World more obese than underweight


There are now more people with obesity in the world, than people who are underweight. This according to a new study in the Lancet. Add people who are overweight and there are four times more.


Note in the graph above that if this epidemic continues soon more than 50% of humanity will be overweight. Most developed countries have already passed that point.

Obviously this is not due to a sudden world-wide loss of character. It’s because of a change in the environment: a fear of natural fat, a shortage of real unprocessed foods and (most of all) easy access to massive amounts of sugar and other refined carbs.

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The Lancet: Trends in Adult Body-Mass Index in 200 Countries from 1975 to 2014: A Pooled Analysis of 1698 Population-Based Measurement Studies with 19·2 Million Participants


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  1. tony
    All the time I question the accuracy of these overweight studies. Don't get me wrong. Becoming slim via LCHF I'm able to notice more fat people around but I'm not sure it's in the magnitude portrayed by the BBC article.

    According to the article, the figures were calculated from "pooled data." But to represent that this data accurately reflects the correct bmi levels of all the nations is incorrect and a lie. The most these scientists could represent is bmi levels from "pooled data."

    And what is this pooled data? It certainly is not a statistical sample of each country's population which could give you at the most, a 99% level of accuracy.

    For example, my doctor's office has a thermostat setting at 60 degrees. Thus, I need to wear heavy clothing to keep warm. Combined with keys, phone, wallet and other stuff I carry my weight goes up 11 lb. jumping me from my normal 22.9 bmi to a fatter 24.6. Who knows how many folks with boderline bmis are erroneously classified as overweight or obese, Are the study's source for their "pooled data" medical facilities readings?

  2. tony
    I'd like to add that rather than bmi, body fat percentage should be measured and used. It's very simple: above 15% for men and 22% for women you are fat.

    I see numerous folks with a "healthy range" bmi that are fitos (fat inside and thin outside).

    There is no doubt in my mind that at least 90% of the world population is fat.

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  3. Pierre
    Indeed, they are also called skinny fat.

    They have the consistency of marshmallows.

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