Zero fat marshmallows

Dan Brummit sent us this picture of these “mega marshmallows”, which contain absolutely zero fat. Must be real healthy, right?

…or not. “Fat free” is just a code word for tons of sugar, just like here. I wonder if anyone still falls for this old trick.


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  1. Apicius
    Notice the "extra fluffy, extra LARGE" description on the packaging.
    This is exactly what this junk food does to your body if you eat them!!!!
  2. Bonnie
    That is weird. Marshmallows don't have fat in them - never have. It's like a sign that used to be on the pistachio bin at the store: Gluten Free!

    I'm waiting for labels on fruit saying: No added sugar!

  3. Emma
    Jelly babies are "fat free" too and Haribo.

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