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Over 475,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on a keto diet.

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I am a 68 year old woman living in Canada. I have had significant weight issues for about 20 years. I did a diet related to gluten and dairy and allergy issues five years ago and lost 30 pounds (14 kg). Then I was just holding.

I found the challenge easy to step into. And have lost 4 pounds (2 kg). And 1.5 inches (4 cm) around the waist. I feel full and satisfied. The recipes are for the most part very delicious. I have had a little difficulty with menus as I cannot have dairy and eat eggs sparingly and no pork due to allergies. Over the years, I have learned substitutions…

Hopefully, I can continue. I started this diet on recommendation from my doctor due to lab work issues. I’m not on any medication and wish to stay that way.

Thank you,

The two-week challenge is well planned. I especially liked the daily emails to keep me on track.

I’m a 58-year old male who wanted to shed a few pounds because my clothes were getting tight. I did not weigh myself but after two weeks the fat melted away and my clothes (especially pant waste line) are fitting comfortable again. I will continue on. I only have one concern. I ate oatmeal every day for six months and lowered my cholesterol by 20 points. So I’m uncertain what will happen if I stay on this plan but will give it a try for six months and test again in late December.

Finally, I did cheat on the last day at an engagement party and had a piece of cake with icing. It threw me into a sugar high. Never again will I do that. It showed me what simple carbohydrates do to your body. So I’m a keto fan as long as my blood work stays good!


At last a diet I believe I can stick to long term. The first week was pretty rough but the second a revelation. No cravings, less appetite and great food. All the recipes worked out well and it made things simple having lunch prepared from the previous evenings dinner. I’m feeling slimmer, less bloated and optimistic for the future.

Thanks a million,

My husband and I did the 2-week challenge together. We LOVED it and are continuing on this plan.

I have seen many diet plans that are overwhelming from the start, with three different recipes to make every day. I LOVE that your plan requires cooking one very simple meal a day and using that for lunch the following day. Eggs for breakfast are easy enough. The whole thing is so simple, the recipes are delicious and that set us up for success! Also, we did not find it to cost any more that we would normally spend on groceries.

Also, I have lost a couple of pounds but my husband lost 9 pounds (4 kg) in week 2! So encouraging!

Thank you for putting this program together!

Finally! After two weeks of hard work and determination, I made it through the LCC!

I’m not planning on leaving keto anytime soon. As a 16-year old teenager girl I get caught up like so many other teenagers on weight and size. It’s sad when you think about it, but countless teens my age have already been on several diets.

These two weeks made me realize how little people know about food and nutrition. I was constantly being asked by my friends and family how I kept on losing weight (which I did while eating LOTS of avocado and bacon) by seemingly eating lots of fat and things that people still deem unhealthy.

My whole family is on keto now, after seeing the results I got. I incorporated intermittent fasting right off the bat and was surprised how effortlessly it integrated into my lifestyle. It also helped a great deal with the weightloss.

I’m into fitness and was worried that keto might stop my progress at the gym. But I only got stronger and faster. And I never got tired!



I’m Annette, 61 from Munich, Bavaria.

Thank you for the two-week challenge. You make keto sooo easy! I love your recipes. Even my adult kids join me when they come for a visit.

I became a member of DD to support your great work and to keep me up to date. I love the style of your homepage and the structure. I’m quite new to keto and IF, but my first eight weeks have been very interesting and life changing. I’m a medical doctor and whenever a patient asks me about my change I tell them about keto and IF. Life is so interesting!

Thank you for your excellent work!

Hi guys!

Thank you. I found the challenge quite easy, the meals, recipes & hints great & if I didn’t take a fancy to one meal you made it easy to find an alternative one. I was even able to go out & pick a meal close to the ones suggested. My only difficulty is I still look for a snack, even though I feel satisfied after having a meal, finding savoury snack ideas as I don’t have a sweet tooth.

As I live in Mt Evelyn, Vic Australia and am a single person, the metric conversion and number of servings option is invaluble. I lost 2 kg (4 lbs). I intend to keep going. Happy!


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