A Wonder Drug for Heart Attacks Which “Does Not Work”

Dropping cholesterol to unprecedented low levels, using a new drug, was supposed to almost end heart disease. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Now experts question whether the expensive drug should be used at all:

A new “hugely expensive” cholesterol drug does not improve overall survival chances for patients with heart disease and should be withdrawn from use, experts have said:

The Telegraph: NHS wasting tens of thousands a year on ‘wonder’ drug for stroke and heart attacks which does not work, experts claim


The End to Heart Disease is Not Here

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  1. eric
    What makes me so angry about the FOURIER study is that the authors called death a secondary outcome. Secondary?! More people died in people who were randomized to the drug than placebo. Although the difference did not reach scientific "significance". Try telling that to the people who died from the drug. True, there were slightly less heart attacks but somehow the cardiovascular death rate was higher in other ways. The headlines in the media that reported this study almost all said "NEW DRUG CUTS HEART ATTACKS" which leaves the casual reader with impression that Repatha is a drug worth using. If I was the editor of a newspaper my headline would be "MUCH HYPED & COSTLY DRUG FAILS TO SAVE LIVES" Perhaps the the advertising dollars from drug companies influence the angle on their coverage. That is sad. This drug should be pulled from the market.
  2. Tamarah
    you think ?

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