Will sugar and ice cream cure diabetes?


This is just insane. How about a Pepsi-organized day when kids can drink massive amounts of sugar sweetened beverages (32 oz. mugs! unlimited refills!) with ice cream on top… and the proceeds goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!?

Only in America, the land of the free obesity and diabetes.

The 13th Annual Oakland A’s MUG Root Beer Float Day

What do you think?


  1. Emilia
    You, sir, just made my boyfriend roll on the floor laughing :')
    Or should I say that USA made him laugh? Either case, this is a huge joke!
  2. Laura
    yep would be really funny if it weren't tragic! Icecream and soda a typical example of a hyperpalatable addctive food! And given to young people to start addiction early!
    Similar technique used by cigarette companies during the war when large amounts of cigarettes were given out for free...they knew that a whole new population of fierce addicts would emerge in the post war years and make them billions!! And it did!
    CREEEPYYY and sad and tragic :-(
    Cannot think of another animal that does that to members of their own species!
  3. crazy! :(
  4. Is it diet soda and sugar free Ice cream, made with DDT Splender.
    At last sugar is getting the bad press it rightly deserves, BBC2 last night and next two weeks 9.00pm, The people who made us fat its highlighting and showing where all the Obesity started and how corrupt the food industry is, kidding everyone about the deathly effects of Sugar.
  5. It was an excellent programme, if you missed it or can't watch it in your country, Zoe Harcombe has posted an excellent synopsis of the programme here:
  6. When I was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic I did a "Walk" fundraiser for JDF. Only refreshments were Dunkin Donuts and orange juice. Great choices.

    I later designed two photography books as premium items for corporate donors to JDF. Had a chance to visit JDF headquarters in NYC. Their motto then was "In search of a cure". After the visit to the disorganized offices, we joked they should change the motto to: "We found the cure, but lost it."

    Since discovering low carb, I've lost almost 50 lbs this year, normalized my blood sugars, and cut my insulin dose form 140 Units a day to 10 units a day. I'd be happy to help them find the cure again!

  7. Heather
    Don't know whether to laugh or cry!
  8. Nichelle
    This type of thing must be the cause of high blood pressure because mine is through the roof! The subjugation of science to money is killing so many people who believe the conventional wisdom.
  9. Definitely sad.
    Here is a nother example of sugar based fundraising. When my son was in primary school (Canada), all fundraisers for "good causes" involved sale of chocolate bars, cookies, frozen cookie dough, and frozen pizza dough. That always made me mad.
    They would just send a box full of chocolate bars asking parents to help the child sell the chocolates to friends and family to raise money for whatever the "good cause" of the day was.
    Or, they would send a form asking parents to order frozen cookie dough and to sell the same to the friends and family, etc.
    The child who would raise the largest amount of money, would be awarded a large pizza (compliments of the local pizza restaurant).
  10. Maggan A
    The good news in this misery is that this madness will come to an end very soone. What anyone might belive people are not stupid. When I look into my crystall ball I see heads rolling. I would not want to be a part of the sugarmaffia when they have to meet the peoples fury!
  11. I think it will take a long, long time for things to change. The sugarmaffia will fight back with all they have, just like the tobacco lobby did. People are addicted to their sugary foods and seek comfort from them, changing deeply ingrained habits will take time. And worse, as a last resort, the junk food industry will pack everything with artificial sweeteners and tell us they are healthy. This I would not like to see. There are too many known and as yet unknown potential health hazards connected with chemical sweeteners and who knows what the long term effect on the population of overconsumption of these.
  12. moreporkplease
    Hi Andreas:

    "Only in America, the land of the free obesity and diabetes."

    This is a little unfair. The USA is not number 1 in number of diabetics overall. The USA is only third in this regard, beaten both by India and China. Of course this is due to the fact that these countries have enormous populations.

    Still I wonder when you will start mentioning the diabetic calamity happening in these 2 Asian countries. Because to ignore them continues to perpetuate the lie that diabetes is a "Western lifestyle disease." We cannot combat a global epidemic if we refuse to tell the truth about it. :)

  13. Maggan A
    Diane Smith #11

    No I dont think it will take as long as it did in the old tobaccotimes - now we have the Internet and news travelles a lot faster nowdays - and the maffia will be totallly lost because they wont know hwo to target ;-)

  14. I hope you are right Maggan! :)
  15. Maggan A

    I know I´m right ;-)

  16. Clparr
    I agree with moreporkplease. Let's not bash Americans as individuals. I am and most of my neighbors are hardworking, thinking people who can reason and take pride in making decisions for themselves. Yes, many if not most have no idea how to eat but they have been conditioned to belive the lies/misinformation. No one I know who is obese and unhealthy likes it or is in denial. Even where I live, the "deep South", which is the fattest geographical area in our nation, attendance at farmer's markets is phenomenal; the demand for organic produce and grass-fed meat seems to be very high. I enjoy this blog but let's not make broad-based insults.
  17. I remember doctors recommending cigarettes in television ads back in the 50s, so this doesn't surprise me. One day the young people will look back on all this with the same sense of relief I do about tobacco.
  18. Maggan A

    Yes I agree - let us not play the blamegame. We are all wictims unregardless of what side of the Atlantic ocean we live on. But now the time has come when we have to take over in sake of our owne health.

    From the people of Euorpe to the people of America - lets join forces and make a difference.

    We are connected by history and are as close as brothers and sisters - lets us work together for a better future for all of our children.

  19. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    moreporkplease, CIparr,
    I love America and Americans, and I've visited about a dozen times lately. This is not meant to bash any individual.

    This is not a problem of individual Americans, this is a symptom of a sick system, bad nutrition advice (at least partly because of lobbyism) and non-regulated corporate greed.

  20. We deserve more than a metaphorical kick-in-the-pants for things like the Pepsi program! It is shameful. I'm proud of a lot about my country, but the overwhelming power of the agri-business/food corporations has created a sick and getting sicker generation on a bigger scale than the cigarette manufacturers did in my dad's generation (free cigarettes to soldiers in WWII). I come from a long line of farmers, but farming and food here is not what it was 50 years ago. Greed far outweighs the needs in public health here, and I don't see it changing before I'm gone. I'm so thankful for people like Gary Taubs and Dr. E for getting the word out. The truth does hurt, but it also frees us, or so we're taught.
  21. Yoly
    They are making their future clients.

    Hypothesis: Could Excessive Fructose Intake and Uric Acid Cause Type 2 Diabetes?


  22. Laura
    The 'spread' of diabetes and CHD to India and China is further confirmation that these are indeed diseases of the West. If anything we Europeans are less susceptible and the epidemic you mention is due to the opening of countless McDonalds and other American style fastfoods in these countries even in small town and the fact that people are obviously introducing those foods in their daily lives.
    Indian people who emigrated to the UK in the 60's and their discendants have extremely high susceptibility to HD and Daibetes.
    India is a special case where they have also been using wheat traditionally (think chapatis and naan breads) and some subpopulations are vegetarians. Somehow this combination is lethal in terms of metabolic syndrome. In teh Uk msot Indian food that is sold as traditional does not contain ghee but LITRES of vegetable oil and added sugar to try and give it that same richness of taste. Similarly CHinese food has mysteriosuly acquired kgs of sugar and starch in all its sauces in its UK translation. Native Chinese people regurarly order from a separate menu...
    No offense but America does carry the flag for supersizes, superfastfoods, supersweet, super fat, super processed...it will take generations to change that
    And is some way medical science gets in the way because it offers quick but costly ways out like bariatric surgery that seems to tell people that the food that made them fat is ok they jsut have to shrink their stomachs and eat less of it...so what we have are malnourished, slightly thinner sugar/carb addicts who see no other way of life who have had to have their stomachs stapled in order to downsize their portions whilst they remain slaves to food...
  23. Jeannie T2
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