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Here is Tom Naughton’s very well received speech from the LC-cruise. Since he used to do stand up comedy it’s a funny speech. Even more impressive considering the subject: different kinds of studies on diet and health.

See this lecture and you will understand something important: the problem with observational studies. That will make you able to see right through the common mistake that the media, and even many professors, do when reporting on these studies. You know the headlines: “XXX causes heart disease” or any other variation on that theme.

You will for example understand why you will not become taller by playing basketball, even though most people playing basketball are tall.

PS: You can order this lecture on a DVD for 14.99 USD (with free shipping) if you’d rather see it like that, or show it to friends.

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  1. Marci
    LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT and the laughing I did while watching this excellent video probably did a lot for my overall health too!!! THANKS!!
  2. angie
    That. Was. Awesome.
  3. Jaime
  4. Pieter
    Enlightning with a wonderful sense of humour. I wonder if these scientists have a sense of humour as well (I doubt it)
  5. Chris
    Thanks for that video! Tom is hilarious!

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