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Our low-carb recipe site is probably already the most popular one in the world, with over 100,000 daily pageviews, several hundred recipes and gorgeous images. Now we’re adding even more great functions.

You can now change the number of servings for recipes – the ingredient amount will correspond to the number of servings – and you can now also choose between the US or the metric measurement systems for ingredients. All to make it simpler to use our recipes.

We’ve also added a function for members so that it is now possible to save your personal favorite recipes. To activate the latter feature you need to be logged in, so that your selections can be saved for later.

This is still just the beginning of making it simpler to use our delicious low-carb recipes. We have another even more exciting feature coming up soon.

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  1. Mina
    Dairy-free, hopefuly.
  2. Vilma
    Saving the recipes sounds exactly what I need to find the stuff I want to try without keeping a ton of tabs open in my browser! The metric conversion is also very helpful. :)
  3. Tim
    Can save recipes but can't find a link to access favorites. Only favorites link I see is to videos.
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  4. Apicius
    Wonderful job, Team Diet Doctor. Great add-on for the members where we can save favorite recipes. I've spent long time trying to find them, and I really appreciate the new tool!

    May I suggest one thing? I'd like to see more "old world" recipes. There are many, many LCHF type recipes that our great great great grandmothers used to cook...this was before the highly processed junk we are exposed to today. They used to cook with lard and butter, making delicious stews, pate, soups, roasts, omelettes, sauces,....and of course nose-to-tail eating. I understand that the recipes on this site need to appeal to the modern taste buds (pumpkin spice Starbucks latte flavour stuff)...but, also a great avenue to re-introduce to the world the ancient LCHF eating that everyone considered "normal" homemade fare. How about "Duck Confit", or "Veal Saltinbocca", or "Porchetta Roast of Tuscany"...take us on an epic journey of vintage LCHF good eating...I would really love to see that.

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  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    We're going to add a simpler link from every recipe page. At the moment you find your favorite recipes close to the top of the main recipe page, or here:
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    That's a cool idea. We might do that, I'll forward it to our recipe group.
  7. Steve Parker, M.D.
    Thanks for the improvements. I know how much work that took.
  8. Nani
    Thanks for the great job, you are my goto favourite recipe blog! I also wanted to congratulate the photographer for the beautiful food pictures... I just cannot praise you guys enough! By the way, great idea Apicius! This week I'll try the oxtail recipe... this is a vintage, isn't it?! ?
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  9. Apicius
    Oh yes indeed! Brings me back to Osso Bucco with the delicious gremolata garnish. Vintage LCHF indeed!
  10. Buttonz
    Thank you! Having just started out on our low-carb journey (day 3!), it is nice to be able to choose recipes for only two servings and in metric! :)
  11. Tony
    I like the new metric measurements, goodbye cups. Shame that baked items still use volume rather than weight.
  12. db2fighter
    This is awesome. I tried oopsie bread for the first time this week and the family loves it. I would like to see an ability to create a categorized pdf cookbook with all the recipes once you have selected the carb restriction level. Also the ability to download a single recipe as a PDF. Great work and thank you all for helping us all to help ourselves.
  13. gbl
    db2fighter you may have the Save As PDF option in your Microsoft softwear as One Note. Click through after you Print, and see PDF in the Save As options.

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