1. Kamila Straker
    Doc, can you tell us what's on the plate? Please.


  2. Sandy
    Yes, please tell us what is on the plate and what makes this meal LCHF??
    Thanks so much!!
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  3. Sandy
    Do you have a handy chart for the wall featuring LCHF choices and meal plans?
    That would be a very handy tool for staying on track.
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  4. Zepp
    I see, scrimps, probably even some smoked scrimps, one smoked mussle, smoked salmon, gravlax.. and probably some sort of mayo or aioli!


  5. Elenor
    O.M.G.!! That is the most perfect gorgeous little girl I have ever seen. PLEASE do it again!!! And maybe one more time after!!!
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  6. erdoke
    Are you the mother or what? :o))

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