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The two-week low-carb diet was very interesting and revealing too. I understood a lot of things about losing weight.

At the end of it all l lost 4 kg (9 lbs). I’m going to register for the one month membership trial to see what it looks like.

Thanks for the programme,


My response is very positive and insightful for me.

I lost 5 lbs (2 kg) the first week… so excited, maybe too much… but the weekend between the first and second week I “snacked a couple of times” and it threw me off the plan and my weight loss stopped the second week. When I stayed on course the program worked but because I stepped out of the plan it made the second week off, no weight loss for me.

So here I am at week three, and I decided to repeat week two because I want to lose the next 5 lbs (2 kg) this week and then continue to disciple myself to follow the plan.

Your daily emails are excellent support and the follow up leading into the third week is great. I am deciding now if I want to be a long term “player” because my weight goal is 120 lbs (53 kg). I weigh today 136 lbs (62 kg). I am 5’2″ (157 cm) and I am an active 71-year old girl!

Thank you for the program your provide!

>While I enjoyed some of the meals, they were so rich that I had constant reflux. I am going to continue a reduced-carb version of 50-60 grams so that more vegetables and fruits can be added to my diet.

Thank you,

Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

First, let me express my heartfelt appreciation for the amazing wealth of reliable information sources and guidance provided by the Diet Doctor team!

The challenge was easy to follow, and I lost about 5 lbs (2 kg). My biggest difficulty was continuing to be strict with my food choices during a mini family vacation I took the first weekend. This is not really a suggestion for improvement, since the challenge is very well designed as is, but a comment in view of my personal experience.

I am a 45-year old woman, who has always struggled to maintain a healthy weight. Thanks to eating mostly low carb and/or skipping dinner several times a week (I didn’t know I was doing intermittent fasting at the time but was listening to my body and did what felt best) for the past 20 years, I have managed to stay either within the upper range of normal or slightly overweight.

As I approach 50, I am determined to reach my ideal weight (which has happened so far only when I was between 18 and 21) mostly for health reasons. Anytime I eat over 50 grams of carbohydrates per day I gain weight with the speed of light, and it is getting more and more difficult to lose it. Do you have any additional recommendations for people like me, who seem to be highly sensitive to carbohydrates?

With gratitude and best wishes for success in helping people regain their health and confidence,

Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

This has been an eye opening 2 weeks for me and my husband. I have lost 4 lbs (2 kg) and my husband who has been diagnosed as diabetic (he refused meds and wanted to try to control through diet and exercise) and has high blood pressure has seen a major drop in his numbers already. His blood sugar now ranges from 106-123 mg/dl (5.9–6.8 mmol/L) and his blood pressure has been lowered. He has cut his blood pressure meds in half.

We can’t thank you and your staff enough for all you are doing to educate and help so many in so many ways! Your website has been a Godsend for us. God bless you for your heart to help others.

Thank you,

I gained weight rather than losing. I think it would be better for people who are very carb sensitive to deal with macros for individuals, since every body is different.

I do love your recipes but there was just too many calories and too much dairy for me. I have had to go on a severely restricted carb intake, 5-10 g total for a day and hope to lose this extra weight.


Dear Andreas,

I thought the challenge was well-thought out and the shopping list and the great and tasty recipes are really very convenient.

I’ve lost 2 kg (4 lbs) and my sister who also did the challenge managed a 4 kg (9 lbs) loss. What I would find a helpful addition is a food list that specifies carbs in various foods or a carbs calculator, just a thought :)

Otherwise, Diet Doctor is a super LCHF resource and I will definitely continue using it.

Warm regards,

Dear Diet Doctor,

My husband and I had taken the 2-week low-carb challenge and we are extremely pleased with the results. We have lost a total 16 pounds (7 kg)!

We are 50 and 51 years old and have been married for 30 years now. At this stage in our lives we decided to change our eating habits to improve our health.

My husband’s diabetes is reversing. His blood sugar level went from 200 to 95 mg/dl (11.1-5.3 mmol/L). He no longer takes medication for diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. He says he no longer feel numbness and tingling in his toes which was an effect from the diabetes. He says that he feels that his physical and mental health is being restored! As for myself, I stopped taking my antidepressant medication and laxatives. I feel great mentally and physically.

We plan to stick with our new way of eating for the rest of our lives. This is life changing! We have shared our experience and your website with several of our family members and friends. They have noticed our results and would like to try the challenge. ?

We looked forward to your emails each day that provided tasty meals, awesome testimonials and video clips. Thank you for your commitment in helping so many people live a healthy life! We plan to sign up for the monthly membership! We cannot express enough our excitement about this new healthy journey that we’re on. Never thought we would be able to give up sweet and lots of carbs! But we did and honestly… don’t miss them ?

Rochetta and Jeffery

Your site is absolutely terrific. The menu plan was easy and delicious, I never felt hungry, and I did lose 4 pounds (2 kg). It would have been more but had a few events on the calendar and I slipped.

Part of the value of the two weeks is to begin to pay attention to when I am hungry, and when I am not, and when I have had enough. Still more work to do on that front. Find that I often simply eat at the traditional prescribed times without thought to my hunger status. I finish what is on my plate as I was taught to do. And if it is delicious I have another helping.

So, losing 4 pounds (2 kg) was pretty great considering all of that. I’m excited to continue this new way of eating, continue to grow awareness toward eating only when hungry and stopping when I’ve had enough, to feeling better, and losing a lot more weight!


Dear Andreas,

I am 71 years old and my husband is 66, and we both are in excellent health, sort of, with normal exams, normal labs, normal x-rays. We are both overweight… I 15 pounds (7 kg), he 20 pounds (9 kg). I have a lot of food allergies which previously resulted in sinus problems, inflammation, stiffness and tiredness. My husband was always hungry and always in the refrigerator looking for food.

We have always tried to eat “healthy,” and I have done considerable research and learned to avoid chemical-laden foods, desserts, and highly-processed foods. We have tried every “healthy” diet you can imagine including vegetarian, vegan, alkaline, Mediterranean, GM, anti-inflammatory and paleo, just to name a few. My Fitness Pal for a year did achieve weight loss but was too time-consuming. Nothing we tried made me feel energetic or helped my arthritic hands, hips and knees.

I kept looking for a simple, healthy diet that makes sense, is easy to prepare, tastes good and gives me more energy. I decided to try a low-carb diet, which we attempted on our own for a few weeks. As I was looking for low-carb recipes that didn’t imitate high-carb desserts and breads, I stumbled across the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) website, which recommended your website.

I found that Diet Doctor nicely summed up what I had learned on the IDM about the effects of sugar and the benefits of intermittent fasting. I tried and liked a couple of your recipes, so I decided to do the low-carb challenge.

The low-carb challenge shows that the ketogenic diet can be easy to do when we eat the same breakfast every day and make enough food today at dinner for tomorrow’s lunch. The recipes are delicious and satisfying. We eat as much ketogenic food as we want at mealtimes and avoid snacks. We have both lost about 3 pounds (1+ kg) and are not hungry between meals. I have a lot more energy, and the stiffness in my hands has improved.

Thank you for helping us learn how to achieve better health and vitality with satisfying recipes and meal planning. I have recommended Diet Doctor to several friends.


I wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience with the ketogenic diet that I have been on for now approximately one month.

First, this site gave me so much information, that when I got the symptoms of carb withdrawal I knew just how to combat it. I have been following most of the recipes, but my favorite and my family’s is the cabbage casserole with the tex-mex seasoning…delicious! I make double the recipe so I have it on hand, well, it doesn’t last!

The recipes are easy to follow and quick to prepare. In less than three weeks, I’ve lost 10 lbs (5 kg). I am continuing the diet and have told several friends about it. I am a registered nurse, so I did further research on my own and am reading, Maria Emmerich’s book, ‘Keto-Adapted‘. As a registered nurse, what you learn about nutrition goes against the ketogenic way. So, I needed to further research on my own to trust that this was a healthier way of life.

I had heard about this diet about a year ago and made the mistake of not doing my research and signed up for the ‘Ideal protein diet’. This was a huge mistake on my part, the food is ALL processed and full of fake sugars. You only eat about 800 calories a day, so of course you will lose weight. You are also told, don’t exercise… who could on 800 calories?! I couldn’t do it for more than a week.

This ketogenic way of eating is satisfying. What I appreciate is the fact it’s real food and still fast and delicious. You gain ideas from the recipes and are able to create your own recipes that are keto friendly. It does take some adjusting and I still find myself questioning, “how much butter”? But, I’m getting used to it.

Thank you so much for your site and great recipes. I have and will continue to preach the keto way and have directed people to your site.

Thank you,

I’m a type 2 diabetic, diagnosed three years ago (at age 60) but probably had it a lot longer. I was told I was prediabetic 11 years ago. At that time I cut carbs and sugar for a while but never actually correctly.

On this challenge I lost 5 lbs (2 kg), I need to lose about 10 to 15 more lbs (5-7 kg) but my morning sugars were all over the place. I definitely have the the dawn phenomenon going on here. I stopped medication on May 10 2017. My doctor wanted me on more medication and I had an allergic reaction and that’s when I decided to take myself off all medication.

My blood sugar is lower with no meds than when I was on them. I took Metformin 2000 mg per day, and Invokana 300 mg per day. My doctor put me on Trulicity and I had giant hard bumpy hives.

I’m redoing the challenge with less protein as I think my portions were too large. Thank you for this information, no matter what my blood sugar comes down to I will never eat any other way ever again. Thank you Dr. Eenfeldt for Diet Doctor, I’m committed to improving my health.


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