“Why I Want to Drop Dead Healthy – and I Probably Will”


Do you want to live a long life – and then drop dead healthy? Here’s cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotras best advice and plan. A hint: it’s mainly about avoiding sugar and other refined carbs.

The Hippocratic Post: Why I Want to Drop Dead Healthy – and I Probably Will

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  1. bill
    He advocates "porridge," which Wikipedia
    says is "chopped starchy plants - typically grain..."
    Do you really think starting the day with
    such a thing would be helpful or healthful
    for somebody who is carb intolerant?

    And, again, Dr E, why must you always
    equivocate by saying, "refined carbs."
    Pineapple is unrefined, potatoes are
    unrefined. Don't you get it?

    Your message is muddled.

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