Will coconut oil kill you?

Could coconut oil kill you, like the American Heart Association recently announced?

Here’s a man who has mistakenly been healthy and ripped for many years from consuming the oil. Thankfully, however, the AHA has now turned him around, so he now only buys margarine and vegetable oils from the AHA’s sponsors (there may be some irony involved here).

Check out the video above.


Are There Any Reasons to Fear Coconut Oil?

“Don’t Believe the American Heart Assn.” — Butter, Steak and Coconut Oil Won’t Kill You

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  1. John
    I have been consuming coconut oil for years now, still alive and very healthy!
  2. KTinKC
  3. Barbara
    Love the satire!!! Love JB and my coconut oil :)
  4. Grace
    Perfect advice, great reminder of what America stands for as well loved this!!
  5. Shelley
    in my coffee every morning...feel great!!
  6. Roger
    such a ferked up place - america !
    Reply: #7
  7. bill
    To be sure, the rest of the world commonly
    adopts what 'merica starts. They would do
    the world proud to think for themselves, as
    Sweden seems to be doing on the food issue.
  8. Tanja
    JP is great! I love his videos!
    This guy is giving an Academy performance. I love it. Thank you from a Grammie in Canada...
  10. Ann Maree
    No wonder Pacific Island people were healthy until they were introduced to the Standard American Diet 😯😠

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