A year of self-tracking in nutritional ketosis

What would happen if you spent a year eating a very low-carb diet, a ketogenic diet, while tracking all kinds of blood tests and other things?

Dr. Jim McCarter did just that and presented his findings at this year’s Low Carb Vail conference. You can now watch the entire 10-minute presentation above (transcript).


This video has been previously available to our members. Here’s what they have been saying about it (besides giving it a 4.6 out of 5 rating):

This video is fabulous! It is a perfect anecdotal depiction of what this way of eating can do for your health. It is definitely a go to video for those that are curious about LCHF and want a quick explanation with great easy to follow charts for newbies. Thank you!
– Christine

Video @ 2:24 – “Spikes, crashes”,… yep I experienced that for a long time! “Insulin stops fat mobilization.” Not too long ago, trying to lose weight by eating lots of berries and fruit and exercise didn’t work. Now that weight is coming off and the blood sugar levels normalizing by LCHF diet! :-) Great info. Thanks for the video.
– Robert

Great video! In just ten minutes, Dr McCarter eloquently outlines his one year journey in ketosis whilst highlighting his personal (subjective) experience of benefit as well as the scientific (objective) benefits.
This is a tremendous introduction to a ketogenic diet to show those potentially interested.
– Sean

Now I understand about getting cramps in my calves. Excellent talk. Thank you.
– Pat

I love this guy, great presentation, very succinct!
– Debra

Very good presentation, I took notes on this and am going to try adding salt and slow release magnesium. LCHF has been a miracle for me and I’ve gotten very in tune with how it reacts to different types of foods. I love the data side as he discussed in the video – I wish I would have done that from the beginning of my journey. I’m down 40 lbs with 20 more to go. No hunger, no afternoon fatigue, joint pain gone, healthy gut, great sleep. I’m a believer.
– Annie


  0:13  Empowering the patient with self-tracking
  2:15  Carbs and the glucose and insulin roller coaster
  5:15  Benefits of ketosis
  7:00  Blood pressure and lipids
  8:15  Challenges



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