Dreamfields’ Pasta Fraud post going viral?

This is interesting. Dreamfields may have deleted all mentions of their fraud from their Facebook-page, but traffic to the post is spiking.

Lots of people are showing up via Facebook, Reddit.com and Stumbleupon. The post may be on it’s way to go viral. Feel free to recommend it at these links: Reddit / SU.

This may become a very day for Dreamfields, and a good one for the truth

Updated: Dreamfields did not delete the posts, they just changed the default way to show their wall. Press “recent comments” and you can still see them.

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This Year’s Seafood Platter 8
My Health Markers After Eight Years on LCHF 142
Dinner at Diet Doctor’s 51
“The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp” 6
Vacation Time 8
At the Diabetes Meeting in Vienna 0
Merry Christmas 9
Try to Get It Right Next Time 8
OT: Not Exactly Paleo 15
Paleo Wars at AHS! 80
AHS showdown: Gary Taubes vs Stephan Guyenet 112
Bacon Trending on Twitter 52


  1. To be fair, all of the comments with links to your post criticizing their pasta are still there Andreas. Click on "recent comments" and you'll see them listed there. :)
  2. Here's Part 1 of 3 of my interview with Dreamfields Healthy Pasta President Mike Crowley today Responding To The Low-Carb Pasta Comparison Study published in Diabetes Care and the criticisms of people like Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt: http://t.co/ndBPIgM
  3. Jimmy,
    Aha – now I see them. Apparently they just changed the default way to show their Wall. Hiding it is certainly better than deleting criticism. Good.

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