New obesity drug: It may help you lose weight, it may kill you


Obesity drugs are dangerous things. A new “promising” treatment from Zafgen resulted in around 13 percent lost body weight in their latest trial. Unfortunately eight patients suffered “serious” adverse effects, like pulmonary embolism, and two died.

Sound like Russian roulette. Would you play?

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  1. Cathy
    Hi there,is it true that hospitals like A&E are turning obesity patients away??as i went to a&e as got shortness of breath but iv got a umbilical hernia growth & it's growing right up to below my rib cage & a&e said that my doc would have to do a referral to get it checked out & did a internal check & said it seems i could have a slight prolapsed Bladder to & sent me away & im trying to exercise even though im not getting enough air in & im walking as thinking it's gonna help me till i can get a doc appointment & can't get one & my bowel is getting blocked & im in bad pain with my ribs & stomach & it's gone to one side my stomach & keeps rumbling & so do you think i should go back to A&E as hospital did aggre that it could be getting twisted & strangulated so pleeeeeese any advice id be thankful for please reply back at least?,thanks
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  3. robert
    Why can't you get an appointment with your GP?

    You have an acute problem (including pain) and you seem to think it is serious enough to go to A&E.

    Don't let yourself get pushed around like a piece of furniture. Refusing to treat people with serious problems is illegal in my country.

    Stand up and fight.

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