“Will I be continuing? Oh, yes!”


Last year about 70,000 people signed up for free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips etc., via the two-week keto low-carb challenge.

We’ve now redesigned and updated the challenge to make it even greater… and it’s still free! Just during January more than 25,000 people have signed up.

Here are reactions from the people who have tried it over the last two weeks.



I loved the 2-week challenge, all the recipes were all fantastic and it’s sustainable. My husband and I are very impressed how great all the meals are!

I lost 2.8 kg (6 lbs) in 2 weeks and I have never felt so positive in a long time. I am a diabetic and been on countless diets and nothing worked. Thank you so much I am so excited to go forward with this lifestyle, it’s made such a big difference on my sugar levels and I’m using less insulin everyday which is so wonderful.

I have joined the programme and a member now.

Can you please let me know on the 2-week challenge I received an everyday meal plan via mails, would it be possible to receive this still when continuing on the 3 week plan and going forward?

Many Thanks,

End of week 2 and after 1 lbs (0.5 kg) last week I lost 3 lbs (1 kg) this week! So 4 lbs (2 kg) over 2 weeks but more importantly my fasting blood glucose was 9.6 mmol/L (173 mg/dl) 2 weeks ago, this morning it was 7.3 mmol/L (131 mg/dl) and my daily figures are floating around 5.7 mmol/L (103 mg/dl) to 7.5 mmol/L (135 mg/dl) at the moment but the trend is still downwards.

Will I be continuing? OH, YES! I cannot believe you can eat so much food, lose weight and stabilise blood sugar. I am really enjoying my food again as there is so much variety and so much flavour. Even better my family is mostly eating the same food although for them there are more carbs added but it means I am not cooking separate meals.

Things I have found out:

  1. My less sugar latte wasn’t less sugar enough. It was causing a spike so has been replaced by a black coffee with a little dash of cream. Or tea which I have drunk black for 40+ years.
  2. Cooking only once a day (I don’t regard breakfast as cooking as it is quick) has been a revelation. Such a simple but clever idea.
  3. I was never hungry. Some days I was not hungry at lunchtime but I now know if I’m not hungry – don’t eat. Although I will probably have a little low carb something just to keep BG in line.
  4. My BG is not rising as much when I eat – usually 1 point at the most.
  5. 4 lbs (2 kg) may not seem a huge weight loss but I had already lost 18 lbs (8 kg) prior to the – week challenge which I suspect had an impact.
  6. I thought 20 g of carbs or less would be impossible – it’s not. In fact it has been incredibly easy.

Things I’d like to have in the future:

  1. Build you own weekly meals from the available recipes. I love the planner and the shopping list but I would like the ability to create my own as there are so many wonderful recipes on the site.
  2. To help with 1 above, the ability to sort the recipes by carb content.
  3. If it is easier, the ability to personalise the weekly plans by swapping some of the recipes. I know you can skip a recipe – I’d like to replace it sometimes with something else.
  4. More detailed nutritional information to make it easier to input into food trackers like My Fitness Pal.
  5. The ability to transfer the shopping list direct into online supermarket shopping baskets.

For now I am going back to week 1 as there were so many recipes I loved in that week.


Hi Dr. Andreas,

I went on this challenge as a blood test showed that I was pre-diabetic. My HbA1c was 52. I also wanted to lose weight for health and cosmetic reasons. I was quite sceptical that I would be able to stick to it as I absolutely love bread and potatoes and if I open a box of chocolates I have to eat them all!

However, the delicious recipes have enabled me to find it easy. I’ve not had any cravings for starchy food despite having them in the house for my husband (there is no way he will give up his biscuits and crisps unfortunately!). The down side is that after 2 weeks I’ve only lost 2 pounds (1 kg). I think this is because I do take milk in my tea – I’ve measured it and it’s equivalent to about 11 g carbs per day. I don’t want to cut out my tea and coffee and I won’t drink it without milk. As a result, I do have nearer to 30 carbs per day but this should still be ok for losing weight, yes? My plan is to make less cream heavy meals and try to drink less tea and coffee.

To summarise, I think the plan is marvellous, easy to follow and most of the meals easy to prepare and delicious. I would never in a million years have thought I could go 2 weeks not eating a single biscuit, slice of bread or potatoes! By the way, I am nearly 66 years old and weigh 196 pounds (89 kg).

Kind regards,

Thanks Andreas,

I really appreciate your approach and love the website. Re the Challenge – I followed the principles of low carb and was inspired by the recipes, but didn’t follow them by the book. I’m not that well organised, so I’ve taken a slightly more long-term approach. I gave up all alcohol on New Year’s Eve, and spent the next week cutting down on carbs. For the last three weeks I’ve been more or less carb-free, but have been eating an awful lot of fat (!), mainly dairy, plus a lot of veg, nuts, meat. My weight loss has been quite small, about ½ pound (0.2 kg) a week.

Now I feel I’m ‘fat adapted’, for February my aim is to introduce some intermittent fasting, either 16:8 or 24 hour. I intend to mix it up a bit. I’ll also continue to explore some of your delicious recipes. I’m doing a fair amount of exercise – lifting weights, which is fine, and also running, where I’ve found I feel relaxed and have good energy levels, however my times are considerably lower (over 5 or 10K) than they were when I was running on carbs. My aim is to focus more on losing weight in February and March, without going (too) hungry.

Have entered for a marathon in April, my third, and am wondering whether to try to do it in a carb-depleted state. I’ve read some people say coconut oil tablets are useful. Any thoughts? After the marathon I’ll reintroduce some alcohol, perhaps not beer, high-cocoa chocolate and perhaps relax a bit more re carbs generally.

Personally – just to say I lived in Sweden (Goteborg) for six years as a young man and know Karlstad a little. Have friends who live there and have a torp near Sunne, where we stayed a few years back. I feel I have a bond with your country, so the little ‘Swedish’ aspects of your website add to its appeal as far as I’m concerned.

Kind regards,

Thank you!

I found your site by accident and have really enjoyed reading the information and watching the videos. I was diagnosed with type two diabetes three years ago and have been following recent research, not wanting to continue with increasing doses of metformin. In the past fortnight I followed your guidelines – no cheating – and have gone from 180 pounds (82 kg) down to 176 (80 kg). The recipes are so easy and appetising that it doesn’t seem like diet, but more like a lifelong eating plan. For the first time in years I feel that I WILL lose my excess weight.

Let’s see what happens in the next two weeks!

Thanks for the emails. I tried several of the dishes you guys suggested with varying levels of success. But thought you’d like to hear the results of my first 2 weeks (and feel free to share this on your website). I lost 11 pounds (5 kg) in the 2 weeks, and my blood sugar went from 280 mg/dl – 15.6 mmol/L (very high) to an average of 160 mg/dl – 8.9 mmol/L (for a diabetic, this is great!)

I’m just wrapping up week three, and my blood sugars are still way down, but the weight stopped a bit (I’ve been working out and adding muscle mass). Everyone sees the results of it and I’m bragging about Diet Doctor to all who ask.



I really enjoyed how easy this made it for me to try going very low carb. I’ve been LCHF since October 2016 but my net carbs ran between about 20 and 45 grams.

I only made it 10 days on the challenge. My stomach was always upset and uncomfortable. I wasn’t constipated or anything just uncomfortable all the time. After 10 days I decided it wasn’t getting better so I cut back on the fat a bit and added a few more good carbs. That day I felt fine and I’ve been fine since.

I don’t consider this a failure by any means. I lost 3.7 lbs (2 kg) in those 10 days and had to move my belt to a tighter hole. Plus I really loved some of the recipes and I’ll be trying more of them. (I’ve been cooking for 50 years and thought the pizza would be terrible. Was I ever wrong! I love it and will be making it often. The salmon and the hamburger patties… Lots of good food.)

I had the same stomach upset when I tried going very low carb in November so for now I’m assuming it’s just not best for me. However, for a 60 year old woman who’s struggled all her life to keep the weight off I’m thrilled with LCHF in general. I have more energy and sleep better at night. I fast 18-19 hours every day without hunger. And I enjoy good food without guilt.

My daughter is an emergency room RN. She’s interested in LCHF and ask me for my favorite resources. I named your website as the best. I love that you focus on science and real world results, and that you don’t insist that one form of LCHF is best for everybody. Membership is the best 9 dollars I could spend. I love the news and science updates and I use the videos regularly for information and encouragement.

Thanks for all that you and your staff do. I really enjoyed the challenge and will probably try it again in a year or so to see what happens.

I really liked the challenge. I have type 2 diabetes and I have quit my insulin and both medications and my blood sugar has not spiked and has not exceeded 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L) and on my meds and insulin I could never keep it regulated one day 250 mg/dl (13.9 mmol/L) and the next 89 mg/dl (4.9 mmol/L) insanity. I feel so much better and lost 8 pounds (4 kg) to boot. My main goal was reversing my diabetes. The recipes are delicious and simple too great combination. I am now a member and plan on continuing on the LCHF lifestyle. I have 50 pounds (23 kg) to lose and feel like I have a fighting chance to get a handle on my health.

Thank you so much,


I really love everything that you do regarding LCHF. The information you supply assists my understanding of what I need to know about food selection, how I can adjust what I’m currently doing, and of course, what I can try making next!

Recipes are fantastic – easy to make, lots of variety, delicious and filling.

I feel blessed to have come across your site, and I direct as many people there as possible.

Thank you, and thank you to your team, please keep up your important work.



I have just completed the 2-week challenge.
Ok… let’s rephrase that… I actually did not follow the exact meal plan. I stuck to the breakfast but I pretty much just picked and chose dinners from the recipes online.

I have lost 9 pounds (4 kg) in two weeks. Oh my goodness, what a surprise. Eating butter and whipping cream, I have lost 9 pounds (4 kg)!

I think the most remarkable thing about keto is my lack of hunger. I will chalk it up to the fat content. I eat three meals a day with no snacking, which is unheard of for me! I have done Weight Watchers and other “meal plans” and I am always hungry by 10:30 am and 3 pm. Not with keto! I use to go home and eat everything in the house while I was making dinner, then, eat dinner! I was so hungry when I got home from work. That is just not the case with this way of eating.

Also, I am more alert in the afternoon. None of that “I am so tired” in the afternoons, I call it the “warm fuzzy feeling”, when all you want to do it lie down and nap. My headaches have cleared, my tummy isn’t bloated anymore and my bathroom routine is way better (too much information… sorry!) I think I must have had a bit of an intolerance to gluten or something… I just feel so much better!

I am continuing on full force and I am telling everyone about this way of eating! I am going to sign up for the free trial and see how that goes. My husband says we haven’t had a bad meal since we started this.

So thank you, thank you for a great website and amazing recipes and ideas! You really take the guess work out of it!

Take care,

This diet has been right in front of me all of my life and I never saw it until now at the age of 52! My husband and I began the challenge on Jan 8th and so far he has lost 12 lbs (5 kg) and I have lost 11 lbs (5 kg). Better yet, my 27-year old daughter has now joined us in the journey to a healthier life! I have never in our 31 years of marriage cooked a meal every single night, and now I can’t wait to try a new dish from your meal plan that only takes me a short time to prepare. What amazes me is how the high fat diet works with your body and not against it and with REAL food and not go hungry or feel deprived! Many people have questioned how we are managing to eat 20 carbs or less per day, but they are beginning to see the results and thinking twice! All of us in our family are sugar addicts and at least 50 lbs (23 kg) overweight and we are all concerned about our health and the longevity of life.

I am pre-diabetic and my glucose has dropped 22 points since I began the diet. My doctor is going to flip because she has been warning me for over 5 years now that I am moving closer and closer to type 2 diabetes. My son and his girlfriend are also participating and hopefully we will all meet our goals together. Thank you for the trial usage of your meal plans because I’m always hesitant to start new diets by paying a lot of money up front and then quit soon after. Your $9 monthly fee is very reasonable and all I have to do is buy my own groceries. Your website is loaded with lots of information/videos from experts and the recipes are absolutely the easiest and most delicious I have ever cooked in my life. Thank you for inspiring me and my family to choose a better and healthier lifestyle that is practically effortless!


Dr. Eenfeldt,

I came to you after watching Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s Ted Talk on restricting carbohydrates. I decided to do the two-week challenge. After losing 7 pounds (3 kg) I am continuing your program. At 56 my diabetic journey started with an A1c of 14.7 and a blood sugar of 329 mg/dl (18.3 mmol/L). That was a year and a half ago. The diagnosis stunned me. I was fed the ADA guidelines about cutting back on carbs and began dealing with my new diabetic future. It was all a bit grim. I was put on metformin, started to watch my carbs and my troubling numbers fell rather quickly. The day after my diagnosis my vision blurred for about a month. Although I was reassured my vision would return to normal after the sugar in my system had dissipated, this experience only reinforced my determination to do what I could to get better.

I did realize weight loss would help, but my weight was stuck at 233 pounds (106 kg) and I could not make it go down. Since last May I have been walking for over one hour a day, 6 days a week. My weight still did not budge. I’m now entering week 3 of your program at 226 pounds (103 kg).

My feedback to you is the recipes are amazing; the videos are well done and the testimonials are uplifting. Grocery shopping has become a bit of an expedition at times with looking for ingredients I have never used before, but realizing they have always been there right under my nose. Being the primary cook in my home it is the first time I feel my purpose is to use food to heal myself and my family. I can only express my sincere gratitude by saying thank you for your vision and for assembling such a talented team fortified by your professional colleagues, but mostly thank you for sharing this program in such an altruistic way.


Thanks for the emails. I tried several of the dishes you guys suggested with varying levels of success. But thought you’d like to hear the results of my first 2 weeks (and feel free to share this on your website). I lost 11 pounds (5 kg) in the 2 weeks, and my blood sugar went from 280 mg/dl – 15.6 mmol/L (very high) to an average of 160 mg/dl – 8.9 mmol/L (for a diabetic this is great!)

I’m just wrapping up week three, and my blood sugars are still way down, but the weight stopped a bit (I’ve been working out and adding muscle mass). Everyone sees the results of it and I’m bragging about Diet Doctor to all who ask.


Hi Andreas

I thought the 2-week challenge was really helpful. The most helpful things were:

  1. Having a week’s worth of meal plans, including a shopping list and printable recipes (fabulous!!! I have now started a ‘favourite recipe’ file).
  2. Being able to choose how many people I was catering for and what meals I planned to skip and having the recipe quantities and shopping lists auto adjust for me (very clever).
  3. Having the macronutrients for each day worked out so no guesswork needed (having tried to do this for myself for the past couple of months I now realize how wrong I was getting things).
  4. The weekly plans were informative for portion sizes… I realized I had been having small portion sizes compared to your menu plan. (I now have a range of frozen meals in my freezer for backup … bonus!!).
  5. Great recipes!

A couple of minor suggestions:

  1. I would like to see a bigger range of vegetables included with each main meal rather than just 1 or 2.
  2. It is summer here in the southern hemisphere so hot meals are hard to enjoy during 35-43 degrees Celsius (95-110 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures. In the future would it be possible to have a choice between a hot summer (with lots of cooling salads) and colder climate menu?
Overall, it was a great introduction to LCHF lifestyle with great tools that made it easy to follow and learn how to do it simply and correctly.

I love your website and will continue on as a member once my one month free trial ends. I’m also looking forward to the planned app.


Hello – I recently completed the 2-week low-carb challenge and I’d say it was pretty successful. I lost at least 5 lbs (2 kg) and a couple of inches off my waist (I started closer to 260 lbs – 118 kg and am now closer to 250 lbs – 113 kg!).

The first week was the hardest for me, as I’m pretty sure I am a sugar addict. Wednesday and Thursday of that week was hell for me. I almost called it quits as I felt I needed some sort of sugar. The worst side effect for me came that Wednesday in the form of a severe headache. I was able to get through it (thankfully!) and by Sunday I was able to say no to cupcakes, sweet tea (MY FAVE!), and other pastries without temptation. The second week was easier and I feel so much lighter and happier.

I have a lot more energy and feel like I did when I was 20 (I am now 36). I am very glad I gave myself this challenge and plan on sticking to it! Thank you Diet Doctor and staff for providing such an informational and help website and meal plan!!


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