Mission Impossible?

One slice of bacon

Are you a Lord of the Rings nerd like me? That’s probably necessary to enjoy this.

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  1. 1 slice of bacon is never enough...
  2. FrankG
    This made me smile and has already been shared with my local source for grass-fed beef and pastured "English" bacon!


    Although it's probably nothing to lose one's head over... 😛

    Do I get extra nerd-points for the Game of Thrones reference? ...or maybe it is still too soon :-(

  3. Steve
    Doc, maybe if you ask nicely Mayor Bloomberg will decree that no one shall eat more than one slice of bacon. That'll solve the problem, right? Right?
  4. FrankG
    Jim Gaffigan - Camping, waking up, and bacon!

  5. Life without bacon wouldn't be worth living! Am currently watching Game of Thrones Season 2 - excellent series. Rather a lot of bare bottoms though!
  6. FrankG
    Another story from Sweden that I think is worthy of note

  7. And one does not simply eat it for breakfast--there's nothing like bacon for second breakfast...elevenses...lunch...afternoon tea...dinner...supper...he knows about them, doesn't he?
  8. haha that made me laugh, thanks. The more the better!
  9. Raphael S

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