted above. In fact, as far as fat goes it’s far better eating wheat than eating corn flakes or baked potatoes. Don’t expect to drop 50 pounds while enjoying every other non-fibrous carb out there. I personally have done the wheat free diet but ate other breads that were wheat-free, but not grain free, and I stayed as fat as a Christmas goose.

    Why? Because any “bread” is loaded with so much carbohydrate that it matters little that you stopped eating wheat if you still eat other grains or starches. This is really just common sense. It goes a long way in explaining as Dr Eades does in a blog of his, the overweight female who after the lecture complains that she needs carbs because “I know my body.” She might drop wheat consumption but pick up the slack with the other higher glycemic carbs like rice, corn (flakes), and potato or wheat free bread. I still encounter many people that talk this nonsense. As Dr Eades correctly states it’s usually a woman, fat, and adamant that she is a person who has to have starchy carbohydrate. If it were really good for her and necessary somehow for her metabolism I doubt it would be setting her up for a metabolic meltdown like diabesity, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease.

    The only true way to lose fat and feel great is to lose all the non-fibrous carbs and replace with fibrous carbs, higher protein and healthy fat.

    Then it gets a little freaky when Dr Davis cautions that you eat only 2 strawberries per day. Hmmmm, OK. Just recently I did an experiment that I mentioned earlier and ate about 1.5 pounds of mixed berries and grapes then I checked my blood sugar. The conclusion: it was 95 mg/dl at hour two. So much for two strawberries. At least in my case, and I’m very carb sensitive, 30 strawberries and more was still perfectly fine. Now I must admit that my body fat is at an all time low so I’m very insulin sensitive and that may help to explain the nice blood sugars.

    In the above blog I wanted to emphasize that there is no free lunch (pun?). It would be nice if it were true that simply eliminating wheat would cause a massive loss of weight. Even Davis doesn't go that far without saying that you must moderate all carbs to lose weight-which of course makes it a low carb diet repackaged. It's a concept that a lot of authors fell for in their comments on the book and frankly I'm a little shocked at how easily they all stand up and clap. So far nobody took the book to task (except for me) because it is so transparently false. One look at wheat's glycemic index and you have everything you need to know. If you know anything on nutrition and dieting first hand such as I have done then it's a no brainer that you have to moderate all of your non-fibrous carbs especially the grains. Wheat is unique but it's the lectins that make it uniquely toxic. I guess you couldn't attach a cute name and speak truthfully had you addressed that concept in it's entirety and left the low carb dieters alone.


    [1] ( 08/20/2012

    [2] Davis MD. LEF Magazine Wheat the Unhealthy Whole Grain. Oct. 2011

    [3] ( 09/09/2012

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  20. Having a double chin doesn't really have much to do with being overwheight. I've seen plenty of slim people with double chins. I'm pretty overwheight and I don't have a double chin.
  21. Cindy
    Thanks for adding to this. I look forward to reading more articles on your site. I love being grain free. I have never felt like this in my life. It was nice to see a start when it comes to grain issues on popular tv.
    I personally think that even if the wheat belly book starts people thinking , it might make them research further. People need to find out what works for them, without using lame excuses for not changing their view on manufactured food.
  22. Hi Cindy,
    I'm glad you feel so great. I had a heart attack when I was forty so it made me re-think things and to look for a cure. In my forthcoming book (summer 2013) I mention how I made the decision to cure myself outside the SYSTEM and I never looked back. If I had listened to my cardiologists I probably would be dead.Modern medicine is so far gone that it is mandatory that we find credible sources for truth in wellness and healing.
    The entire purpose of my website and blogs are to provide a snapshot of my upcoming book while giving you well referenced truth to the best that I can. That's why I had to throw some light on Wheat Belly which is no different than any other low carb book except that he deliberately misleads you into thinking that if you stop wheat your pounds will melt off. Well some of us know better. And if Davis knows then he isn't applying it since he's rather pudgy.
    I went grain free like you about 8 months ago and I am getting ripped. This hasn't happened to me for years. My endurance is also much, much higher when running, etc.
    I just wish people knew that you need to stop all grains and non-fibrous starches to really reap the benefits which are substantial.
    I appreciate your honesty and willingness to try new things and look what it got you!
    At my past blogs (all excerpts from my book) cover the meat industry and farmed fish, GMO's and several other items. We certainly need to know about CAFO beef, chix, pork if we are to go Paleo and survive it since eating CAFO meats are not the answer. Soon as more people become knowledgeable we can anticipate hopefully a change in how animals are raised and what they are fed.
    Read up on those blogs, trust me you will be shocked at that terrible industry.
  23. J. Sullivan
    When I told my doctor I might be gluten intolerant he recommended reading Wheat Belly. That was a year ago and since eliminating wheat from my diet, my body and brain did improve significantly. However some of my GI issues are returning so I'm finding wheat is not the only culprit. And let's face it, eliminating all carbs is a radical change, especially when I'm the only one in my family making the change.

    Now there's another reason to eliminate high carbs, and that's in the way they're grown. Wheat, corn, soybeans and rice are produced through monoculture farming--growing a single crop species over a vast area year after year. This practice is widely used in modern industrial agriculture and its implementation has allowed for large harvests and profits.

    As opposed to organic farming where diverse crops are grown, monoculture farming leads to insect, disease and weed infestations in the single crop. To combat these issues farmers have moved to GMOs and systemic pesticides that end up in every cell of the plant including the nectar and pollen. Researchers are finding pesticides may contribute to the decline of pollinating insects--as with colony collapse disorder that's killing our honey bees. Without bees we will lose our ability to grow fruits and vegetables, which depend on pollinators. So can we conclude that our huge industrial agriculture business (including CAFOs that survive on corn and soy) is--or not--inadvertently driving out foods that compete with it at the sake of our health?

    I'm pleased to see that the Fox Network aired this episode. Certainly this is one way to expand its market.

  24. Wade Henderson
    Let us just all remember, that there are loads of people who can consume 200 to 400 grams of good carbs per day and still remain healthy, slim, and with excellent blood sugars.

    Wheat and other carbs are not "poison" for everyone.
    Sometimes that simple fact is lost on those desperate to find a solution to their own problem.

  25. Hi Wade,
    Help me out what's a load of people in % of population? What are you calling "good carbs"? Did you read my blog above? Check it out (the long one) if you haven't.

    If you are correct then America's 65 million people with metabolic syndrome should keep eating those foods which indeed are killing them (softly). The SAD or standard American Diet is 71% New Foods which I call Industrial Dinners in my book. They are pasteurized dairy, refined sugar, refined cereal grains (of whole grains it matters little), and cheap seed oils. Just to be clear body fat is probably the least of the concerns with grains and non-fibrous carbs. Those same people with excellent blood sugars happen to be exceptions yet if we were to autopsy any of them we would see atherosclerosis. We already know that. How is that possible if those foods are so healthy?

    Now that sat fat has been redeemed, what's left to blame as a dietary cause for heart disease?

    We happen to now know that answer as well-it's the non-fibrous carbs and pro-inflammatory oils which are destructive through many mechanisms. I know this because I cured my heart disease by following MY PRINCIPLES that I go over in my forthcoming book: inflaNATION: Industrial Diners and a Doc in the Box. I have Heart Scan proof of regression.

    As it turns out and I certainly didn't get into it in my long-winded diatribe above but there are literally poisons in many plant foods from anti-nutrients to lectins. I'm not going to get into it here but I probably will blog a piece of it in the future.

    For example WGA, wheat germ agglutinin, probably plays a role in the entire process start-to-finish in atherosclerosis and heart attack. 500 ug of WGA IVP (IV push) would probably kill you by stroke or heart attack. I'd call that a poison especially when ricin another lectin this time from castor beans is an assassination weapon in the same dose no less-500 ug.

    So actually poison is poison for everyone whether it's from wheat (WGA) or castor beans (ricin). You won't find these in a big, fat, grass-fed steak.

  26. Wade Henderson
    Chris, rather than having me sift through all of your science, how about you do this for me.

    There are about 6.5 or 7 billion people living on this earth. (6,500 million)

    If you could, would you point out a region or area of about 1 to 10 million where folks are eating what you would deem ideal or even a excellent diet. Meaning that the majority of those 1 to 10 million are in compliance with that excellent diet.

    That way I can look at their diet and see what your ideas look like in the real world.

    I've traveled very widely over the decades and I find real world examples most interesting.

    Don't hesitate to include more than one area, region if you have them available.
    Doesn't have to be perfect, just fairly close to your ideal dietary ideas.

  27. Olga
    Hi Andreas,

    Did you hear that Dr's Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra who penned the book, The Great Cholesterol Myth, were on Oz's show on Dec. 11th? I think the tide has officially turned. They got him to admit on national TV in the US that perhaps cholesterol isn't bad for you after all and that sugar is the true enemy. I was amazed. He even suggested to his audience that if they have a high cholesterol reading that they should "push back" and ask their doctor to do a particle size test before jumping onto a statin. I watched it a second time to make sure I wasn't hearing things!!!

  28. Olga
  29. Zepp
    Hm.. I just have a look at this show, nothing new.. but the new thing must being Dr Oz going LCHF or what??
  30. Zepp
    Is there no reaction att all, to that Dr Oz have this message??

    Please tell me all about it.. anybody!

    Reply: #31
  31. Maggan A
    Is there no reaction att all, to that Dr Oz have this message??Please tell me all about it.. anybody!

    First I was going to make a joke about the USA being i shock, but when I realise that they accually are after the tragic event in the school it did´nt seeme such a good idea.

    I share the shock and grief with the American people after this horrible crime!

    For the rest....

    Seariously I think DrOz have to make a few more of this kind of shows before the coin drops by the fatscared public.

    If he really would decide to go lowcarb it will be one of the best news ever for peoples health - both in USA and other countries. I belive he is a very influental person!

  32. Keith Frazer
    I will need more scientific evidence. I have lived in Europe and mediterranean where wheat is a huge part of the diet and they do not have the obesity we see in the USA. We need to go and look at other societies, if you eat four burgers at McDonalds, it probably is not the wheat. I have not read the book but I am also not a MD or biologist and could not tell you the impact of wheat on the cellular structures of the body. I know my bowel movements are more regular when I have home-made bread with fresh ground grains. I personnally eat less when I eat wheat. I am satisfied on a piece of home-made bread slice of chees and meat. This would be my lunch. My lack of discipline and self control is my weight problem.
  33. Zepp
    You dont need moore scientific evidence.. his major pick is wheat!

    Lustigs is fructose!

    I say both is pieces in the pussle, that is junk food.

    I dont regard home made bread as a posion, but one cant compare that with a fabric made bread, how is this days almoste made in 15 minutes, by a lot of chemikals, enzyms and machines!

    I say that sugars and perticuly in the form of sodas is a bigger problem.

    Eat your homemade bread as a part of an other healty diet!

  34. Sue S
    After many years of unresolved stomach discomfort, I have stumbled onto the resolution that specialists could not or didn't want to tackle. I started in May of 2012 eating wheat free, caffeine free, dairy free, sugar free. I now have a rumble free stomach and have lost 25 lbs without exercising. It is not for the faint of heart. It takes enormous self discipline, especially for the first month. Breakfast is harder to find variety. I also have the added problem of not being able to easily digest raw fruits and vegetables, so I only consume cooked ones. But, my skin looks more youthful, my joints don't ache as much. I have energy. It is very hard to give up sugar. I wanted sweet food. Now that I have gotten to a self-disciplined level, I do allow myself a piece (just one) of candy or a small amount of ice cream as a rare treat. I can actually stop at those small amounts, not needing more. I don't want the bloated feeling anymore, so I do not eat anything with wheat. It has made an enormous difference in my daily life, something the doctors never resolved. I have never been tested for celiac disease, but don't need to. I know the culprits are all of the above.
  35. Paul Guilfoil
    My wife and I started a wheat free diet on October 31st. We are both in our '50's and each of us is carrying 50 pounds we didn't have in college. My wife is diabetic, has already had one heart attack, and could not get her blood sugar under control even with insulin. Within days of going wheat free, my wife's diabetes had improved remarkably. Where she used to wake up with blood sugars in the 380-400 range, she now reads 80-100. She has lost 16 pounds, her energy is even and constant, and she no longer prowls the cupboard like a starving grizzly. I had none of her health problems except the weight issue. Wheat free has shown only slight improvement for me. I have lost a few pounds but my energy level is not much improved. I do notice I don't "crave" food the way I used to, I get hungry but it doesn't feel like I am jonesing. I have not noticed the "brain fog" thing for me, but my wife has noticed it in herself, that she is much better able to focus. I think I am going to start focusing on more physical activity and keeping a closer eye on other starches. When I have had successful weight loss it was with exercise. I am trying to lose the entire 50 pounds under the "why not" theory of doing things.
  36. Colleen
    GMO products are poison! This isn't grandma's flour anymore. I've been recently diagnosed with celiac disease (surprise suprise) going wheat free has made be loose not only 30 lbs but also the deep set fat thats been around for YEARS. I'm wheat free and feel great! Dr. Davis is on to something here!
  37. Kim Small
    ive been on the wheat belly diet since December 23Rd. I've lost 16 lbs. January has been a rollercoaster ride of illness. I had what I thought was the flu- body aches, fever, chills, sweating, sinus pain, joint pain, what I call the weak and dizzies. The doctor diagnosed a sinus infection- gave me augmentin- ive been adding probiotics to my diet because I usually get yeast infections when on penicillins and it is suggested in Dr William Davis book.
    After three days on abx and probiotics I am sweating, weak, nauseas, vomiting, constipation, dizzy, brain fog. Have any of you experienced this? I read on line about Herxheimer effect it sounds like that might be the cause. I can not find a length of time for this to stop I could handle for a while but it effects my daily living and I cant get out of the house to work.
    Any ideas?
  38. Anton
    Shoddy post.

    Davis says on average people who eliminate the wheats eat 440 callories less. Far cry from what this post claims.

    Makes sense since tons of stuff made out wheat.

  39. Here, Anton is talking about calories that interests me as I have discussed about it in my book-How to lose your wheat belly. I have published recently available on Kindle.


  40. Nads
    I've been googling to see if others find this wheat free diet aka Wheat Belly a bit odd. If it's all caused by wheat then just get people to give up the damned wheat! Don't pretend it's giving up wheat that is doing it when you are getting people to give up all carbs! It could just be the low fructose even that is the success with this diet.

    Call a spade a spade!

    Reply: #41
  41. Zepp
    Wheat is one pice in the pussle!

    The major puzzle has a name.. its cald Metabolic syndrome.. another one is named Celikaki!

  42. D
    What a bunch of morons. The only people posting on here about "wheat belly" are clearly in poor physical Obviously don't excersise or know anything of nutrition as a whole period. You cant have a trash diet and expect to not be fat. The wheat doesnt cause the problem people. You yourself do. Get off your ass, walk a few miles a day if you cant actively work out, and change your diet and, whoa, your obesity probelms are solved. Unless of course you actually have a medical condition where it is truly causing you harm. Keepmeating whole grains.
  43. Mark Davies
    Amylopectin-a in wheat acts like heroin and is just as addictive, look at the science not what you want to believe.
  44. Julia White
    Now I wonder if this is really accurate!
    Al Sharpton lost a huge amt while and he cloims he has 2 pieces of bread/toast every AM for breakfast as he contunies to remain thin for years!~ I really admire him.
  45. boops
    would some one please tell me is a wheat belly from eating whole wheat and whole grain products and instead we should sub them with white bread and pasta or are we just cutting out all carbs? Then it should be called Carb Belly diet not Wheat Belly. I know for a fact that you can't live on a no carb diet since carbs give you energy. So I wish people would make up their minds between wheat and white.
  46. Cindy
    I only have a moment to answer that but please do some research for yourself . White flour is wheat. Where did you think white flour comes from?
    Good luck to you
  47. boops
    I know where it comes from and know the difference as far as fiber and glycemic index-so why not call it a No Carb diet instead of the Wheat Belly. Like the South Beach diet, Zone diet or Atkins diets-all of which are low carb and some of which cause heart issues with the overabundance of meat.
    I have seen people on no carb diets, they look like walking corpses with the energy of a sloth.

    Your snide remarks are not welcome Cindy.

  48. Parra
    What about the whole grain wheat. I mean the grain in itself. Just cooked an mix w beans or vegetables. Is that of limits to?. Y realized it stil has gluten but it keeps fiber and nutrition intact. Would u consider that less evil?
  49. Gary M
    My overall theory is that there is no such thing as progress. Somehow we have more physical, mental illness, more genetic disorders, and spiritual unbalance, than in colonial times. Even our politics is corrupted with lies. All this genetic tinkering is man playing god which man is bad at. Think the GMO corn is just as bad as the Frankenwheat. Originally thought natural breeding of plants was good. Now wondering about that. ie the wild blueberries have more flavor and nutrients than the big fruited cultivars. YOu can go on and on with examples.
  50. Susan Hill
    I cannot believe anyone would accept Dr. Davis's claims about wheat without any scientific evidence! It is ridiculous to accept what anyone "claims" even if they are an MD without some study and facts - not just opinion. Dr. Davis May mean well but clearly there is no science behind any of his claims. He has not conducted studies and does not support any of his claims with facts. I really think it is a disgrace to promote his anti wheat agenda for what obviously looks like pure financial gain.
  51. Dave
    Dr William Davis is overweight.

    Why would I take weight loss advice from someone who is fat?

    This is like asking men how to give child birth.

  52. Sandra Graham
    What did watch dr. Davis made very best claims about wheats .sugars loved ones about corn starch etc . never dreamed they were such bombshells to think the shortbread ate this Christmas wuth icing sugar & corn starch no wonder am so sick in New Year now this is first year have indulged in baking at holiday season for long time oh was I sick the stress in my life & also have a diabetes 2 daughter who is allergicto almost all foods her condition is genetic since irth so no wonder am sick just watching her & polio ridden hubby who can't digest food properly & constipated all time wonder why am sick with symtoms call it sympathy suggestion likely for myself as for Dr Davis he's part oriental so may be part of his build not neccessarily he's fat usually oriental people are quite healthy as their diets are mostly fish & rice based at least used to be so what chance do poor people like us have when all foods are contaminated with additives & pesticides believe me to eat organis is very expensive tried it so now grow own garden veggies as much as room I have living in modular court this Spring will build my own greenhouse from DIY internet with old windows & some work to place them like a prism for sunshine to get benefit of thegoodness for herbs etc. have also experimented for two years with gardening in pots for veggies quite good so now next step also have been active since 35 years old with gym work & waking - jogging now walking as stress on joints too hard to push them that way take vitamins 7 probiotics to help gut maintain good balance yet still have trouble wonder if my age & stress level render all efforts useless worked so hard since 30's to see it all go for nothing now Dr. Oz hard to take love your show . Sandra Graham
  53. Joseph
    Hello Chris Rasmussen MD, MS
    I just found this post and am so happy to see someone with some measurable intelligence finally clear up the whole Wheat Belly thing. Davis' cult members are nuts, and it's really hard to make much sense of them. All I ever read are quotes, such as:

    "But.. but.. Dr. Davis is GOD! I lost 40 lbs in a week, my joints don't ache, I sleep great, my hair started growing back, I have better sex, my dog came back from the dead, my acne cleared up, I feel so much better!"

    I totally agree with your analysis. I too have the Wheat Belly book, and noticed the 'bait and switch' going on as well. I'm surprised and disappointed more people haven't noticed.

    I think they're just so happy to have their dog come back from the dead.

  54. Gary M
    What I do know is that the grains we eat since the industrial revolution is not the same as the grains for the previous 10,000 years of written history. Then around the 1938, FDA ruled to enrich foods because the bran and germ were taken out of the grain(s). The joke around the 1960's is that Wonder bread puts back in 8 nutrients but takes out twice that amount. Today's fertilizers don't even have the elements needed for healthy wheat/corn to make the plants strong enough to resists pests so the new crops need pesticides..... The crops today are not the same as the crops/food was thousands of years ago.
  55. Sandra Graham
    Have been trying to delete this notice from my contacts to do with Dr. Oz internet however have just been learning about Windows 6 to get organized with all contacts please be advised that don't wish to subscribe to your link so am unsubsribing as of now hope that this gets to you all right thank you . Sandra Graham . PS: please don't be in touch with me again thank you .
  56. Perder barriga
    Very Good!


  57. Melanie
    I must admit that the diet-war that is currently going on on the internet starts to drive me nuts. Why is it so difficult for people to see the truth? People that ban animal products swear on grains and people that ban grains swear on animal products. And they are both right - and they are both wrong. How stupid is that? Grains are totally detrimental to human health and should be avoided at all cost (and YES wheat has opium-like substances in it that trigger up on that). On the other hand all animal-products have now for ages found to be causing all type of disease and should be avoided at all cost as well. The conclusion: NO animal-products of any type. NO grains of any type. RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES (mostly fruit though) is what human physiology is made for. Why? Because science says so. Easy right?
    Reply: #58
  58. Stephen
    When I first read your comment, I thought it was meant as a joke. You do realize that one of the primary tenets of this site is that eating saturated fats, particularly animals fats, is good for health? There is no good evidence of which I am aware that the consumption of animal products is deleterious to human health. None. Studies such as the once celebrated "China Study" have been shown to be invalid in their conclusions. Eating only " RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES (mostly fruit though) " would be a very poor diet for most people, resulting in many of the problems we see with a high carbohydrate diet.

    If you comment was meant in jest, please ignore this reply. If it was not, then you may need to do more study of diet and nutrition. I would suggest Denise Minger's book "Death by Food Pyramid" or "The Big Fat Surprise" by Nina Teicholz.�...

  59. Maria N
    I do believe that Wheat is Evil. Right up there with sugar. Ive lost 100 pounds. For the most part I eat 1 ingredient foods. No processed foods. Fruits and nuts. No bread, bagels, cereals, pastas. No canned soups. Cheese, eggs, meats, poultry are good. I occasionally have chocolate the 90% cocoa. I even have a unopened box of cheerios on my kitchen table. its been sitting there for almost a year. I eat many salads. I use to be bad for eating wheat. Rye bread with cheese whiz, a double whammy. I could almost eat half a loaf no problem. Id order a medium pizza and eat the whole thing. No donuts, no muffins. I just don't crave wheat anymore. I doesn't bother me anymore. No beer either. I have my morning coffee then water the rest of the day. The fellow who says Dr. Davis is fat give your head a shake. I don't think he is. He may not be slim but he's not fat.
  60. Kristina
    This Wheat Belly way of eating is right on. I am a type 2 diabetic, I have lost 53 pounds in a year. Took away my arthritis pain in my joints almost immediately and has stabilized my blood sugar and blood pressure. I am 44 years old.

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