Will you be number 100,000?


Competition time – there is a prize to be won!

DietDoctor.com was launched four months ago and pretty soon it’s time for visitor number 100,000. A big event, even if my Swedish blog is closing in on visitor number nine million now. This is a great start and it’s exciting to see ever more international readers.

Here is how to claim the prize: UPDATE: competition over, winner to be announced.

How to win

Take a picture with the meter at 100,000 (or as close as possible) and mail it to me. Note that the meter only increase when a new person visit, so more than one person may see the same number. The first one to get the picture to me wins. If nobody manages to get 100,000, the winner will be the one with the closest bigger number.

Possible method – PC

  1. Press “Print screen” while the meter is on the screen
  2. Open the program “Paint”
  3. Press ctrl-V
  4. Save the picture
  5. Attach the picture in a mail to me

Possible method – Mac

  1. Press shift-command-4 while the meter is on the screen
  2. Press space
  3. Press left mouse  button
  4. Picture is saved on desktop
  5. Attach the picture in a mail to me

The prize

The winner will get a signed copy of my book about diet, health and LCHF, as soon as it’s available in English. Right now it’s a bestseller in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

Good luck!


Just to be safe I’ll change something next to the meter just before 100,000. In other words: no cheating with Photoshop. ;)

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