1. Edgar
    Hello, what do you think about going Paleo if I have some sort of kidney problem (I had very high creatinine levels in my blood tests. 3 were done and the value dropped down while the 3rd test showed completely normal values) maybe chronic pyelonephritis (quite unlikely I think, I don't have any of the symptoms except that I wake up to piss at night once or twice if that can be from it). I'm only 17 so that kind of scares me, though I am very interested in this subject and I would like to hear what you think. Basically I'm asking whether people with damaged kidneys could do this (might it even help them? or it would only get worse. I've had high blood pressure when my creatinine levels were high and now I have low BP. I have no energy most of the time. Could eating paleo help with this?
    Also, you eat butter but you don't drink milk. Why is that? It wouldn't be a problem for me but avoiding cottage cheese would, because it's a cheap source of protein and I'm seriously strength training so I need the cheap protein.
  2. Jane
    Dear Edgar,

    Don't be afraid.
    Low carbs and high fats are good for you. Animal fat is a building block. It heals and nourish and gives you energy. You must not eat to much proteïn. Add lots of butter to your meals, eat lots of egg yolks , cream and bacon not salted or low salt. Avoid fruits and eat green vegatables. My friend had kidney problems before but now all is well. You will get a lot of enery by starting your day with 3 eggyolks with bacon or cream. NO BREAD

  3. Peggy Holloway
    Milk contains milk sugar,(lactose) while butter is purely fat. It is sugar that we avoid not, fat, so that is why we eat butter but don't drink milk. Cottage cheese also has a fairly high carbohydrate content, although some can tolerate it in small amounts. Don't worry about getting enough protein.
  4. Zepp
    "This study provides preliminary evidence that long-term weight loss with a very-low-carbohydrate diet does not adversely affect renal function compared with a high-carbohydrate diet in obese individuals with normal renal function."


    You must ask your doctor if your special condition have any contra indikation on a low carb diet!

  5. Edgar
    Alright, thanks for the replies. So you eat foods that are low in carbohydrates (keto) and not paleo?

    @Zepp, if it only was so easy. The last sentence from your quote: ''individuals with normal renal function''. Unfortunately, I don't think I have completely ''normal'' renal function.

    And it's not like the doctor would not call me crazy if I talked to them about the diet.

    How are your low-carb journeys, everyone?

  6. Zepp
    It says that low carb normal protein and high fat dont adversely affect renal function!

    With special conditions as renal disturbance one should always ask a specialist if there is any conta indications on any perticaly diet.

    Its about low carb with paleo influece, some peopel more paloe, others more low carb.. often for weight loss.

    For you americans one can say this is a mix betwen Atkins and Cordain/paleo.. in Sweden one can say its a mix betwen Low Carb and Lindeberg/Paleo.

  7. mezzo
    Protein damages the kidneys. How long have the "scientists" trumpeted that into our weary ears? It is all based on a misunderstanding but once people believe it it's very hard to get it out of the system. Low-Carb-High-Fat is indeed good BUT if you are not used to high-fat and have been on a low-fat kind of WOE for a long time - take it easy. Step up the fat SLOWLY, the body needs to adjust - especially bile production which may have been low for some time. Make sure you get plenty of green veges with a bit of butter to make them taste nice and protein for long-lasting satiety and see how you feel. Then, if you feel alright, add more fat. Don't add more protein, 1g to 2 g per kg of target weight is quite enough.
  8. JAUS
    An interesting fact is that cow's milk is more paleo than apples. We have eaten dairy products much longer than apples. The fruit obsession that some of them who eat paleo have is not based on science, it's just wishful thinking.

    Antioxidants are overrated, and you don't have to eat vegetables or fruits to get them either. Smoke contains a lot of antioxidants, so smoke your own bacon if you want antioxidants.

  9. Ralph, Cleethorpes, UK
    Not quite right. The Department of Health think they know what diet is best for us, based on the available evidence. The trouble is, of course, that if they checked the evidence they would find so much is ignored, much is promulgated conjecture, some is based on influence from the food and drug industries; how reliable is that?
  10. Alexandra M
    Check out this total insanity from today's NY Times:


    It's essentially "chicken" made from fossil fuels - fuels to make fertilizer to grow soybeans, fuel to harvest them, fuel to truck them to a factory, fuel to convert the soybeans into soy protein isolate, more fuel to truck to isolate to another factory, and more fuel again to mix up the proteins and extrude them into a vaguely chicken-like substance.

    But this annoyed me the most: "And almost all unbiased people agree that less meat is better than more: for our health, for the environment and certainly for the animals treated as widgets."

    "Unbiased" by what? Science maybe?

  11. mezzo
    Unbiased as in "having been hit on their head with a hammer several times". With all the bias and brains removed from inside their heads they will believe anything and, more importantly, BUY anything that is slung at them by the "food"-industry.
  12. Wolfstriked
    This strange man on train today was bothering everyone commuting to work.Would do pushups and then pullups while asking people if they thought he was crazy.Then starts taking peoples books right out of their hands to skim the back cover.Then he focuses on me and starts telling me of all his troubles in life,including health issues.What he says next shows that even crazy people have common sense that is lost in our modern society.He says "why do docs keep pumping me with pills,why can't they tell me to eat asparagus etc". :) Made my day.
  13. What is your opinion on this survey?
    How do they get half a million people to eat only processed meat?
    Is this study a reliable one, if people eat something else with the processed meats, such as bread, potatoes, pasta and other such things? Probably they chose those who do not drink soft drinks with the meat for the survey!
    Reply: #14
  14. Zepp
    Yes its probably somthing about it.. but wrong conclusions!

    Peopel that eat a lot of crap food get sick.. thats what its probably about!

    And there are other links to it too.. they often smoke more and drinking more alkohol, dont have gym membership and are less educated.

    I.E. its about how it is to be poor, and have a lower social rank in the sociaty?

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