Pasta Addiction on the TV-show Portlandia

Quite funny. Do you know someone who’s addicted to pasta?

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  1. Very funny but as always spreading the common insanity against fat !!
  2. Kyle
    The diet doctor's a portlandia fan!
  3. Daniel Ferreira
    i personally hate all refined carbs, or anything over 10g of carbs per serving.
  4. Jessica Valentino
    Hilarious! Such a funny show. But ofcourse you won't be able to give it up if you're replacing it with raw fruits and veggies--shows why it is so hard for so many people. Last night we had huge homemade turkey parmesan meatballs cooked with lots of fat with homemade marinara drizzled down the top and mozzerella cheese melted over the top. Didn't really miss the pasta.
  5. Jos.
    In Canada, the Epidemiological profile of the country is falling — that is, the gap between Rich & Disenfranchised is rapidly increasing. Here, the commercial influences of the US and UK are significant and real. As a graduate student, I sometimes have to go to what are called 'food-banks' (somehow not an ironic term); and they supply day-old bread, and pasta. My otherwise successful LCHF lifestyle is occasionally interrupted by these ill-addressed shortfalls in the political-economy. Although this video is charming and comedic, there is a interesting inversion suggested in the addictive nature of carbohydrates, as an order of poverty signifier, showing the commercial addiction of market makers to degraded and desperate consumer-citizens. The provincialism of the neighborhood pusher, so to speak.
  6. Doug

    It's not that wealthier people don't fall victim to obesity and diabetes, it's that they know what they're doing wrong and have the financial means to correct it via buying fresh vegetables, meats and gym memberships.


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