Why Don’t All Doctors Like Low Carb?

17,476 viewsWhy are many physicians still skeptical to low-carb diets? Despite all the positive effects demonstrated on weight and health?

Here’s an interview with the physician and low-carb expert Dr. Eric Westman. He’s got more experience treating patients with low carb than possibly any other doctor working today.


   0:17  Why does LCHF still meet resistance?
  3:21  Main reasons why doctors are negative
  5:41  How do you convince your skeptical doctor about LCHF?
  7:37  Westman visits Dr. Atkins
  9:52  Studies on low-carb diets
12:32  Medication and transitioning to LCHF
15:40  More information for physicians



Please note that due to a microphone malfunction the sound in this video is not of our usual quality.

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