Merry Christmas


Klara and all of the Diet Doctor family wishes you a very Merry Christmas.

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OT: Not Exactly Paleo 15
You Can Learn Anything 1
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Encouraging Reviews 6
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  1. Tia
    What a cute little Santa!
    Thanks! Same to you and your family! :-)
  2. FrankG
    You have a beautiful daughter Dr Andreas. All the very best wishes to you and yours at this time of mid-winter when we look forward, with hope, to the future
  3. Judy Wilbur
    Klara is a beautiful and happy representation of the extra dimension of happiness and hope of the holiday season and coming new year that our little ones add to our lives.
  4. C. Buck
    That - is a beautiful picture! Merry Christmas!
  5. CU
    Merry Christmas doctor! You have a lovely daughter. May the Lord send many blessings to you and your family.
  6. Kurt
    On behalf of the Weight Rater family, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well to the Diet Doctor family. It was a great year of diet news and advice. Let's have a better 2013!
  7. Anne
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!
  8. She is absolutely gorgeous! congratulations, wishing you a very blessed year and hoping to see you in South Africa soon.
  9. Cathy Richardson
    WOW, does Klara ever look like Daddy here!! Hope you all are having a very blessed New Year. God bless you all.

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