Interview: Good Food is Good Medicine

Here’s the first of several interviews with experts on low carb nutrition. First out: “Denver’s Diet Doctor” – dr Jeffry Gerber, MD. This was recorded at the ASBP obesity conference in Denver back in April.

Dr Gerber, like me, is a family physician specializing in treating patients with obesity, diabetes and other metabolic problems. He’s also a super nice guy. So what’s it like being a doctor treating patients with advice on high fat and Paleo diets? Listen and find out!

Dr Jeffry Gerber’s website

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  1. mezzo
    Thank you very much, Andreas, for putting this up. Dr. Gerber comes across as a very friendly, gentle and caring person. And a competent person, of course. Very good at explaining things in a clear way, easy to listen to. Great job.
  2. I'm 18 and I've been eating about 80% paleo for about 1.5 years. I feel great! I never had a weight problem but i hope to avoid the weight gain so many people experience after high school. And I love being able to eat bacon and butter. I'll choose good food over fast food any day!
  3. Andreas, thank you so much for these videos. Each one is a gem chock full of each individuals experience and knowledge. Changing my diet to Primal/Paleo has saved my life. My family history is of individuals who have died early from diabetes/overweight.cardio complications.
  4. Lomac
    My HDL is 2.38 mmol/L. LDL is 1.7 mmol/L (very, very low!). I was pretty happy. But now i know it means less than i thought. how do I test what the particle size is? Is it a standard test? It is not available as standard for my patients and no HCPs i talk to have heard about it?
  5. Lomac,
    Sounds extremely likely that your risk profile is great – your LDL particles should all be large and fluffy.

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