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  1. Jim
    ABC News:

    Soda Sale Decline Could Signal Healthy Change

  2. Linda
    yes I ;m very interested in this ,&love to get emails.
  3. monica fisher
    Very interested.
  4. Qabugy
    very helpful
  5. Sultan Ali
    Hello Mr. Diet Doctor
    My name is sultan Ali, Since few days i am receiving your updates and reading your articles.
    I like to tell about my Health to you so you ca give me some advises.
    I am 61 years old , before four months from doctor that i have diabetic he test from his meter it was 400 mg/dl. he send me to get tested from lab the results was HB A1C 14.9 % . he suggest 500 mg Metformin three times daily .
    After a month i read your articles on net and also some others sites about LCHF diet .who was advising to change diet like you. In the beginning I i started from 100 grams carbs then 50 grams.
    My weight was 107 kg. but now it is 101 kg. And my sugar level after two hours is 130 mg/dl. And in fasting it is now between 90 to 100 mg/dl.
    Since 15 years i was suffering pain in my left leg due to ( SCIATICA. L 4,L 5 NERVE PINCHED ) and was not able to walk free of pain more then 5 minutes .. but due to diet control and weight loss i am slowly walking without pain more then ten minutes.
    Please tell me how can get three times meal Plan according to LCHF is there any site please refer to me .
    At last sorry to take your valuable time God will give you reward for your co operation .
    Thanks&Best Regards
    Sultan Ali
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  6. Zepp

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