What’s wrong with this picture?


What’s wrong with this picture? There are two products:

  1. Unprocessed Irish butter
  2. Highly processed breakfast cereals containing 27% pure sugar (a professor and obesity expert recently called this “eating candy for breakfast“)

Do you see the red tick? That’s the sign of the Australian Heart Foundation, that supposedly helps people to “easily choose healthier products at a glance” by using “tough and stringent” nutritions standards.

The Heart Foundation still spreads obsolete fat-phobic advice – proven to be incorrect by modern science – so the real butter has no tick. But they gladly put it on the sugar-filled kids’ cereals.

No wonder obesity numbers in Australia are reaching “staggering” proportions: More than 60 percent of the Australian population is now overweight or obese.

Why is the Heart Foundation still spreading old-fashioned fat phobia – and instead, in the middle of an obesity epidemic, fooling parents into giving their kids candy for breakfast?

Protest here (just 700 more supporters needed! Update: goal reached and increased from 10K to 15,000)


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  1. Chris Buck
    Heart foundations in every country are bought and owned by the food industry. As far as the product, what would you expect from a company whose CEO has publicly stated that drinking water is too inexpensive and the world population must get used to the fact that they must pay much more for it.
  2. Deb
    interestingly this is the Australian Heart Foundations position statement on fat and cholesterol


    note, its ten years out of date but at least they acknowledge that fat plays no role in obesity, now if only they would catch up

  3. Laurene
    It is inexplicable as to why they are putting these ticks on sugar laden rubbish. Purely ignorance and old dietary thinking. Problem is it is causing our country so much damage health wise. I am a Food Technology teacher in a secondary school and am educating my students on the new thinking, have already shown them the documentary on the harm sugar causes.
  4. Nathan
    This problem is I can't get kerrygold butter in sydney. My coffee breakfast tastes better with grassfed butter...
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  5. Deb
    Nathan, try Lurpak organic, its the same, grass fed organic butter
  6. Joy
    In south Africa they advertise Nutella and white bread for childrens breakfast !!!!!!
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  7. Deb
    still? Nutella lost a huge court case in the US for doing that, it cost them millions
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  8. Jo tB
    In Holland we have a similar tick (called vinkje) promoted by the major food producers to indicate that by chosing these products you are making healthy choices.


    It is even hanging from the ceiling (see photo) to draw our attention to the system.

    It was originally introduced to indicate that the product has less fat, less Sugar, and less salt in it. They don't say by how much. 27 grams instead of 28. One of the first products to get that vinkje (tick) was skimmed milk!!! How stupid can you get.

    B***s*** is all I can say.

  9. FrankG
    I rarely buy any food from a supermarket these days and certainly never anything in a box but back when I did, I invariably took any obvious claim of it being especially "healthy" as a red flag for me to steer well clear of it. Real food has no need of any such claims!

    It's not too difficult to follow the money trail for things like these "ticks" and "heart-healthy" symbols.

    One glaring example for me is the Harvard School of Public Health relying heavily on "donations" from General Mills -- one of the biggest cereal manufacturers over here.

    I hesitate to bring up politics again but those who think that the current advertising laws are sufficient to legally control the misleading marketing of these foods are being naive.

  10. Ash Simmonds

    There are loads of great butters available in Oz, my favourites are Paris Creek, Lurpak, various Tassie brands, and stuff from NZ - these are all right on the shelf in major supermarkets right next to cholesterol-free margarines.

  11. Ash Simmonds
    As for the Kerrygold - who the hell decides 227g is the right amount to package?
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  12. Nads
    Nathan, try West Gold butter, grassfed from NZ, in Woolworths.

    You can only get ticks if you pay for them.

  13. FrankG
    227 g = 1/2 lb :-)
  14. Jill
    If you want a good cry take a look at the Diabetes Australia site. Go to the dessert link.
  15. Ash Simmonds
    @Jill - from a while ago: http://aussieexotics.com/forum/off-topic/meat-is-bad-good-for-you-347...

    Yesterday a friend was asking me about diabetes because she knows I research the shit out of this stuff, well I ended up on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) website, checked their dietary guidelines for diabetes management and saw they recommend apple juice/margarine/bagels/pineapple/etc for brekky, vanilla wafers/rolls/apples with lunch, and rice/angel cakes/crackers with dinner - and then I stumbled on their 2010 Annual Report (6mb PDF) and checked the financials... every one of the top contributors to research funding is a pharmaceutical company.

    I'm not even joking.

    Not just contributors to research like "oh we'd like to help cure this strange malady", but the over-arching fund sources of all research for *some* reason happen to be the companies which sell the drugs to control it.

    Not to go full conspiracy theory (I think it's more greed and stupidity), and I haven't researched the Aussie Heart Foundation's funding yet, but my last look into them makes me think there's something similar going on.

    Think about that next time you listen to recommendations...

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  16. robert
    Millions of dollars... that is completely irrelevant. Peanuts. Much like a mosquito-sting on an elephant.

    Loss of millions of customers... that would be something significant.

  17. Paul
    "...Not to go full conspiracy theory (I think it's more greed and stupidity)..."

    Ash, it is not greed and stupidity, it is very carefully long-term planned and executed strategy. In every developed country. Check for example on whose pay-roll are so called nutritional advisers to government in Australia, who often express their "learned" views concerning healthy diet/living in public media.
    As you know, things just do not happen by chance.

  18. S Barlow
    You pay the money, you get the check, or in the US, the heart
  19. Jan
    Butter excellent.

    Highly processed breakfast cereals ... keep them away from me please.

    There used to be an old advert in the UK 'Go to work on an egg'. I always start my day with an egg - they are packed full of so many good nutrients.

    All the best Jan

  20. Helen
    Yes, no tick on the butter yet they give the tick to 'Meadowlea' margarine with god knows what horrible chemicals in it.
  21. Helen
    ...Oh and for the sake of the environment, buy local butter, not brands that have been transported across the world.
  22. fab
    Nathan I have Westgold Unsalted Butter from NZ. the best one I could find and tastes amazing


  23. Nathan
    Thanks guys I do buy Westgold in bulk & tassie yet to try Lurpak was not sure if it was GF. Was mainly just keen to try KG as everyone raves about it...
  24. Daci
    I do wonder if they believe they are right,but they know it's a big lie and either:

    * Refuse to admit it.

    * Are paid off under the table by the food industry.

  25. Mark
    The trick which is applied to food labeling is to call monosaccharides and disaccharides "sugars". With polysaccharides just being called "carbohydrates".

    "monosaccharide" means "one sugar"; "disaccharide" means "two sugars" and "polysaccharide" means "many sugars".

    Because of the way sugar molecules are joined together disaccharides are effectivly 105% sugar and polysaccharides 111% sugar. (100g of glucose, 95g of maltose or 90g of amylopectin are 100g of glucose so far as the human body is concerned.)

    This can be highly significent with high carbohydrate low "sugar" foods.

    Typically breakfast cereals are 70-80% sugars. Those with "added sugar" actually tend to be lower in total sugars (and often lower in GI).

  26. Jessie Reimers
    Diet Doctor thanks so much for sharing an article with the petition, your support is greatly appreciated. This has really helped spread the word even more!! It is truly scary advice isn't it. Thank you for all that you do :) Jessie.
  27. Malcolm McLean
    Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. The Heart foundation is so entrenched with grabbing money fro the Food Manufacturers that it fails in its duty. Bit like the State Governments and their reliance on the pokies.
  28. Neil McCrohon
    Eventually the truth will prevail!!
  29. Vince
    Short or medium chain saturated fats are needed by the body. The killer is omega6 but very few will admit it. The omega fats are used by the body to create messenger chemicals called Eicosanoids. The omega 6 line creates the nasty ones for blood clotting and inflammation where as omega 3 line do the opposite and also are needed for the negitive feedback loop to control the level of eicosanoids. Without omega 3 or too much omega 6, too many eicosanoids are made.

    There you have it omega 6 is the source of most of the diseases of the late 20th centuary. Arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, allergies and many more I have missed.

    And the Heart Disease Foundations of USA and Australia still tell you to use these toxic omega 6 oils.


  30. Lean Too
    This is the power of the internet at its best.. these old institutions who fail to take note of the current state of knowledge will be swept aside, the knowledge gets out anyway. Currently there is a fear and disinformation campaign in the press over the ABCs screening of a program to show up the Statin scam. Catalyst is going to have blood on its hands according to vested interest.

    Diabetics apparently have to eat Carbs to stay healthy ..according to their peak bodies and low fat ..

    Evidence based results that do not match what sponsors need to make money are routinely iscarded or tests skewed to eliminate them..

    But this state of affairs is rapidly being addressed by new sites who have questioned the orthodoxy and have no particular axe to grind..

    Statins do have place in clinical treatment of vascular disease, but they should not be ubiquitous.. etc etc

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