Wheat Belly hits #1 on NYT bestseller list!

Wheat Belly #1

Congratulations dr William Davis! From now on you can call yourself a #1 New York Times bestselling author.

PS: When I’m back from the AHS I’ll finish editing my video interview with dr Davis on his healthy crusade against wheat.


  1. Nadine
    The top three are all diet books!
  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    This is the "Advice & Misc" list. But it still tells you something, doesn't it?
  3. Shell
    Just goes to show how important our health is becoming to us. However, whether or not every one of them is the best advice is debateable. 'Wheat Belly' is fantastic and when I excluded wheat from my diet my IBS went away, as well as my need to eat bowls and bowls of cereal containing wheat (a sure sign of addiction).

    This is good news, I just hope those who read it will follow it.

  4. Troy Wynn
    Wheat Belly was mentioned on the O'reilly factor a week or so ago. Think that has anything to do with it?
  5. Janice
    Those on Facebook can "Like" Dr. Davis's "Wheat Belly" page (as well as his "Wheat Belly Recipe Central" page) and congratulate him there, as well – and since he actively responds to posts there daily, you just might get a personal "thank you" from the author.
  6. Stephanie
    He was on "Live with Kelly" last week. That is probably where the bump came from.
  7. Wherever the bump came from, I'm thrilled to see more awareness of the dangers of wheat and other grains. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm no longer the crazy one for spouting off this no grains nonsense to my beloved friends and family who are kiling themselves with their "healthy" whole wheat.
  8. FrankG
    I agree Janknitz... I can't wait till I'm no longer the crazy one either :-) Our day will come!

    BTW I couldn't help but wonder if you meant to say "spouting off this no grains nonsense" or "sprouting off this no grains nonsense" ? :-)

  9. nostent4me!
    This is great news! William Davis is the only cardiologist I know of that gave up stenting people as he saw that whatever standard advise were given heart disease progressed anyway. He also realized that the "heart attack out of the blue" was a total invention: With "calcium score scan" the build up of dangerous plaque could sometimes have been seen 5 years erlier long before the "unexpected event" . But this lead him further to find out if there were ways to regress the seemingly inevitable plaque growth normally advancing with age. He soon discovered benefits from omega-3 and later with Vitamin D3, and the detriment of high carb intakes raising triglycerides and small LDL particles. I have not read his book but I saw a reference to it on his site maybe 6 months ago. His followers have REDUCED their plaque, some with up to to 60% or more by means of his diagnosis and treatment including diet changes. He is measuring particle size on the LDL which means that statins are never used un-necessarily.
    I really hope that this bestseller leads to a wider interest in the man behind the book, his website and the really successful online general advise he offers. He could not recommend a doctor for me her in Europe to get similar direct professional advice - as he also offers for hard cases, - as there was nobody here, at least at the time. Yet the advice I got on the blog helped me to live ok with my angina without stent for about 5 years, but in my case it did not really regress! When I started to follow the LCHF advice from Annika Dalqvists and Andreas Eenfeldt however the angina improved like never before in less than a month. Before I could hardly walk 50 meters without having to stop and let the chest pain that normally followed subside over a few minutes. Now I can walk as long as I like in the same pace and faster, 6 months later. But if you have age related heart problems check out Dr Davies on his blog: http://www.trackyourplaque.com/. We are all different and his advice helped me a lot!
  10. kb
    Can someone tell me where I can find bread not made with wheat flour?

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