Don’t Feed the Animals

Animals get sick when fed bread and snacks instead of their natural diets. Of course, the same goes for people.

More on our natural diet.

Picture via GrassFedGirl.

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  1. Yes, bread and other grain based diets are not good for most animals. I wrote this some time ago about what happens to zoo-gorillas when they are fed a "hearthealthy whole grain diet"

  2. JAUS
    #1 Most animals? Name one single animal that can live on bread alone, there are none.
  3. Laura
    THis I LOVE!!
    One could photoshop it with the silouhette of a human.....I think I will have it printed on a t shirt, much mouse mat and finally screen saver!
  4. Thanks for giving me credit! I hope it helped lots of people.

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