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How do you like my new working space at home? No distractions!

I feel extra creative with my new giant whiteboard (7 x 4 feet). In the picture above ideas for AHS were sorted and organized using sticky notes. The lecture is now ready to be rehearsed and finalized.

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  1. Paula Williams
    Hi, Saw you speak on the Lo Carb cruise, thank you!

    You have some pretty bad Feng Shui going on there. You should turn your desk around so it faces into the room, it will make you more productive and you will feel more secure so you can think better. If you can, place it in the corner furthest away from the door at an angle so you can see both the door and the whiteboard while seated.

    LOVE the chair!

  2. The fung goh pei fung shui aside, get a table that raises and lowers. The idea being to break up the hour by standing a bit. Helps prevent the problems that come from sitting for hours in front of a computer. BTW, we have the same computer, but mines bigger. >-D
  3. The most important ingredient in productivity is a firm deadline. So you might put a calendar above the computer, and circle your due-date in red!
  4. chrisnpiggies
    Uh-huh, I agree with everybody. Love the woodwork on the floor, though!
  5. Paula,
    I'll think about it but I think facing the wall is good for my focus.

    Yes, deadlines are great.

    The 24" screen was the biggest there was when I got it. I'll wait until there is one bigger than yours, then I'll upgrade. ;)

  6. mezzo
    Paula: that was my first thought, too. Facing the wall would not feel right to me - I need the feeling that my back is protected. Focus, on the other hand, is a good idea. Feng Shui has some good idea, but what counts for more is that it feels right to oneself.
  7. Oh, is that the 24"? Sorry, we have the same size. The current iMac has a 27" option so maybe time to upgrade? The important thing though is changing position. Avoid the lbp and neck and shoulder pain.
  8. Funderaren
    Gary, its not about the size.
  9. Milton
    I can understand the comments re:facing the wall, but I've read that it's good to periodically stand up and look around in order to stretch the muscles, including those around the eyes. Having the desk face the wall shouldn't be a problem as long as you take the necessary breaks throughout the day. But you should know this, you're a doctor after all. :)
  10. @Funderaren: Those that don't have the width always say that.

    @Milton: Different Doctors, Different Foci.

  11. Michael Cohen
    Its much too neat!!
  12. Jon

    Jon's advice: make sure not to miss Don Matestz's pitch.

  13. Funderaren
    Gary if its gonna be a width contest, my display is 100 inch. ;)
  14. Fun-ie: You'd have to be projecting. Very low def.
  15. Funderaren
    Gary, its 1920*1080. On a normal viewing distance thats enough definition. Size doesnt really matter, because the distance to the screen that determines how large portion of your viewing field that the screen covers.

    And since Doc already has a 24 inch screen, it think he could get a better result with a secondary 24 inch display. its very practical working with 2 large screens. Not having to close down the presentation just because you have to check something on the net.

    And besides, couldnt be that bad having both kostdoktorn and dietdoctor on their own display at the same time. :)

  16. The office would make a great submission to's "Workspace of the week".
  17. Paula Williams
    Hi - another solution to the "unprotected back" is to put a mirror somewhere on the wall so you won't be startled if someone walks in ... you'll get a glimpse of motion and know that they're coming yet will have the majority of the wall for focus.

    Doc, you do such GREAT work! Keep it up. I'm always SHARING your work with others.

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