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  1. Jim
    ABC News:

    Soda Sale Decline Could Signal Healthy Change

  2. Linda
    yes I ;m very interested in this ,&love to get emails.
  3. monica fisher
    Very interested.
  4. Qabugy
    very helpful
  5. Sultan Ali
    Hello Mr. Diet Doctor
    My name is sultan Ali, Since few days i am receiving your updates and reading your articles.
    I like to tell about my Health to you so you ca give me some advises.
    I am 61 years old , before four months from doctor that i have diabetic he test from his meter it was 400 mg/dl. he send me to get tested from lab the results was HB A1C 14.9 % . he suggest 500 mg Metformin three times daily .
    After a month i read your articles on net and also some others sites about LCHF diet .who was advising to change diet like you. In the beginning I i started from 100 grams carbs then 50 grams.
    My weight was 107 kg. but now it is 101 kg. And my sugar level after two hours is 130 mg/dl. And in fasting it is now between 90 to 100 mg/dl.
    Since 15 years i was suffering pain in my left leg due to ( SCIATICA. L 4,L 5 NERVE PINCHED ) and was not able to walk free of pain more then 5 minutes .. but due to diet control and weight loss i am slowly walking without pain more then ten minutes.
    Please tell me how can get three times meal Plan according to LCHF is there any site please refer to me .
    At last sorry to take your valuable time God will give you reward for your co operation .
    Thanks&Best Regards
    Sultan Ali
    Reply: #6
  6. Zepp
  7. Esther
    Hey Doc i am new here i am 5 ft 1 and 165 lbs i need to loose i started 2 weeks but nothing hapen yet i try doing LCHF,
    Reply: #8
  8. Zepp
    Then try to read up!

    This is an good example of how to do it.. no carbs.. no starch!

  9. racheal
    Hey.have been on the lchfd for a wee.everytime i go to the toilet all i do is diarrhoea n i do drink lots of it a sign of losing weight
    Reply: #10
  10. Zepp
    Diarrhea is not a good sign on any diet!

    The most comon side effect in the begining is constipation.

    Are you realy doing it this way?

  11. Barb
    I would love to hear some general comments/advice for anyone, like me, female, officially senior citizen, a bit overweight (1.5 stone) with recent Metabolic syndrome diagnosis. (Not surprised, btrothers with both bld sugar and cholesterol issues) I am active, exercising 4-5x per week and eating LCHF for 1 month. Weight loss is very slow! I'm not yet working on how much carb I can manage and maintain weight loss.
    Is it harder for us, So much research has been with younger, male subjects. I am envious about the reported health improvements and weight loss. Have used keto-sticks and managed to find a trace of ketones, but never more thant that.
    Encouraging words?
    Replies: #12, #13
  12. erdoke
    If I remember correctly a bit higher protein is preferential for women after a certain age. Also, higher cholesterol levels turned out to be protective in several studies.
    What daily carb intake have you maintained on this diet so far?
  13. Zepp
    Encouraging words!

    And heres a easy explanation about how to do it!

    Make special attention on the demand feeding approche!

  14. Anne
    I have a little story to tell. I am a type1 diabetic and go to doctors quite often for prescriptions and testing since my car accident. I am a rarity now because I am obese. I started out thin - was thin all my life until around 2007 - and then the weight just kept piling up.

    They kept telling me the weight gain was because I could not count carbs accurately (sneer was sometimes withheld). I kept saying that somehow the accident had changed something to do with my diabetes control. Tired of this mocking, I cut all carbs out of diet a year ago and thought I could just do it without any help. I ate too much - steaks, half a pound of bacon, etc. at first but eventually figured out how to eat with the help of a large book and a doctor who supported LCHF.

    It has been a year but because of another underlying, undetected infection my BGs weren't extremely good and I lost no weight and my liver kept sabotaging weight loss attempts. I had to create hypotheses and experiments to prove or disprove them until I finally narrowed it down to the liver -- hyperglycemia not related to food intake. I started "supporting" the liver then with a once a day Blessed Milk Thistle capsule from the health food store. Within 3 weeks, the liver was reacting and inflamed and I was sick and then it was over. The liver had a lot of garbage to toss out apparently. I am hoping this will make a difference along with more exercise.

    The liver tests at the doctors showed my liver to be normal the entire time. The tests, however, never show anything wrong until 75% of your liver is dysfunctional. Who needs that? The little, safe herbal support (known to help livers for 3,000 years) told all. So try to make sure everything (organs, etc.) is working properly before giving up.

    Thanks LCHF!

  15. Desley
    Hi Zepp,
    I found those links you provided very helpful.

    At least I know I'm on the right path.

    I made the commitment to change my life style to a LCHF one on 12th Nov 2014, & although my weight loss has been slow. I'm committed to the new changes!

    I've printed the pages from the Duke University Medical Centre that you recommended & the next time someone asks me what diet I'm on, I just hand it to them & say; it's all in there!

  16. Jerry
    I'm more than a little discouraged at my inability to loose weight. I'm pushing 70 years old, 6'3", 300 lbs. A year and a half ago I went on a low carb diet as suggested by my family doctor (even read Gary Tuabes Why we get fat...). At that time I weighed 280 lbs. I stayed at or below 20 carbs/day for the first six months without any weight lose. I logged all food consumed. Since then I have be keeping a fairly low carb habit (50 - 100 carbs/day. The only thing left I think is more activity (I still spend 8 to 10 hours behind a desk each day as a computer programmer). I still have hope, but have no idea why I have failed to loose weight.

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