Why a Famous Cardiologist Advises His Patients to Eat More Fat

Why did the famous British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra start telling his heart patients to eat MORE fat? What convinced him that it’s the right thing to do? Here’s a great new article from him in Men’s Health – consider sharing the link:

Men’s Health: The truth about fat and sugar is finally explained

Dr. Malhotra’s crowdfunded – and thus free from commercial influence – documentary The Pioppi Protocol is now 72% funded with 6 days to go. Support it.


  1. Auggiedoggy
    Stopped when I saw the name "Malhotra". Quack!
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  2. SGK
    Indeed a very sharp and objective argument. :S
  3. Apicius
    Thank you for your profound and intelligent point of view. You are indeed a stellar representation of the counter-argument group. You represent your people very well. Good luck with amassing more intelligent and articulate team mates.

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